August 12, 2008

Buy some AWESOME Jewelry!!!!!

Okay, I know the last thing you need when I finally post again is a darn advertisment- but hey- it's important and special and you will be a better person for it- I PROMISE!

ANyway, SO I fell in love with Cookie Lee jewelry adn now I am selling it. There I said it- Please hold back your judgements.

It is direct sales and I hate sales, but I need some extra cash and I love this stuff. So here's the deal. There is an initial set-up fee, which I can make back- and then some. But the fee is less and less if I take pre-orders.

This is where you come in. Go to this website here and click on the photo of the catalog and then email me: and tell me what you like- I will hook you up with some fabu jewels and we will both be happy- Okay?

You go here:
You click on the catalog
Flip through it
Email me here
tell me what you want (and send money, of course)
I will send you pretty pretty jewels you choose
Everyone happy

Got it?

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