May 13, 2008

Falling Bark Nuggets

So the most notable thing to share today is that I decided to cut back (maybe end) my therapy for the time being. The past couple of months I have been running out of fundage after paying bills far too quickly and the $160/month expense isnt helping. I talked to my therapist about why I wanted to stop and why I didn;t. One of the reasons I didnt was because I feel like the time and money spent of therapy gives me an excuse to not focus so much on the excersize and dieting. So she came up with a great idea. We both realize I need to be held accountable for my diet and excersize a litle or it will fall off the radar. So we are going to come up wth a 4-week plan and meet after those 4-weeks. Here is what I am thinking so far:
With the time:
On Monday evenings, instead of therapy I HAVE to excersize. I hope I can recruit Haydee for this.
The first week I will commit to tracking. Everything I eat will go into the tracker.
The money I save from not going to therapy will go towards food (healthy food), buying apedometer and maybe some new weights (I only have 3 pounders).
Week two I will continue to track and start to use the pedometer. I will try to walk 100 steps mroe the next day than the last- the whole week.
Week Three I will do all the above, but try to stay within my points allowance.
Week four I will do all the above and cut one "red-light food" out of my diet completely.

That's my idea for a plan. It feels intense to me and scares me alittle, but I think I can do it and knwoing I will ahve to report back to my therapist kind fo makes me want to succeed all the more.

There are a few things mativating and inspiring me at the moment. One big one is my good friend Michelle, who is taking big steps to get healthy and she is very brave and preapring for her own journey. Another is a blog I like to read about a woman who lost half her weight and now runs marathons! Then there is the simple ol' mirror- telling me - it's time to step it up!

Here is another random list about what6's going on in my life:
-I heart blogs!
-I even more than ever heart my boyfriend. Such an amazing man- growing and surprising me every day. I am truly truly in love
-My job rocks, but lately it's been getting more stressful
-comcast and our landlord are both a little frustrating
-roadtrips coming up!


Sophia said...

Your plan sounds great! I've been thinking about getting some weights, too. Let's talk and maybe we can get different types and share?

Also, there're lots of cheap therapy options if you decide you want to go back. TPI is good because the students already have their master's degrees (so you're not totally a guinea pig).

michelle said...

Sounds like you have a great plan in place! Just think positive!