June 23, 2008

Great Weekend

My weekend started with a birthday celebration for Heather. I asked her what she wanted for dinner and she wanted to have japanese food in japantown. Wes did not like the idea of japan town and i was a little afraid she might ask us to buy her everything anime in all the stores and wes doesn't want to encourage her anime obsession. So I decided to take them both to see the amazing new academy building and then i took her to a japanese restaurant near my work that i knew had anime art up on the walls. wes wasnt too excited about the japanese food, but we had a good time. We even got ice cream after. Heather liked her gifts and we all had a fun time.

Saturday we hung out, cleaned up a little and then I went to a cookie Lee jewelry party. it was fun- i got a cute necklace. I decided to host a cookie lee party myself sometime soon.

After the party i hit the going out of business sale at mervyn's and got a few cute tops and a new suitcase. THen I went to bed bath and beyond and got the blender/food processor I have been wanting.

Wes and I later went to the store for a couple things and I decided i would make margaritas the next day and got some pre-made stuff in a bottle.

Sunday we cleaned up some more, I met my friend jenai for lunch and target shopping and then got ready for my friends coming over. My good friend Jen came over with her adorable son peyton adn her husband dave, who is a professional poker player. My other good friwend Kerry came over with her fiance Brett and Dave gave us all gambling lessons for our upcoming vegas trip!

We learned a lot and had fun learning and drinking margaritas! It was nice to see jen and peyton too.

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michelle said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! Wish I could go to Vegas with you!!