July 23, 2008

LOve - My LOvE

So I blogged about romance, now, in honor of my two years with Wes I want to blog about loVe.
Here are some reasons I love Wes - in no particular order:

-He always kisses me goodbye when he leaves me, even if I am still sleeping
-He always answers his phone if its me and if he can
-He always calls back as soon as he can
-He accepts who I am and my faults and loves me anyway
-He has a smile that melts me
-He can make me laugh
-He is smart
-He is passionate
-He is honest
-He will always confort me if I am not happy
-He will always take care of me if I am sick
-He is super talented
-He can fix stuff
-He is very strong
-He can be thoughtful and romantic
-He rocks a farmers tan like nobodys business
-He loves his family
-I love his family
-He puts up with my huge family
-He will almost always go see a movie I want to see with me
-He will help me carry the groceries upstairs
-He will go to target with me

There are countless other little reasons I love Wes, but that was a few good ones.

Happy Anniversary Babe- I love you

1 comment:

Wesley said...

WOW love! I don't know what to say other than thats super sweet. You humble me. I love you to bits.