April 24, 2008

YUmmy Cupcakes- Alisons Birthday Goodbye Carly

Yeah its a lot. My sweet wonderful boyfriend texted me when i left work yesterday and OFFERED to pick me up at bart! Yay! I was overjoyed that he heard me, thought of me and followed through. I mean, this is a good man. I will never let him go.

So I was in a good mood coming home- thank goodness. I talked ot my cuz and my parents and we watched some lost, had dinner, then saw Carly Smithson get bootied from american idol. SHe was okay.

I had a really good nights sleep- lots of dreams and came into work. i forgot it was my boss' birthday until this morning when i got to work and the cupcakes i rodered had arrived. I wanted to get her flowers and i forgot. I walked to whole foods and got them- and some strawberries- and a copy of vanity fair (madonna plus a great article about my work).

The cupcakes were the best cupcakes i ever had in my life: http://www.sibbyscupcakery.com/

now get to work! (me)

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