June 26, 2008


So My coworkers took me to lunch and it was really good food, everyone was able to come, even my boss. And she gave me the most beautiful necklace- photos later. I also got an amazing bouquet of flowers and a gift certificate to one of my favorite stores. I felt really special!A lot of friends and family called me to wish me a happy birthday which was super nice, I felt so popular! Then after I came home Wes' favorite team won the college national championship so he was really extra happy. Then we went to out dinner. He drive me into the city for House of Prime Rib. He had made an 8pm reservation and unfortunately they did not seat us until 8:45pm. Wes was annoyed. It was also very loud and crowded, but it was still romantic because there were candles, great service and fantastic food. Every bite was paradise, this really is one of my favorite meals of all time. Wes even liked it! The two glasses of wine that I had on a rather empty stomache left me a tad ti[psy and the food put me into a deep sleep before we even made it home. I crashed out almost instantly.

Everyone really went above and beyond (ok especially wes) and i really had one of my greatest birthdays yet. I am a very very very happy lady!

June 25, 2008

It's my BurpDay!

It's my birfday and already it's a great one. I guess I was excited or something because it took me a long time to fall asleep last night. And this morning I woke up to a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Flowers seriously make you feel special and brighten your day. My boyfriend rocks big time for pulling that off. Then I got a home made card with those sweet words that make me swoon for him every time. He really knows how to make a girl feel special on her birthday!

Today at work my coworkers are taking me out to lunch and tonight I have a hot date at one of my favorite restaurants. This is going to be such a great day.

Then the day after tomorrow- VEGAS!!!!!!!

June 23, 2008

Great Weekend

My weekend started with a birthday celebration for Heather. I asked her what she wanted for dinner and she wanted to have japanese food in japantown. Wes did not like the idea of japan town and i was a little afraid she might ask us to buy her everything anime in all the stores and wes doesn't want to encourage her anime obsession. So I decided to take them both to see the amazing new academy building and then i took her to a japanese restaurant near my work that i knew had anime art up on the walls. wes wasnt too excited about the japanese food, but we had a good time. We even got ice cream after. Heather liked her gifts and we all had a fun time.

Saturday we hung out, cleaned up a little and then I went to a cookie Lee jewelry party. it was fun- i got a cute necklace. I decided to host a cookie lee party myself sometime soon.

After the party i hit the going out of business sale at mervyn's and got a few cute tops and a new suitcase. THen I went to bed bath and beyond and got the blender/food processor I have been wanting.

Wes and I later went to the store for a couple things and I decided i would make margaritas the next day and got some pre-made stuff in a bottle.

Sunday we cleaned up some more, I met my friend jenai for lunch and target shopping and then got ready for my friends coming over. My good friend Jen came over with her adorable son peyton adn her husband dave, who is a professional poker player. My other good friwend Kerry came over with her fiance Brett and Dave gave us all gambling lessons for our upcoming vegas trip!

We learned a lot and had fun learning and drinking margaritas! It was nice to see jen and peyton too.

June 20, 2008

Wes' Family Visit

So I can not say enough how much I adore my boyfriend's family. They are sweet and kind and fun.
When Wes was in his accident they all came over and brought dinner - it was fun!

Here are the family portraits I took.

June 19, 2008

I heart my job



June 17, 2008

My Birthday is coming up!

That's right, I am turning 28 on June 25th.
I have always loved my birthday. I will be honest. I love the attention, the presents, but most of all getting to see all my favorite people at the same time. I love having a party because normally you go to a party for this friend or that brother and for my birthday they all come together and its fantastic!

This year will be no exception. I am having a belated get-together because wes and I are going to Vegas with some friends the weekend after my birthday. So 4th of July BBQ is the plan!

If I did not invite you its probably because I do not like you . . . or because I used a new invitation website and I dont have any email addresses saved on there- so let me know!

I conveniently keep my amazon wish-list on my blog page (scroll down) should you feel so inclined, but remember saying happy birthday or showing up for yummy BBQ is gift enough for me.

So one more week and one day to be 27 .. . . . I intend on enjoying it!

This is my 23rd Birthday:





June 16, 2008

Light-Up Fuzzy Ball

So I really have not talked about my diet and exercise efforts in some time, and I think you know why. I haven't been making very many. Although I crave exercise I just don't feel there are many good options I like right now that fit neatly into my life. And as far as food. . . . well it seems to be the extremes lately. Either I am being very good (raisin bran and one point yogurt for breakfast, sharing my lunch with a coworker,etc) or I am being really bad (bake sale at work, fast food dinner). I have not quite decided why I will not commit again to a more serious regimen, but I still want to lose the weight. I'll think more about this and see what I come up with.

In other news we have had some nice visits with Wes' family lately.

Since his parents were coming to our home,I decided it was time for a good cleaning.
Here is a tour of our home.

This is the area on my side of the bed:

This is the side of my wardrobe, where I hang scarves (scarfs?) You can also see our toilet.

Here is our bathroom. it looks cluttered in the photo, but in person its actually kind of nice.

This is the guest bedroom. it's small, but the bed is colorful and comfy.

