May 8, 2008

Dear Steve Jobs

Dear Mr. Jobs,
Okay, so you're cute and rich and all, and I used to really admire you. I loved your products. I grew up on apple and I definitely buy into all the hype cause you are brilliant at design, you really tap into the whole making computers fun and easy thing. But I am getting very frustrated with your customer service. You have super big avoidance issues. I am having three MAJOR problems with my fairly new iMac and no one can seem to address it or solve it. The MAC store simple told me it was a software issue, which is not covered under my warranty. You have no e-mail contact for iTunes support on your website and all the things I am reading on the internet are not helpful. I am very disappointed in you. I really thought you were different. I thought perhaps you actually cared that your product would continue to work and make me a happy life-long customer. Well guess what? If I don't hear back from you or get a very sincere apology, consider this my last mac. That's right. . . my next google search will be "iTunes alternative" and "damn it all to he**" because I am that upset with you and your stupid mother effing software.

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michelle said...

Maybe you should try a different Mac store. Maybe you are dealing with idiots. Jeebus, this is ridiculous!