May 30, 2008

Amazing work Week

So Tuesday was my first day working in the new building in Golden Gate Park. Saying it is amazing is an understatement. I really feel like I am going on a special fieldtrip as I arrive to work everyday. My carpool so far is great and parking has been pretty easy. My "work station" (aka cubicle) is smaller, but there are so many cool little features to it that I dont mind the smaller space. Photos coming soon. I still have a lot of work to do on my boss' office, but I have a couplke days to do it while she is out on a trip.

I also had my review this week and it went great. My boss had nothing bad to say, praised my good work and gave me good marks. I must say she is a pretty good boss. Sometimes I have to read into her requests or ask her to repeat herself and predict her needs, but thats part of the job as an assistant. Overall she is not a micromanager and is very encouraging and easy to get along with. I knwo she works hard and does a really good job.

Anyway, last ngiht she won CFO of the Year award and I am very proud.
THe End.

May 27, 2008

So Busy

So busy at qwork unpacking and putting out fires- no time to blog today.
Beautiful day though!

May 23, 2008

Long Weekend - Whoohoo

So I finished packing my office early yesterday and helped some coworkers, then got a drink after with a couple people from work. It was a good day. I was tired at the end though. Wes picked me up from BART for the last time and we hung out, made dinner, then watched the season finale of Grey's anatomy.

This morning I didnt sleep in much before I got up and starting cleaning and packing. oh well. I am excited for the long weekend!

May 21, 2008

Late Night and lots of LOVE

I stayed at work until 8:45pm last night, but got a LOT done. I am totally done packing my boss. THis is a huge undertaking, as she has LOT of stuff in a BIG office. I wish I had before photos, but I just took a couple after shots (will post later). I was not loving working late until people were gone and I could take off my sweater (wife beater underneath) and turn on some tunage. Wes came to get me and take me to dinner at 8:45pm. That was really nice. Then I came home and he surprised me with a beautiful sparkly harley pin. I really love that he thought of me and got me something pink and sparkly. So so so sweet!

This morning was a bit crazy, but im in a good mood. Bah!

May 20, 2008

Tired and Stressed

Work has me pretty tired and stressed. packing and getting regular job stuff done is a bit much. luckily i got a lot of sleep last night. ready for the day!

nothign else to share!

except for im sure you have noticed my dyslexic typos .. .sometimes i can not bring myself to hit the n-key before the g-key because the g-key is to the left of the n-key and i read and write left to right ....typing is hard ...

May 19, 2008

Fun tiring weekend

So lots happened this weekend. Friday night wes and i chilled- honestly i dont remember what we did. Saturday we went shopping. It was hot in our house and i dont like to open the windows without screens, so we got a couple screens for the big room. now the kitties (and us) can enjoy air without me worrying that the cats will commit suicide.

We also went to Target and got a new cushion/stool/storage thingie on sale for the entryway- I love it!

Next I got a pot and some soil and repotted/reorganized some of my plants. I was so pleased to see my single stem from my mother-in-laws-tongue plant that was stolen has grown roots! Also, my dying plant from my office was repotted, and will hopefully thrive again. I also planted some seeds. theya re either tomato or strawberry, i forget- and they are coming in- so cute!

Lastly, I finally got my file cabinet, and it doesnt look as awful next to my bed and dresser as I thought it would:

Yesterday I logged in over 12000 steps and six miles at Bay to Breakers and throughout the day. My feet are a little sore,but it felt good adn ti was fun. Pics going up soon!

I also got to hang with my BFF Matt, and I saw the house he and Haydee want to buy- it;s really awesome! I hope they get it!

Thats it for now- busy buisy day

May 16, 2008

Pictures, Pictures and more pictures ...

But first .....

Grey's anatomy was good, but LOST was better. I LOVE these shows! Can't wait for season finales!

Okay, now here are some really gorgeous roses. They line the fence that surrounds PIXAR studios near where I live. Very nice!

