October 22, 2008

Wonderful Wonderful Wes

Now I know sometimes I talk about the tougher end of my relationship and sometimes I gush ...this is going to be one of those times I gush. Wes hates when I talk about his less-than-quiet sleeping, and he is somewhat embarrassed about the fact ...but the other day I showed him a recording of a TV show about real people testing our night-time breathing aids and a couple of them seemed to work. Rather than ignore the issue and huff and puff and feel bad like some folks might do, he went right to the computer to look up the product and even laid down the inflated cost they were asking to try it out. I was beside myself! He knows that this is something Istruggle with every day adn I can do nothing about. He realizes it is effecting sleep time and comfort and he did something about it. What an angel!!!!!! Even if it doesn't work I knwo he really is trying and that means a LOT. That is LOVE!

THen, yesterday I came home a little frazzled and tired, but was very happy to be home adn he had surprised me with no reason roses!!!! that's right a beautiful bouquet with fresh pink rose buds and some beautiful dried purple flowers all wrapped up and super special from a florist ...just because! Wow- That realllly made my day. I will take a photo fo them tonight.

How did I get so friggin lucky????

Next up, he knows I worry about him when he rides his motorcycle 30 miles to work (he doesnt wear as much safety gear as I would like- in fact besides for a 3/4 helmet he wears none) so this morning he texted me when he got to work so I didnt worry about him. So thoughtful!!!!

I love this man so much, he really is my light and my love. What an amazing person adn perfect partner. I am soo lucky.

That's all (well I COULD go on, but I will spare you)


Anonymous said...

You'll have to let us know how the snoring thing works, Dave snores too!

michelle said...

I just threw up a little in my mouth. Just kidding! You two go together like buns and wieners.