September 29, 2008

Been a While

With so many unread emails and blogs I have no time to blog myself.

Opening at the Academy was awesome and fun, but tiring.

Today I met the former president of Botswana-- interesting!

Zak and Angie are close to setting a date and choosing a venue.

Our beloved roommate and our favorite Lunesta MIGHT move out.

Lots of changes.

We saw Rob Schnieder yesterday

went to a Giants game.

man I don't know what else to say right now- I'm tired!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Busy busy!

We were out of town this weekend, so couldn't come to the opening. We definitely want to come by sometime soon, though! Maybe when things settle down over there a little bit.

Tell Zak congratulations! Are they getting married around here?

Lunesta is Sophia's cat, right? What's up with that? Is Sophia moving out, or just the cat?

Rob Schnieder? At the Giants game?

Perhaps this was better suited to email, what with all the questions. Oh, well!

Hopefully I see you this week!

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