May 15, 2008

bowling and heat

So last night I had to walk almost the whole way home from bart and i was really tired and sore and it was hot and i was carrying of bunch of heavy shit. I was pretty sad Wes couldnt come get me (sooner). I dont blame him at all, it was just sad for me. He got all mad cause i bitched and then i got upset. It sucked.

I made tacos though, and cake! So that made everyone happy again! (Wes cheered me up really). We watched Idol and both zonked out in our hot hot house.

This morning I felt pretty good and had to go directly to a meeting about amile away and took acab cause i had abunch of heavy stuff, but my coworkers guilted me and i asked them to help carry some stuff back and i walked and ran a couple errands. It is almost 90 degrees downtown and im now very sweaty and gross. I got the wrong soda and im irritable now.

Okay, remember when i said my boss and all ehr direct reports went bowling on cinco de mayo?

well here's some of the pics:

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michelle said...

Jessy, you look sooo good! Not sure if you've lost more weight, but you sure do look like it!