August 26, 2008

New Blog Design!!!

What do you guys think? I got this template for free from Delicious Design Studio. She even put the template up for me!

I think its a BIG improvement. This is the same designer that did Nelson Rides Website.

They ROCK!

August 25, 2008

Quick Updates

I officially signed up to be a consultant with Cookie Lee. I am very excited to receive my inventory of jewelry. Rachael and I will put on a show in Early October. Here is the e-mail I sent out to everyone:
As many of you already know,
I am beginning to sell Cookie Lee jewelry for fun (and extra money). Their new catalog came out today.
You can view the ENTIRE new catalog online here:
Please e-mail me to:
-Request a hard copy catalog
-Book a Cookie Lee party at your home or work (host gets free jewelry/gifts/discounts
-Order from the new catalog
-Let me know if you would me to not bother you with future e-mails regarding jewelry

Thanks so much and PLEASE pass long the link and my info to anyone you think might be interested in inexpensive, fun jewelry!
Jessica Nelson

Nelson Rides new website is up and we will be selling soon
Check it out here.

Relationship Stuff:
I am still head over heels for Wes.
I am a little wedding crazy ATM too.
This is the ring I dream of . . . . .
Here are some ideas I have for my own wedding. . . . some day

I went to Danielle's wedding a few weeks ago, actually I was in it- and it was AMAZING! I am so happy for this super awesome couple. They are good friends and a total inspiration.
Photos here.

I have remained on my plateau. I am down 0.2lbs total from starting this second round of WW. Wes and I are exersizing once or twice a week.

August 18, 2008

What's the Big Idea?

I only received ONE order from the Cookie Lee catalog! Come on poeple- it's really super awesome stuff that will make you more beautiful, more sexy and smarter than the average person.

Come on!

Haha. ..anyway. I really have been slackin on the blog. Been busy and unmotivated I guess. Lots of fun weddings, lots of family time.

This past weekend my lovely cousin Eliane got married. I am very happy for her. Here is a photo of she and I an undisclosed amount of time prior to her wedding:

August 12, 2008

Buy some AWESOME Jewelry!!!!!

Okay, I know the last thing you need when I finally post again is a darn advertisment- but hey- it's important and special and you will be a better person for it- I PROMISE!

ANyway, SO I fell in love with Cookie Lee jewelry adn now I am selling it. There I said it- Please hold back your judgements.

It is direct sales and I hate sales, but I need some extra cash and I love this stuff. So here's the deal. There is an initial set-up fee, which I can make back- and then some. But the fee is less and less if I take pre-orders.

This is where you come in. Go to this website here and click on the photo of the catalog and then email me: and tell me what you like- I will hook you up with some fabu jewels and we will both be happy- Okay?

You go here:
You click on the catalog
Flip through it
Email me here
tell me what you want (and send money, of course)
I will send you pretty pretty jewels you choose
Everyone happy

Got it?

August 5, 2008

Guess Who I met today?

Not only the honerable former Mayor of San Francisco, but Wilkes Bashford himself!

August 4, 2008

So much Going on

The major things are the weddings- last weekend my good friend Danielle got married and next weekend my cousin Eliane is getting married- exciting!

But those photos are not up yet and I am tired.

SO here are a few pics from the fun time I had watching my friend's little boy, Peyton: