April 10, 2008

Stayed Home Yesterday

Yeah I stayed home yesterday, which is why I didnt blog. There is no reason for me not blogging from home, it's just not my habit. So I will catch you up. Tuesday night Wes met me for the GIant's game opening night against San Diego. It was very very very cold and I was getting very very very sick of the cold and wind happening lately. I brought a lopt of layers, but as I sispected it was just too uncomfortable (even after a hot coco). After the 6th inning I couldnt take it anymore and we left. I was very tired, cold and overwhelmed by the mess at home and my lack of sleep. My stummy didnt feel right and I had cramps. I needed a day at home!

I decided to wake up at 7:30 and email and call in sick at thaat time. I woke up when Wes left and had trouble getting back to sleep, especially knwoing my alarm was going to go off at 7:30. I emailed in sick and got one work think I could do remotely out of the way. I watched a dvd, had some veral and relaxed. It was nice. Then I started to clean, first our bathroom, then our bedroom, I did laundry, dishes, checked email watched lost. It was a full day! I showered, checked the mail, took out the trash. Before I knew it it was 4:30 and I went grocery shopping.

There were two stoned surfer butch lesbians in line in front of me who took forever to come up with the right credit card they could use to charge for their munchies. I came home, then Wes got home, then I made turkey burgers and we decided to use my free movie pass to superhero movie. The movie was mildly funny and we were practically alone in the theater.

I noticed a small carnival in the parking lot across from the theater. It was the third carnival I have seen lately and I am itching to go. I think carnivals are fun and romantic in a way.

I was very tired after the movie and had no trouble falling asleep. This morning was a little rough, but I am at work now- lots to do!

SIDE NOTE: I missed WW yesterday at work, so I weighed myself at home and I think it has to do with my cycle, but I was about 18lbs down from my last home weigh-in. My scale MUST be broken, there is NO WAY I lost 18lbs in a few days ...... but it certainly was exciting for a second to see that low low number on the scale, hehe, i wish it were true!

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Sophia said...

HEY! Have you given away the poster yet? I was just thinking I could use it in my incentive system for the STAR test. Claim it as a deduction to a good cause?

As you know, my favorite movie is the Sound of Music, and I can't explain why in just 3 sentences.