June 26, 2008


So My coworkers took me to lunch and it was really good food, everyone was able to come, even my boss. And she gave me the most beautiful necklace- photos later. I also got an amazing bouquet of flowers and a gift certificate to one of my favorite stores. I felt really special!A lot of friends and family called me to wish me a happy birthday which was super nice, I felt so popular! Then after I came home Wes' favorite team won the college national championship so he was really extra happy. Then we went to out dinner. He drive me into the city for House of Prime Rib. He had made an 8pm reservation and unfortunately they did not seat us until 8:45pm. Wes was annoyed. It was also very loud and crowded, but it was still romantic because there were candles, great service and fantastic food. Every bite was paradise, this really is one of my favorite meals of all time. Wes even liked it! The two glasses of wine that I had on a rather empty stomache left me a tad ti[psy and the food put me into a deep sleep before we even made it home. I crashed out almost instantly.

Everyone really went above and beyond (ok especially wes) and i really had one of my greatest birthdays yet. I am a very very very happy lady!

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michelle said...

I am glad you had a superb birthday! I believe in celebrating birthdays late...so you can drag it out longer. (plus it gives me time to send things)