Living room:


Wes presents our bedroom:

Wes demonstrates how you can sit on the new ottoman storage near the door to put your shoes on or enjoy the plants.

Thanks for taking the tour!
Have a nice day.

June 11, 2008

Wes' Accident

So Monday night I come home to find out that Wes' parents were not in fact coming in "super late" and that their flight actually lands at 7pm! So I decide to make a nicer dinner for us all. They actually roll into our place around 9pm, and they are tired and hungry. The evening went great . . . until . . POW POW POW POW POW . . . . just as we are all getting ready for bed. Wes heard it and looked out the window to see two guys running towards the park. By the time I look there is a crowd forming on the opposite street corner. Before you knwo it there are many police cars, ambulences and huge throngs of people. Yepp . . . typical oakland shooting I guess. GREEEAAAT . . . his parents must think we live in the heart of the ghetto (in reality we are about a good square mile form the heart of the ghetto- but i wont get into it). Really though, our little quiet block really seemed to be an exception to the neighborhood. pretty sad.

The next morning Wes rode his bike to work and I was making my lunch and chatting with his parents when he calls me . . . . from an ambulence! He said his bike went down and he was okay, but on his way to the walnut creek kaiser hospital. His parents and i mobilized and got into our cars and went. I tried really hard not to break down because his parents were there, which I was very grateful for. I was fine cause i was racing there until I hit bridge traffic, then I started to waiver in my non-cryingness. I thought real quick about hwo I could call and who would understand what I needed at that moment. I called my BFF and cousin Jen. She totally got it. I started breaking down and gave her the quick version of what happened then said i didnt want to cry and needed to be distracted. And she did. We talked and chatted as if nothing happened and I held it together through the traffic. Thanks Cuz! Once through the tunnel I was able to go fast and concentrate on just getting there. Damnit I missed the exit. Where is the damn emergency guest parking???? FInally I just pulled into the lot of the restaurant next door. His parents had just pulled up at htat time too. Trish reminded me to breath.

We had to talk to a woman guard and get photo ID visitor badges and then she called the other side. They said the doctor hadnt seen him yet and therefor we could not go in. This really burned. I wanted to give them a ration fo shit, but kept my cool infront of the rents. Finally Trish (his mom) came back from parking the car and gave them shit for me- Yay! At first they said only one visitor- they let me go. Wes looked really pale and his jeans were all cut up, but he was talking and breathing and had all his fingers and limbs- thank god!

So here's what happened as far as he knows: He was almost at work and his engine seized up (or so he thinks, maybe the wheel locked up) the bike started shaking, the clutch didnt alleviate the problem and then he started fishtailing, until he went down. He was in the second to left-most lane and he was very lucky no one ran him over. After impact he blacked out and didnt wake up until a paramedic got him.

That dissorienting moment resonates with me and tears me up thinking about it.

It took him a little to figure out what happened and this is when he alled me. His first reaction was the same as mine when I had my accident. "Was this a dream?" It never seems real. BUt then he just got pissed.

Waiting for the doctor to OK him to leave and give him a perscription was three hours. They didnt do any scans or X-rays. He has some pretty gnarly road rash on his limbs and his back is sore, but he is okay. THANK GOD.

I dont knwo what on earth i would do without him. he is the love of my life and we are so lucky we are both okay after a few horrific accidents.

we spent the rest fo the day on the couch just relaxing and calling insurance, family, etc.
back to qwork!

June 6, 2008

Bridal Shower Bliss

So my good friend Danielle is getting married and I am a bridesmaid. Hooray! Her mom and her MOH threw her a fantastic victorian tea party bridal shower. Here are some photos:

The bride and her mom- hair flowing.

Her Mom makes really good cake!

This is one of my favorite shots.

Being a bridesmaid is fun.

But it's all about my good friend Danielle.

June 5, 2008

The Move

My office moved. It was a big undertaking. FIrst I packed my Boss' office.

We had a lot of stuff.

My old desk was messy and cluttered.

But they gave us some orange crates to pack things in.

My desk looked very sad and empty after packing it.

And so I said goodbye to the building I worked in on Howard Street.

And so I said hello to the new building.

And my new empty desk.

I made it my own.

At least I didnt have as much stuff as Rachael did.

June 2, 2008

Okay time to Share

I want to take this opportunity to share what a lovely time in Southern California we had.
Here are some highlights, with photos.

We stopped at a cool truck stop restaurant on the way. Heather loved it.

My parents have cute cats.

I heart my Mom.

I heart Wes.

We went to Hollywood cause Wes and HL have never been.

I also heart the pretty young Heather

We visited my step-brother and his lady and their awesome new pup, Waldorf:

My parents are real sweet:

They even Play Wii with us and take HL to Disneyland

While they were at Disneyland, Wes and I visited my favorite South of OC couple, Michelle and Matt. When Michelle and I were in High Scool, people thought we were sisters.

We went wine tasting in Temecula and Wes and I were very silly

It was beautiful there and houses are big and cheap- I wanted to move there

Our friends are attractive, like us

After wine tasting we went to M&M's for some Wii fun. I kicked ass at bowling.

The drive to and from Temecula was really beautiful.

There were cool places to stop along the way.

We had a long drive home.

The End.