July 19, 2008


So Romance is a little on my brain because, well I am female for one, but also because we have four wedding invitations sitting here and we just learned about Wes' brother's engagement. Woah! On top of that Tuesday marks our two year anniversary. I know some guys just don't feel comfortable being Don Juans and you have to learnt o appreciate their romantic gestures. Wes is definitely not as bad at this stuff as he thinks. For one, every work day he texts me with some of the sweetest words. Sometimes his texts give me a big shit-eating grin for the rest of the day (its really him making me smile though, of course). Wes also has surprised me on occassion with sweet notes for no reason, cards or sparkly pink pins he just "thought I might like". Def. big points scored with these types of expression. I love surprises, but I am a hard person to surprise.

So When it comes to planning something to celebrate our two years of love, I have a little bit of a fantasy in my head, but realistically don't expect it to be like a romantic comedy movie (those men are NOT real!). I think, man wouldnt it be cool if he took me to a carnival? One of out first dates we went to a carnival and he won me a monkey. there have been several roadside carnivals lately and I have expressed my interest in going. So I thought, man that would be a cool idea, right? Or maybe if its a warm night he could take me up to twin peaks, where we went on our first date and then to dinner. Or make me dinner at home and buy me flowers or have them sent to work. I do not think it should be soley up to him to figure out the celebration of our anniversary, and there is a lot going on right now so I really don't expect much, but I guess that's why it's sort of my little fantasy.

So speaking of all these weddings, we have been talking a little about our own inevitable walk down the aisle and of course I have fantasies about a romantic proposal as well. while my anniversary ideas might work for a proposal as well, for some reason I do kind of want some friends or family there. I would LOVE to have someone there to record the moment on video or camera. It's def. a day I dream of. Any family gathering, or an elaborate set-up where friends and family are waiting at twin peaks. I loved the story I read on Jen and Dave's blog about Jake and Chrissy's winery proposal, or even his brother's photo-booth proposal was very sweet. I guess something creative and romantic - a story to tell my kids- would be ideal. Hopefully not at a sporting event or in a restaurant, just doesn't feel as romantic. Isn't there a show where guys set up elaborate romantic proposals on the tv show's dime? Have you ever seen that? They have some great ideas as well. It's so fun to think about and fantasize . . .. butit's even better to think about what a great man I have and how lucky I am.

I hope I am not making anyone barf with my blog today, I guess I am just "feeling the love" . . . I hope I don't get carried away (or do i?).

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