May 6, 2008

Smokey Holes!

Yesterday was a whirlwind at work and I felt productive, yet got nothing done. Go figure. It was one meeting after another and having to set up and clean up another meeting and then at 4pm- I got to leave and go bowling with my team! So fun! Everyone just bowled- we didnt drink too much or eat too much- we didnt watch the scores too closely, we just had fun knockin those pins down and it was fun! When I got to Oakland Wes pulled up in the BLazer! He got it running! THat man just continues to amaze me. I took ahot bath cause I was tired and went to Target again since my flex card is now activated. Then we watched House and fell asleep. Its only 9am and I am already tired (not sleepy- tired). BUt i hope to get through my piles and lists today anyway.

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