July 17, 2008


So yesterday, since we didnt have any taco sauce, but we did have 4 leftover whole grain buns. I decided to use the ground turkey for turkey burgers. My wonderful boyfriend, being the grillmaster he is, fired them up with some corn on the cob and I baked some thick fries. It was a super meal. I saved a turkey burger for lunch today and I cant wait to finish off the corn tonight. I knwo the fries prob werent necessary, but they were the big ones (less points) and they were baked (no oil).

Anyway, the real success was just realized. After the helpful reminders form my friends in the comments from yesterdays post, I decided to wake up erlier and make a better breakfast. I had three peices of turkey bacon (only one point!) and a one-point bagel with a non-butter spread and the tiniest bit of low sugar jam.

The real test just came, right before 10am I was not hungry. Then at 10am I was only alittle hungry. big improvement from yesterday. I am having a banana to curb the hungry until lunch and I feel good about my choices.

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michelle said...

Sounds like you are right on track!