September 10, 2008

No Update in Long Time

Guess I have been in a blogging rut. FIrst thing that comes to mind when I think of blogging is work- work has been crazy, stressful, exciting and all-consuming. With two weeks left until our grand opening, its been quite crazy around here. My regular job aside, the Cookie Lee business is off to a slow start. I seem to be getting mroe catalog orders than anything else. No one wants to host a party or come to my Cookie Lee show/party. WTF!!?? That is like the funnest part! You get discounts, you get food/drink, you get to see friends and meet people. Why is everyone so resistant to the idea? WEIRD!!! Also no one has wanted a peice from my collection yet. I am making money off catalog orders though, so its not a total loss. Hopefully I can drum up some more people to come to my show and go from there. Now as for Nelson Rides, the photo shoot was a success. THere are probably a few things we each would have done differently and I think a reshoot is not out of the realm of possibilities. I have this small OCD trait when it comes to my photos though. I had to get all the wedding photos from my cousin's wedding and the napa photos and the alligator photos from work all processed and up on my photo page before I tackled the jacket photos. Pretty much just because that is the order in which they were taken and displayed on my screen. I feel this inescapable need to only process them in the order in which they were taken. And I also MUST open ewach one in photoshop, color correct it, correct any shadow/highlight issues, crop it, copy it, make the copy smaller for the screen/upload, then upload it, then archive the two copies- all after i label each file of course. So this take some time. I probably do about ten photos a day- and when you have 500- takes awhile. So hang ight on photos for nelsonrides.
In my diet like I am maintaining my weight. I do not seem to be gaining or losing. My foot started hurting yesterday and I feel too busy and tired most of the time to put effort into excersize and diet, although I do crave the excersize. I am thinking new years resolution is coming up again.
In my love life I can say I feel real good about Wes and I working on some stuff and making the relationship stronger. I feel like I really do have the most wonderful, smart, talented, caring and handsome man I could ever ask for. What a dream he is. Such a kick-ass companion and generally all-around great person. Loveis great!

THats my updates for now- click the links and enjoy. shoot me a note anytime as well.

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