October 27, 2008

only a few days Left

This was by far my most productive sick day ever. I slept in, cleaned some, answered some work emails, cleaned some more, went to Comcast to exchange the defective cable box, got gas, car wash, saw my doctor for my annual, bank, cleaned some more, took out trash, dishes, went to the dentist, went shopping, found a halloween costume, went for a jog, programmed (or tried to) the cable remote, dinner.

The one really bummer part of the day was that the girl we were expecting to move in this weekend was turning out to be a big flake. She said the reason she didn't contact us for almost a week after we sent her the paperwork was because she was sick with the stomach flu (one of the biggest symptoms is broken dialing/typing finger i guess), so I gave her another chance and arranged for her to bring it by after work the next day (yesterday). Not only did she not show up, but she didn't apologize. I called to see if she was coming an hour and a half after she was supposed to be here and she emailed me to say she was stuck on the phone with Dad- "really?" - I asked if she was still coming and she said it was getting dark and he was still talking. No apology, no "ill come tomorrow" - just "It's getting dark and he is still talking" - again - "REALLY????" - So Wes and I had a big talk. I feel stood up. I do not want to live with someone this inconsiderate. I give her one more chance and I ask her to call me when she is off the phone with her dad. She does not call or e-mail at all.

This morning I told her it wasn't going to work out and I reposted the roommate ad.

Sad. Less than a week until rent is due and we have no one moving in.

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