Next I wish to tell you about what a genious I am. Our vacuum hasnt been working and it makes funny sounds. I tried to use it and it was not even sucking at all. I looked under it and there was nasty hairs all cause up in the movey belt thingie. I used a knife and cut it all off. Still didnt work. We took the main plate off and cut more hairs off. Still didnt work. I was about to take it totally apart when it occured to me to check the bag. It was pretty full. I dont knwo why but I expect a light to go on or an automated voice to tell me its time to change the bag. But no such things happened on this basic vaccuum with one button on it. So I changed the bag and still it wasnt working. Hmmpphhh. I take the bag off again and realize that the hose that feeds into the bag is totally stuffed with dust/dirt. YUCK! I pull it out with my fingers until I can no longer reach- its still stuffed up in there. I get pliers and pull way more out. Still stuffed. I finally use a long screwdriver and get what I think is the rest of it. I put everything back together and WHAMO! It works! Amazing! I took photos for your enjoyment. Of the vaccuum, the dirt, and the clean carpet afterwards. Yay!

Next I share the dresses with you. I have had a bit of a hard time finding a dress I like that fits to wear to my good friend Danielle's wedding. I am abride's maid and the only rule is a sleeveless (yet not strapless) knee-length black dress. I found one I just loved, but it doesn zip all the way in the back (maybe it will in afew months?) then I found another I also love. Here are them both, and close ups:

Finally I would like to share a couple fun photos and a video clip from a Tiki Bar that my friends Brett and Kerry took us to.Kerry is an srtist and drew this on the pool table chalk board. Fun Fun!

sorry i forgot that you can only hold the camera landscape like when shooting video

May 15, 2008

bowling and heat

So last night I had to walk almost the whole way home from bart and i was really tired and sore and it was hot and i was carrying of bunch of heavy shit. I was pretty sad Wes couldnt come get me (sooner). I dont blame him at all, it was just sad for me. He got all mad cause i bitched and then i got upset. It sucked.

I made tacos though, and cake! So that made everyone happy again! (Wes cheered me up really). We watched Idol and both zonked out in our hot hot house.

This morning I felt pretty good and had to go directly to a meeting about amile away and took acab cause i had abunch of heavy stuff, but my coworkers guilted me and i asked them to help carry some stuff back and i walked and ran a couple errands. It is almost 90 degrees downtown and im now very sweaty and gross. I got the wrong soda and im irritable now.

Okay, remember when i said my boss and all ehr direct reports went bowling on cinco de mayo?

well here's some of the pics:

May 14, 2008

The Bag

So I have been getting a really big response to my new bag. I got it at Burlington Coat Factory next to my work for $20. Everyone wants it and adores it. Michelle requested a photo, so here ya go:

Ooooooo Aaaaaaaa

I know, I know- it's my claim to fame.

So yesterday was a gorgous day weather-wise and Haydee invited me to walk the lake. So her, Janeen and I walked the entire lake and did the stairs! Phew! I slept good.

Today is another sun-tastic day and I am very happy about that.

May 13, 2008

Falling Bark Nuggets

So the most notable thing to share today is that I decided to cut back (maybe end) my therapy for the time being. The past couple of months I have been running out of fundage after paying bills far too quickly and the $160/month expense isnt helping. I talked to my therapist about why I wanted to stop and why I didn;t. One of the reasons I didnt was because I feel like the time and money spent of therapy gives me an excuse to not focus so much on the excersize and dieting. So she came up with a great idea. We both realize I need to be held accountable for my diet and excersize a litle or it will fall off the radar. So we are going to come up wth a 4-week plan and meet after those 4-weeks. Here is what I am thinking so far:
With the time:
On Monday evenings, instead of therapy I HAVE to excersize. I hope I can recruit Haydee for this.
The first week I will commit to tracking. Everything I eat will go into the tracker.
The money I save from not going to therapy will go towards food (healthy food), buying apedometer and maybe some new weights (I only have 3 pounders).
Week two I will continue to track and start to use the pedometer. I will try to walk 100 steps mroe the next day than the last- the whole week.
Week Three I will do all the above, but try to stay within my points allowance.
Week four I will do all the above and cut one "red-light food" out of my diet completely.

That's my idea for a plan. It feels intense to me and scares me alittle, but I think I can do it and knwoing I will ahve to report back to my therapist kind fo makes me want to succeed all the more.

There are a few things mativating and inspiring me at the moment. One big one is my good friend Michelle, who is taking big steps to get healthy and she is very brave and preapring for her own journey. Another is a blog I like to read about a woman who lost half her weight and now runs marathons! Then there is the simple ol' mirror- telling me - it's time to step it up!

Here is another random list about what6's going on in my life:
-I heart blogs!
-I even more than ever heart my boyfriend. Such an amazing man- growing and surprising me every day. I am truly truly in love
-My job rocks, but lately it's been getting more stressful
-comcast and our landlord are both a little frustrating
-roadtrips coming up!

May 12, 2008


Friday was cool cause I came home and Wes, HL and I went to meet Matt and Haydee for dinner at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe. I had a yummy tuna melt and we shared sweet potato fries. It was nice to see Matt and Haydee. I love those guys.

Saturday the Comcast guy finally came and I was happy to finally have someone there who knew what they were doing adn fixed the problem no questions asked- and no charge. He chaged the wires and fittings, swapped out our cable modem and wanted to finish the job, but we could not get into the attic (the owner locks it) so now he will hopefully come back later this week, if the owner drops off the key as promised.

Afterwards I finished my filing project. I got all my files in my new file cabinet- all in one place- all organized and alphabetized. It feels so good!

Next I went to get my hair cut- its shorter, but not as mullety and will grow out nice now. I also spent too much on a facial wax, but my moustachse and sideburns were a little unlady-like and out of control.

Next I took Wes and HL to the Huff's to do a quick cat-check-in and then they wanted to stop at foster's freeze, mmmm cream .....

Later we went to the park by our house and waited to watch the KFOG KaBoom fireworks, which were almost unseen through the thick fog.

Sunday was much mroe lazy, but I did get grocery shopping in and we had dinner with Brett, Kerry and Kelly, followed by some time at the Tiki Bar! It was fun!

Good weekend!

Happy Mother's Day!

May 9, 2008

Freckles and Tulips

Yesterday after work I was supposed to go to a reception for AIDS Walk SF and my coworkers flaked, so I went home instead.

I made dinner, well Wes grilled up some awesome chicken breast and I made creamy mashed potato and jello for dessert.

We watched Grey's Anatomy and Lost. Wes fell asleep before LOST was over, but I stayed up.

Nothing else new.

Hey- it's a good cause yo.

May 8, 2008

Okay Mac Rant Over

Sorry I was just uber frustrated this morning, I mean, really. How many times must a girl start from scratch with her music library?

ANyway ..onward, right?

Yesterday was another one of those days that I was reminded of how much my job friggin rocks. I started the day with a tour of our new building and it ended with a Gauc'-Off.

We went to check on our friends' the Huff's cats, since they are gone and we only saw one kitty, but we managed to scrath it on the head a little and scoop the box.
I am a bad cat sitter and only remember that one of the kittys named Rio adn I dont know what gender either of them is. But I am not offended when people dont remember my cats names or genders, so it's all good. A kitty is a kitty and they are all cute to me.

Okay, nothing else to share- later!

Dear Steve Jobs

Dear Mr. Jobs,
Okay, so you're cute and rich and all, and I used to really admire you. I loved your products. I grew up on apple and I definitely buy into all the hype cause you are brilliant at design, you really tap into the whole making computers fun and easy thing. But I am getting very frustrated with your customer service. You have super big avoidance issues. I am having three MAJOR problems with my fairly new iMac and no one can seem to address it or solve it. The MAC store simple told me it was a software issue, which is not covered under my warranty. You have no e-mail contact for iTunes support on your website and all the things I am reading on the internet are not helpful. I am very disappointed in you. I really thought you were different. I thought perhaps you actually cared that your product would continue to work and make me a happy life-long customer. Well guess what? If I don't hear back from you or get a very sincere apology, consider this my last mac. That's right. . . my next google search will be "iTunes alternative" and "damn it all to he**" because I am that upset with you and your stupid mother effing software.

May 7, 2008

Oh boy, oh Boy, oh Boy

What a busy friggin day!

Last night I met up with Adrianna and we had a couple glasses of wine at a bar downtown. Man I felt so different in a bar. I used to feel most at home and comfortable in bars, but I felt old or out of place for whatever reason. It was nice catching up with Adrianna. I am glad I keep i touch with friends even if we dont get to see eachother as often.

