April 16, 2008

Wednesday Hump Day

Last night I went to get gas (small fortune) and get some groceries for work as well as for home.

Wes is buying a non-op chevy manual transmission to go to and from work. I am excited to have a manual around to practice on!

American Idol wasnt that interesting last night, I like watching when people get voted off.

I also managed to not watch an episode of LOST last night, but I did watch some of the special features on the season 1 dvd.

No other news.

As far as the diet is concerned, I am a little not into it at the moment. I kind of want to take a break and see if I still make good choices.

Let the plateau continue I guess!

1 comment:

michelle said...

I will tell you right now that the only way to watch Lost is on DVD. We did it for the first season and it was the best. Watching it on TV kinda sucks because it's not on every week!