November 30, 2008

Great Thanksgiving

-cleaned the house really well
-left wednesday night
-my package from cookie lee did not come in time
-package made it to the house anyway- thanks alicia!
-lots of bay area traffic
-made it to buttonwillow by 11pmish wednesday
-bed waS hard, hotel bare minimum
-thursday morning we ate at the country truck stop buffet, not bad for $5
-drive to mom and jims pretty smooth, a bit of LA traffic
-Got there with plenty of time before turkey
-hung out, then ate turkey and all the usual suspects
-hung out more then ate dessert. HIghlight: Wenny's chocolate croissant bread pudding
-eventually drove to pasadena to crash at todd and wennys- real nice accommodations
-highlight: playing with waldorf T&W's dog
-Friday IHOP breakfast with T&W then Tuesday Morning browsing and down to OC for Cookie Lee show
-now many showed for the jewelry show, but I still did pretty well.
-My favorite michellie and her hubby came too, she sold her wine charms, which are AWESOME
-The great Lisa came over after and we all went to CPK for dinner
-W&Me drove back to pasadena again in time to catch a movie with T&W
-I read in the car and felt carsick so i took a dramamine for the first time
-could not stay awakw during the movie- oops- dramamine causes drowsiness! (Who knew?)
-slept very well and then yesterday morning we went to universal city walk and shopped and had lunch
-around 2pm saturday we hit the road
-the worst wendys ever for dinner in santa nella
-home by 830pm sooo happy to see mister and a clean house
-alicia did not move anything in yet, but soon enough i think
-caught up on our shows we missed (i heart DVR!) and slept really well
-really weird dream about me losing my job- ouch! thank goodness it was just a dream

Since it will b a long time before i upload the photos, i will include photos from thanksgivings from the past.

November 24, 2008

The Holidays

Yesterday we went to the store and passed the recycling center. Now this is not your average recycling center. There are art sculptures outside of it made out of recycled things, but yesterday it was all decked out for Christmas and this made me happy. Very happy. Christmas items have been on the shelves of stores for weeks now,but this was the first string of lights up in public I have seen and I knew the holiday season had arrived. I will have a week away from the office after Tuesday and I am just excited for the good times,the shopping, the good food, the comfy sweaters, etc.

Aren't you?

November 15, 2008

Skull BUtterfly Hair Clips!

They are Orange and my Babe got them for me at a Car Show!

November 12, 2008

A Day Off

I woke up without the aid of an alarm yesterday at 7:30am.I probably could have easily convinced myself to go back to sleep, but instead I wanted a full day to myself and got my butt out of bed. I cleaned, farted around on the puter, excersized, went to Ikea with Rachael, went to a girl's potluck at Haydees, went to Target, did dishes, watched a little bit of TV, new roommie stopped by with some papers and to measure her room, I made dinner. Wes and I were relaxing in a post-dinner haze when I looked at my blackberry to see our therapy appointment reminder pop up- Whoops! We only go every other week and the last appointment was canceled because I didn't feel well. It was about seven minutes to the hour and I said "let's go!" Wes said "c'mon, we won't make it". But away we went. In fact we were only about seven minutes late to our appointment. Not bad!

I think a mid-week day off should happen at least once a month, that was good!

November 9, 2008


Wes, HL and I drove up to Mendocino/Ft. Bragg to visit my sister and her husband before they moved out of their current house, which is in the redwoods on a beautiful campground. Here are some photos.

This is my sweetie and the Nin

Pretty Stuff

The Nin admires the pretty stuff on the drive

We had to stop at one point on the drive home because I thought I had to barf- it was a pretty spot to barf at (although I kept everything down afterall)

November 7, 2008


Well my doc said my good cholesterol is low and my triglicerides are a tad high. She said nothing to worry about too much as long as I continue to excersize. And excersize I did. I went jogging last weekend at the park, then i did the jackie workout on comcast excersize tv and last night I did the biggest loser excersize video which totally kicked my ass. I think tonight iwill mend and repair and saturday i will jog again. i really like those biggest loser videos. I put them (amung other things) on my amazon wish list. In case you want to buy me something, LOL.

We have no roommate this month, so im short on cash, but i might buy them for Xmas.

wishlist here:

November 5, 2008


It felt very good to see Obama win, but Wes and I are holding our breath for prop 8.
I am very excited for change and very glad to see great voter turn-outs, etc.

Aren't you?

November 4, 2008

Just Do It

Don't Forget . . . . . . . .

November 3, 2008

Some Relief

After a whole day of agony we finally heard from Alicia, our housemate hopeful. I had e-mailed her in the morning yesterday to tell her the roommie position is hers if she wants it. I figured I would call her in the evening if I do not get a call or reply. Oops! She never gave me her number. But luckily last night she did respond with enthusiasm and said application and deposit is no prob. - Yay! After feeling jerked around by several other potential roommies this is some relief, but it's not over until money is in hand and paperwork signed- in fact I prob would be truly relieved until she is sleeping here, but at least we are two steps in the right direction. I hope if she ever reads my blog she looks back on this and laughs, knowing that I am a tad neurotic about things sometimes but mean well.

November 2, 2008

The Waiting Game

As Sophia and her Mom are scrubbing her ten months of grime out of her room and bathroom I hope I hear back from Alicia, whom we have offered Sophia's former position of roommate to. Waiting for her to confirm and then having to wait until December 1 for her to actually move in will not be fun but she was the best candidate for the job. We are taking an almost $600 hit by waiting, but having a good long term roommie will be worth it in the end. I hope she calls and is excited to move in.