Last night I was very tired very early and went to bed before 10pm.
I had the opportunity to sleep in a tiny bit, but didnt take it cause im having trouble sleeping this week and last night was no exception. I was wide awake after Wes left. So I did dishes.

I battled a little traffic and drive straight to the park- it was neaqt to see what my new commute will be like. The park was beautiful and the building is coming along great. the biggest change was Africa Hall. The murals are just beautiful!
I also got to see DIego, the sea turtle and the rays swimming happily!

Okay, back to work!

May 6, 2008

Smokey Holes!

Yesterday was a whirlwind at work and I felt productive, yet got nothing done. Go figure. It was one meeting after another and having to set up and clean up another meeting and then at 4pm- I got to leave and go bowling with my team! So fun! Everyone just bowled- we didnt drink too much or eat too much- we didnt watch the scores too closely, we just had fun knockin those pins down and it was fun! When I got to Oakland Wes pulled up in the BLazer! He got it running! THat man just continues to amaze me. I took ahot bath cause I was tired and went to Target again since my flex card is now activated. Then we watched House and fell asleep. Its only 9am and I am already tired (not sleepy- tired). BUt i hope to get through my piles and lists today anyway.

May 5, 2008

Animated Pitchfork

I had written a blog post title like every other blog post title "Full Weekend" I had typed, and I was immediately mad that I could not find a better header, and "Animated Pitchfork" popped into my weird head- so there you have it. It has nothign to do with me or my weekend and I am sure a pitchfork is even a rather rare item in most animations, but oh well.

So Friday after work Rachael adn I made our way to the shopping center, first stop was Nordstrom Rack, where I ALMOST bought another purse. This one was Le Sprt Sac, one of my faves, and it was over 50% off whaT they normally run in price ....I carried it around the store for awhile then I found a pair of purple with white polka-dot rain boots in my size. I have wanted a cute pair of kid-like rain boots probably since I was a kid, and here they were for $25! In purple no less. THere was no talking my way out of those boots, but the purse. See, I DO have another le sport sac in different colors. Its a little worn and dirty, but it works (same style), and I did just buy the green bag a couple days prior. In the end I only purchased the boots and Rachael got some jewelry. Next stop was Pier 1 Imports. I really love this store. I was tempted to buy many things, mainly some fake purple and white calla lillies. I cant have real flowers at home too often because my cat eats them, but I lvoe flowers, I I have been tempted by some stylish arrangement of fakes. But alas, I didnt do it- I dont need to spend the money. Last stop was Bed, Bath adn Beyond. I want a blender that doubles as a food processor and they didnt have it, so to my surprise I only bought a set of BBQ tools, and with my coupon it came to $8-something. Wes even saw the receipt adn said "Big Spender" jokingly. After shopping we decided to graqb a bite and eat at Rachael's. It was nice to see her adorable puppy again and get to know her and her honey a little. I got home kind of late, but I am sure wes was glad to have the time to work on his truck.

Saturday I got up, cleaned a little, showered, got in my work-out clothes, then Haydee called sick- no walk around the lake! I was actually glad cause Wes and I were so close to cathcing up on LOST. We did, we're all caught up now (I CAN HAVE MY LIFE BACK!) and I dealt with our cable and internet problems- still not resolved- and I ran some errands- yay target! and went to game night at my neighbors. Game night with six gay guys is always a blast. Lots of laughs and witty comments. I lost at pass the pigs and FLUXX, but I won a long round of Apples to Apples. Go me!

Sunday I woke around 9am because Comcast was supposesd to come. Wes and I hung out, read the sunday paper, etc while we waited. When they didnt show, I called only to find out when the man said he scheduled me for tomorrow morning, he meant the day after tomorrow morning. Of course no one will be home Monday morning, so I rescheduled for NEXT Saturday. Another week of our shit not working- GRRRR. Wes and I hugn out some more, ate, cleaned a little, hung out. I was starting to get bored when Sophia came home and invited me to see Baby Mama with her and Gaelen. Wes was okay with this and I went- Super Funny Movie! I laughed a lot. Later I came home and Wes was wrapping up with his car and wanted to go out. I had a coupon for Black Angus and was in the mood for ahearty meal, so we went and had a wonderful meal (I got the salmon, salad and garlic potatos) and we shared a sinful peice of chocolate cake. It was wonderful! It was kind of romantic too, very nice. Next we used some free movie tix we had and saw the Sarah Marshall movie, which was also fuinny and sweet.

