October 19, 2008

Something to Report

I finally have something to report.

We found a new roommate! Her name is Annalise and she is from Minnesota I believe and moved out here recently, I forget why she moved out here, but she graduated from Art school and has a cat named Milo. I hope Milo and Mister become fast friends. I will update you as we learn more about our new housemate and how the transition goes with Sophia moving out and such. We are still pretty bummed about Sophia leaving, but not as stressed since we have someone coming in to help pay the rent. We are planning an Ice Cream dinner together before Sophia leaves- that should be fun.

In other news I have been making some attempt at exercise again, I have now done exercise videos three times in the past week or so. The first time I did Tae Bo and I was sore for two days after, then yesterday I woke up and did a dance exercise one and today I did abs and back strengthening. I hate it, but it's too easy not to do.

I also recently went shopping at the outlets and made a purchase I probably should not have, but I got my first (and probably last) real designer handbag. I got a Coach bag and I am in love with it big time. It's the bag I have always wanted.

This is all my news for now- I am off to meet with Brian about Nelson Rides.

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My Name Is Michelle said...

I hate exercising, but for some reason it's good for us. :(

And I want to see the new bag! I <3 Coach!!