June 11, 2008

Wes' Accident

So Monday night I come home to find out that Wes' parents were not in fact coming in "super late" and that their flight actually lands at 7pm! So I decide to make a nicer dinner for us all. They actually roll into our place around 9pm, and they are tired and hungry. The evening went great . . . until . . POW POW POW POW POW . . . . just as we are all getting ready for bed. Wes heard it and looked out the window to see two guys running towards the park. By the time I look there is a crowd forming on the opposite street corner. Before you knwo it there are many police cars, ambulences and huge throngs of people. Yepp . . . typical oakland shooting I guess. GREEEAAAT . . . his parents must think we live in the heart of the ghetto (in reality we are about a good square mile form the heart of the ghetto- but i wont get into it). Really though, our little quiet block really seemed to be an exception to the neighborhood. pretty sad.

The next morning Wes rode his bike to work and I was making my lunch and chatting with his parents when he calls me . . . . from an ambulence! He said his bike went down and he was okay, but on his way to the walnut creek kaiser hospital. His parents and i mobilized and got into our cars and went. I tried really hard not to break down because his parents were there, which I was very grateful for. I was fine cause i was racing there until I hit bridge traffic, then I started to waiver in my non-cryingness. I thought real quick about hwo I could call and who would understand what I needed at that moment. I called my BFF and cousin Jen. She totally got it. I started breaking down and gave her the quick version of what happened then said i didnt want to cry and needed to be distracted. And she did. We talked and chatted as if nothing happened and I held it together through the traffic. Thanks Cuz! Once through the tunnel I was able to go fast and concentrate on just getting there. Damnit I missed the exit. Where is the damn emergency guest parking???? FInally I just pulled into the lot of the restaurant next door. His parents had just pulled up at htat time too. Trish reminded me to breath.

We had to talk to a woman guard and get photo ID visitor badges and then she called the other side. They said the doctor hadnt seen him yet and therefor we could not go in. This really burned. I wanted to give them a ration fo shit, but kept my cool infront of the rents. Finally Trish (his mom) came back from parking the car and gave them shit for me- Yay! At first they said only one visitor- they let me go. Wes looked really pale and his jeans were all cut up, but he was talking and breathing and had all his fingers and limbs- thank god!

So here's what happened as far as he knows: He was almost at work and his engine seized up (or so he thinks, maybe the wheel locked up) the bike started shaking, the clutch didnt alleviate the problem and then he started fishtailing, until he went down. He was in the second to left-most lane and he was very lucky no one ran him over. After impact he blacked out and didnt wake up until a paramedic got him.

That dissorienting moment resonates with me and tears me up thinking about it.

It took him a little to figure out what happened and this is when he alled me. His first reaction was the same as mine when I had my accident. "Was this a dream?" It never seems real. BUt then he just got pissed.

Waiting for the doctor to OK him to leave and give him a perscription was three hours. They didnt do any scans or X-rays. He has some pretty gnarly road rash on his limbs and his back is sore, but he is okay. THANK GOD.

I dont knwo what on earth i would do without him. he is the love of my life and we are so lucky we are both okay after a few horrific accidents.

we spent the rest fo the day on the couch just relaxing and calling insurance, family, etc.
back to qwork!

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michelle said...

This is so scary and I'm glad Wes is OK!