May 2, 2008

New Stuff and Happy Friday

Yesterday I was going to go to happy hour with a friend,b ut she was a bit busy so we rescheduled and I went to Birlington Coat Factory instead. For those who don't know, I work right next door to this fine store (well for a few more weeks anyway) and they sell much more than just coats. I have been known to find sunglkasses, frames, bags and clothes there too! This time I picked up a new hat box, as I can no longer close the lid to mine at home, and I got a new green purse! I already got comments on it and I love it. I also picked out some shirts for my man. They have buttons and collars! I didnt think he could get any handsomer, but I imagine him in these nice shirts and get weak at the thought of his glamour! I also got Nin a red ziup-up hoodie with some really bad-a$$ embroidery on the sleeves, I might save it for her Bday. Wes wished they had one in his size.

We bypassed pasta and ordered chinese. It was fun watching greys anatomy and we would ahve watched more LOST, if it werent for the internet not working for a few hours- Grrrrrr.

This morning I drove to work for several reasons. I needed to bring glasses I bought for work to work. I was going to go shoppign with Rachael after work, I needed to bring the jacket prototype to Sylvie, and of course return the LOST dvds I borrowed to Jen, who I am meeting for lunch today. And damnit I am sooo pissed I forgot the jacket adn dvd at home- I am such a 'tard today!

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michelle said...

Hey, take a pic of the new purse...I wanna see!!