May 12, 2008


Friday was cool cause I came home and Wes, HL and I went to meet Matt and Haydee for dinner at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe. I had a yummy tuna melt and we shared sweet potato fries. It was nice to see Matt and Haydee. I love those guys.

Saturday the Comcast guy finally came and I was happy to finally have someone there who knew what they were doing adn fixed the problem no questions asked- and no charge. He chaged the wires and fittings, swapped out our cable modem and wanted to finish the job, but we could not get into the attic (the owner locks it) so now he will hopefully come back later this week, if the owner drops off the key as promised.

Afterwards I finished my filing project. I got all my files in my new file cabinet- all in one place- all organized and alphabetized. It feels so good!

Next I went to get my hair cut- its shorter, but not as mullety and will grow out nice now. I also spent too much on a facial wax, but my moustachse and sideburns were a little unlady-like and out of control.

Next I took Wes and HL to the Huff's to do a quick cat-check-in and then they wanted to stop at foster's freeze, mmmm cream .....

Later we went to the park by our house and waited to watch the KFOG KaBoom fireworks, which were almost unseen through the thick fog.

Sunday was much mroe lazy, but I did get grocery shopping in and we had dinner with Brett, Kerry and Kelly, followed by some time at the Tiki Bar! It was fun!

Good weekend!

Happy Mother's Day!

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