July 7, 2008

Las Vegas

Okay, here are the photos and explanations of photos from VEGAS!!!!!

Friday morning (June 27th) we hit the road (Kerry, Wes and I):

It was a whole lot of nothing really.

Thank God for air conditioning because ti was hot outside:

We passed the world's tallest mini-market- you can barely see it there:

Shortly after we arrived in our room I broke out the margaritas and Brett surprised us all with champagne!

For dinner Wes and I hit the Harley Davidson Cafe.

They had an amazing 7 ton american flag made of chains, and a conveyer belt of Harleys:

We had a nice view of Excalibur from our hotel room (at Luxor):

We saw the sights on the strip:

Which made us very tired:

Kelly and I decided the carpeting in the casinos was beautiful and photo-worthy:

The Bellagio gardens had a neat exhibit:

We stopped to watch the Bellagio Fountain show- there were baby ducks~!

We went to a fabulous birthday dinner before we saw "O":

Kelly is silly:

On our last night we hit old "downtown" vegas to gamble and drink adn eat for cheap:

I will miss our home in the desert:

The ride back (5 of us!) was long in the desolate desert heat:

There were a lot of long trains passing us:

It was Kerry's birthday when we drove back so Brett got everyone birthday donuts. Kerry took a bite of each and made a mess. This is why we heart Kerry:

More roadside beauty:

More car silliness:

Kerry's hat- I love this photo, I think Kerry should paint it:

I love that my friends made it easy tolaugh and have a good time:

The End


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michelle said...

OMG, you so make me want to go to Vegas! How was "O"? I want to see it! For some reason I thought you were flying...that's a loooong drive for you!!