July 16, 2008

Always Hungry

SO I notice that I can not go long before I am hungry again. I really do not understand it. I typically have a bowl of relatively healthy cereal in the morning with nonfat milk, then arund 9 or 10 I am hungry, I will have a peice of fruit or a one point snack. THen right before lunch I am starving again. Then around 3pm I need a snack adn when I get home from work I am ravenous. It stirs up again right before sleep too. WHY??? Unfortunately I feel a sense of urgency when I am hungry. I get grumpy and irritable if I do not eat soon. THat sense of urgency often allows me to cloud my judgement enough to make a poor food decision. Last ngiht is agreat example. I asked Wes to start making the tacos before I got home since I had worked late. The taco sauce was nowhere to be found! I swore I had got some. THe idea of having to go home and figure out what to make and make it all before I eat something was unbearable, so we went through a drive-through. I love Wes more than anything, but he is a bit of an enabler with the poor food choices. We enable eachother. I was strong enough to say no to any kind of desert (we had 100 calorie snacks instead) but I know this is bad behavior. I know I could ahve made a quick salad or whipped up some eggs, but no, I opted for the junk. The quick, easy, savory, salty junk.

How does one go about changing this behavior?

WIth more than one friend having had weight loss surgery- I can't help but think- is this something I need to get myself under control?


Jessica Coombes said...

I am on Alli, so far so good. It keeps me from making bad food choices for sure. Also, I find that eating a lot of protien and fiber helps keep hunger away more than fruit (sugar spipke) or 100 cal snacks (empty cals). I use the protien weight loss shake from GNC, they also have an "RX" name brand at Trader Joes that has A LOT of protien and fiber and not very much fat or sugar. Both shakes are good blended with milk and fruit (or yogurt), or alone.

michelle said...

Maybe try having some protein in the morning that will help you stay full longer. Maybe have a piece of string cheese or something with your cereal...or eggs!

Sophia said...

Well, they beat me to it but I'll say my piece anyway. I'm a carb and sugar addict. If I start with cereal (which is pretty much ALL carbs and sugar), I have those cravings with a GIANT sense of urgency like you said. I have to eat either an egg or nonfat milk with my sugar free protein powder. I seem to be okay with the sugar in the milk, but having any other kind of sugar, including real sugar in my coffee, cereal, yogurt, fruit, or anything along those lines before late afternoon is simply a disaster for me. It literally can double my calorie consumption for the day.

Jessica Coombes said...

Sugar is evil. Mostly.