June 5, 2008

The Move

My office moved. It was a big undertaking. FIrst I packed my Boss' office.

We had a lot of stuff.

My old desk was messy and cluttered.

But they gave us some orange crates to pack things in.

My desk looked very sad and empty after packing it.

And so I said goodbye to the building I worked in on Howard Street.

And so I said hello to the new building.

And my new empty desk.

I made it my own.

At least I didnt have as much stuff as Rachael did.


michelle said...

That's crazy. Is it me or did your new cube flip-flop in the pics above?

OaklandLady said...

Good eye Michelle! My cube did not flip-flop, but I took a photo of another empty cube when i took the pic of mine, cause i dforgot to do a before shot.