May 5, 2008

Animated Pitchfork

I had written a blog post title like every other blog post title "Full Weekend" I had typed, and I was immediately mad that I could not find a better header, and "Animated Pitchfork" popped into my weird head- so there you have it. It has nothign to do with me or my weekend and I am sure a pitchfork is even a rather rare item in most animations, but oh well.

So Friday after work Rachael adn I made our way to the shopping center, first stop was Nordstrom Rack, where I ALMOST bought another purse. This one was Le Sprt Sac, one of my faves, and it was over 50% off whaT they normally run in price ....I carried it around the store for awhile then I found a pair of purple with white polka-dot rain boots in my size. I have wanted a cute pair of kid-like rain boots probably since I was a kid, and here they were for $25! In purple no less. THere was no talking my way out of those boots, but the purse. See, I DO have another le sport sac in different colors. Its a little worn and dirty, but it works (same style), and I did just buy the green bag a couple days prior. In the end I only purchased the boots and Rachael got some jewelry. Next stop was Pier 1 Imports. I really love this store. I was tempted to buy many things, mainly some fake purple and white calla lillies. I cant have real flowers at home too often because my cat eats them, but I lvoe flowers, I I have been tempted by some stylish arrangement of fakes. But alas, I didnt do it- I dont need to spend the money. Last stop was Bed, Bath adn Beyond. I want a blender that doubles as a food processor and they didnt have it, so to my surprise I only bought a set of BBQ tools, and with my coupon it came to $8-something. Wes even saw the receipt adn said "Big Spender" jokingly. After shopping we decided to graqb a bite and eat at Rachael's. It was nice to see her adorable puppy again and get to know her and her honey a little. I got home kind of late, but I am sure wes was glad to have the time to work on his truck.

Saturday I got up, cleaned a little, showered, got in my work-out clothes, then Haydee called sick- no walk around the lake! I was actually glad cause Wes and I were so close to cathcing up on LOST. We did, we're all caught up now (I CAN HAVE MY LIFE BACK!) and I dealt with our cable and internet problems- still not resolved- and I ran some errands- yay target! and went to game night at my neighbors. Game night with six gay guys is always a blast. Lots of laughs and witty comments. I lost at pass the pigs and FLUXX, but I won a long round of Apples to Apples. Go me!

Sunday I woke around 9am because Comcast was supposesd to come. Wes and I hung out, read the sunday paper, etc while we waited. When they didnt show, I called only to find out when the man said he scheduled me for tomorrow morning, he meant the day after tomorrow morning. Of course no one will be home Monday morning, so I rescheduled for NEXT Saturday. Another week of our shit not working- GRRRR. Wes and I hugn out some more, ate, cleaned a little, hung out. I was starting to get bored when Sophia came home and invited me to see Baby Mama with her and Gaelen. Wes was okay with this and I went- Super Funny Movie! I laughed a lot. Later I came home and Wes was wrapping up with his car and wanted to go out. I had a coupon for Black Angus and was in the mood for ahearty meal, so we went and had a wonderful meal (I got the salmon, salad and garlic potatos) and we shared a sinful peice of chocolate cake. It was wonderful! It was kind of romantic too, very nice. Next we used some free movie tix we had and saw the Sarah Marshall movie, which was also fuinny and sweet.

Last night I did not sleep well at all though. I could not get comfortable at all and was relaly warm most of the ngiht. I feel sore today from tossing and turning. I also had heart-burn, but we were out of Zantac

side story- I went to target the day prior and was going to stock up on a while bunch of OTC meds using my flex account through work, and my card was denied! I was so annoyed and there was no number on the card. I got home and looked up the number, but found out I found not call until Monday. Now I know the card was never activated and can now use it, but grrrrr, annoying!

Another annoying side story- Ever since Wes got the Blazer, I have had to sacrifice my driveway aporking spot. I dont mind cause I am excited about the blozer, but every stupid street spot near my house is under wires, wires that hold birds, birds that shit on my car. I the driveway there is a wire, but if you scoot over onto the grass about 6 inches you can generally miss it. I am washing my car with much greater frequency these days due to the dirty neighborhood and outdoor parking, but right after I washed it, I get an arsenal of huge white ink blots all over my sparkling vehicle and let me tell you- they dont just wipe off. Now I have messy smears of bird shit remnants and I am not ahppya bout this one bit. I imagine only a couple mroe days until I get my spot back ......

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