October 27, 2008

only a few days Left

This was by far my most productive sick day ever. I slept in, cleaned some, answered some work emails, cleaned some more, went to Comcast to exchange the defective cable box, got gas, car wash, saw my doctor for my annual, bank, cleaned some more, took out trash, dishes, went to the dentist, went shopping, found a halloween costume, went for a jog, programmed (or tried to) the cable remote, dinner.

The one really bummer part of the day was that the girl we were expecting to move in this weekend was turning out to be a big flake. She said the reason she didn't contact us for almost a week after we sent her the paperwork was because she was sick with the stomach flu (one of the biggest symptoms is broken dialing/typing finger i guess), so I gave her another chance and arranged for her to bring it by after work the next day (yesterday). Not only did she not show up, but she didn't apologize. I called to see if she was coming an hour and a half after she was supposed to be here and she emailed me to say she was stuck on the phone with Dad- "really?" - I asked if she was still coming and she said it was getting dark and he was still talking. No apology, no "ill come tomorrow" - just "It's getting dark and he is still talking" - again - "REALLY????" - So Wes and I had a big talk. I feel stood up. I do not want to live with someone this inconsiderate. I give her one more chance and I ask her to call me when she is off the phone with her dad. She does not call or e-mail at all.

This morning I told her it wasn't going to work out and I reposted the roommate ad.

Sad. Less than a week until rent is due and we have no one moving in.

October 26, 2008


So we had a few flakes and a few almost roommates, then we found Annalese . . . well we haven't heard from her in a week and she is not returning e-mails or calls. If her mother is sick or something I will feel bad, but is she just another craigslist flake? I would like to thing we are a good judge of character and she really wanted to live here and will be moving in next weekend as planned, but we have to cover our butts and get rent paid- so we reposted the ad for a roommate on CL today. I doubt anyone will respond and if they do, they will prob be lame- but we are trying- and still hoping Annalese works out too.

October 24, 2008

What is This????

I can not for the life of me find what these "flowers" are called. I love them. They are cut flowers, not a potted plant. Please tell me what it is called so I can buy some or plant some. Thank you.

October 23, 2008

Sunset in the Sunset

This was a while back, but my friends and I went to see a sunset in the sunset - Ocean Beach, San Francisco

October 22, 2008


Wonderful Wonderful Wes

Now I know sometimes I talk about the tougher end of my relationship and sometimes I gush ...this is going to be one of those times I gush. Wes hates when I talk about his less-than-quiet sleeping, and he is somewhat embarrassed about the fact ...but the other day I showed him a recording of a TV show about real people testing our night-time breathing aids and a couple of them seemed to work. Rather than ignore the issue and huff and puff and feel bad like some folks might do, he went right to the computer to look up the product and even laid down the inflated cost they were asking to try it out. I was beside myself! He knows that this is something Istruggle with every day adn I can do nothing about. He realizes it is effecting sleep time and comfort and he did something about it. What an angel!!!!!! Even if it doesn't work I knwo he really is trying and that means a LOT. That is LOVE!

THen, yesterday I came home a little frazzled and tired, but was very happy to be home adn he had surprised me with no reason roses!!!! that's right a beautiful bouquet with fresh pink rose buds and some beautiful dried purple flowers all wrapped up and super special from a florist ...just because! Wow- That realllly made my day. I will take a photo fo them tonight.

How did I get so friggin lucky????

Next up, he knows I worry about him when he rides his motorcycle 30 miles to work (he doesnt wear as much safety gear as I would like- in fact besides for a 3/4 helmet he wears none) so this morning he texted me when he got to work so I didnt worry about him. So thoughtful!!!!

I love this man so much, he really is my light and my love. What an amazing person adn perfect partner. I am soo lucky.

That's all (well I COULD go on, but I will spare you)

October 20, 2008

Finally a Solution

Someone is finally speaking out and has a solution. CLICK HERE for an important message from Natalie Portman.

Wow how time flies

I was contacted recently by someone doing apaper or something about people and weight loss blogs and she asked me to do a survey. I had to look back and see when I started this darn blog and its been about 15 months. I had to look back at my original weight (scary close to my current weight) and I had to explain myself a little.

Well at one point I lost close to 30lbs. I don't remember at what moment I deicded after I platueaued that it wasn't worth the extra effort to keep going and I slowly let things fall back to how they were, but it happened.

I have started excersizing again, but I don't feel the same motivatin for my eating habits.

Well at least I am excersizing again, right?

I think come January I might have to see if I can get Wes on board with me for an overhaul in our ways. ...again ....

October 19, 2008


Anything appeal to you?

Wow she has grown


Something to Report

I finally have something to report.

We found a new roommate! Her name is Annalise and she is from Minnesota I believe and moved out here recently, I forget why she moved out here, but she graduated from Art school and has a cat named Milo. I hope Milo and Mister become fast friends. I will update you as we learn more about our new housemate and how the transition goes with Sophia moving out and such. We are still pretty bummed about Sophia leaving, but not as stressed since we have someone coming in to help pay the rent. We are planning an Ice Cream dinner together before Sophia leaves- that should be fun.

In other news I have been making some attempt at exercise again, I have now done exercise videos three times in the past week or so. The first time I did Tae Bo and I was sore for two days after, then yesterday I woke up and did a dance exercise one and today I did abs and back strengthening. I hate it, but it's too easy not to do.

I also recently went shopping at the outlets and made a purchase I probably should not have, but I got my first (and probably last) real designer handbag. I got a Coach bag and I am in love with it big time. It's the bag I have always wanted.

This is all my news for now- I am off to meet with Brian about Nelson Rides.

October 17, 2008


I used to post every day- what happened? What changed?
I have no clue.

Lately I am comsumed with findign a new roommate, cleaning, relaxing, making social plans and WORK.

No particular thoughts or interesting things to share now, But I havent forgotten my loyal readers- all three of you.

October 8, 2008

I Won!

As our search for a superfabulous roommate continues I was working hard with some of my coworkers on planning a big fun event for staff at work. It was yesterday. We had a "Guac-Off and Salsa Showdown" and I won for best Non-traditional salsa! Okay so someone else got the most votes, but they also got the award for best overall salsa, so they gave the beet non-traditional prize to me! Yay! Okay so there were only four entries, but my salsa was still better than two other people's. Here's what I did:

I don't really like salsa, mainly cause I dont like beans or avacados or pepper or onion. So I made a salsa I like.

I LOVE tomatos, so I chopped up some tomatos and put them in a colander to drain some of the liquid.

Then I (with the help of Wes) chopped up some fresh pineapple- same small size peices as the tomatoes.

Next I used my food processor for the first time and mixed up some fresh squeezed lime juice, cilantro, and fresh garlic cloves. I did a quick small sample of all this mixed together- added some salt and pepper- and viola! I had no sample tasters since my BF and RM both hate tomatoes and my downstairs neighbor wasnt into salsa ....So I mixed it all together and garnished with a little cilantro on top and hoped for the best.

It was good! Everyone liked the sweetness and citrus together. It was great with the chips!


October 5, 2008

Cookie Lee Failure

I had my big Showcase Party last night. This is my first jewelry party where my recruiter bring all her jewelry and I get to make a profit on anything of hers that sells and I show off all my stuff too. It was also going to be an excuse for me to clean the house and see my friends. I made a couple yummy dishes and bought yummy drinks. It was going to be fabulous- Except that nobody showed up. Not one. Okay, so not too many people said they could come anyway, but I had high hopes.

So it was a bummer. THat's all.