April 21, 2008

Way Deep into LOST

I am so way deep hung up on lost that I havent done much else lately. I havent called comcast to fix our internet, I havent called apple to fix my computer. I did get the lawn mower guy to come though. I got Wes really into lost now too and we both stayed up too late and now im tired.

This morning I was tired, cold, and nto looking forward to the long day. I used these factors to justify my decision to pay a buttload for parking and bridgetoll and i drove to work today. The heat and radio was so so so nice.

This is all I have to say today.

Good: Heat, radio, lawn looks nice, lost obsession
Bad: Cold, tired, Mondays, lost obsession


michelle said...

Sometimes you just have to drive yourself. That coming from the girl who hates any form of public transportation.

Anonymous said...

How's the excercise and food intake coming along. Please keep us updated.