Last night I did not sleep well at all though. I could not get comfortable at all and was relaly warm most of the ngiht. I feel sore today from tossing and turning. I also had heart-burn, but we were out of Zantac

side story- I went to target the day prior and was going to stock up on a while bunch of OTC meds using my flex account through work, and my card was denied! I was so annoyed and there was no number on the card. I got home and looked up the number, but found out I found not call until Monday. Now I know the card was never activated and can now use it, but grrrrr, annoying!

Another annoying side story- Ever since Wes got the Blazer, I have had to sacrifice my driveway aporking spot. I dont mind cause I am excited about the blozer, but every stupid street spot near my house is under wires, wires that hold birds, birds that shit on my car. I the driveway there is a wire, but if you scoot over onto the grass about 6 inches you can generally miss it. I am washing my car with much greater frequency these days due to the dirty neighborhood and outdoor parking, but right after I washed it, I get an arsenal of huge white ink blots all over my sparkling vehicle and let me tell you- they dont just wipe off. Now I have messy smears of bird shit remnants and I am not ahppya bout this one bit. I imagine only a couple mroe days until I get my spot back ......

May 3, 2008

May 2, 2008

Wow - Small but Diverse Crowd

So I recently added a new visitor counter to my blog, fellow blogger, Big Al, mentioned in his blog about people from different areas viewing his blog, so I asked how and he sent me to StatCounter. I really do not have a lot of people tuning in to my life, and honestly I imagined it was just a select few family and friends with the occassional person who hits the "next blog" button and mine might pop up. But no, looks like of the dozen or so people who hit me up per day, some are NOT AMERICANS!!!! I know, amazing! Some interesting, exotic canadians are reading this RIGHT NOW. They are probably thinking "Aye, I want a pop". I'm kidding, Canada rocks.

Okay, I'm outa here.

New Stuff and Happy Friday

Yesterday I was going to go to happy hour with a friend,b ut she was a bit busy so we rescheduled and I went to Birlington Coat Factory instead. For those who don't know, I work right next door to this fine store (well for a few more weeks anyway) and they sell much more than just coats. I have been known to find sunglkasses, frames, bags and clothes there too! This time I picked up a new hat box, as I can no longer close the lid to mine at home, and I got a new green purse! I already got comments on it and I love it. I also picked out some shirts for my man. They have buttons and collars! I didnt think he could get any handsomer, but I imagine him in these nice shirts and get weak at the thought of his glamour! I also got Nin a red ziup-up hoodie with some really bad-a$$ embroidery on the sleeves, I might save it for her Bday. Wes wished they had one in his size.

We bypassed pasta and ordered chinese. It was fun watching greys anatomy and we would ahve watched more LOST, if it werent for the internet not working for a few hours- Grrrrrr.

This morning I drove to work for several reasons. I needed to bring glasses I bought for work to work. I was going to go shoppign with Rachael after work, I needed to bring the jacket prototype to Sylvie, and of course return the LOST dvds I borrowed to Jen, who I am meeting for lunch today. And damnit I am sooo pissed I forgot the jacket adn dvd at home- I am such a 'tard today!

May 1, 2008

Good Wednesday

Yesterday was good. My day at work went very quickly,m there were a few fun things at work and I almost didnt want to leave as I was in the middle of a fun project. I did leave though and when I called Wes he was already waiting at the BART station to pick me up! What a doll!!!!!! I really was touched by that, and pissed it was the one day I worked a little late. I told him to go home, I would walk. Even though I was picking up some groceries and didnt want to walk. THen that darling man of mine came back anyway! What a nice end to a nice workday! Next he worked on his truck while I made dinner. Tacos! And we split a cookie for dessert. It was a big cookie. Then we watched LOST and American idol. GOod times!