May 8, 2008

Okay Mac Rant Over

Sorry I was just uber frustrated this morning, I mean, really. How many times must a girl start from scratch with her music library?

ANyway ..onward, right?

Yesterday was another one of those days that I was reminded of how much my job friggin rocks. I started the day with a tour of our new building and it ended with a Gauc'-Off.

We went to check on our friends' the Huff's cats, since they are gone and we only saw one kitty, but we managed to scrath it on the head a little and scoop the box.
I am a bad cat sitter and only remember that one of the kittys named Rio adn I dont know what gender either of them is. But I am not offended when people dont remember my cats names or genders, so it's all good. A kitty is a kitty and they are all cute to me.

Okay, nothing else to share- later!

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michelle said...

Gus & Rio.