April 14, 2008

Soggy Monday

We had the most glorious weather this weekend. Sun, sun and more sun. I twas wonderful. I want it back! Friday night we pretty much chilled. I have been conitnuing my obsession with watching Lost and the only big news on Friday was HL's suspension from school. Really a bummer. Saturday I wanted to get out and enjoy the weather so I dragged Wes to the Oakland Zoo. We were dissapointed that we did not get in free. Not to mention the crowds and the heat (I know i want the heat, than i complain about it). But we did see monkeys and giraffs and elephants- Oh My! It was fun. We had lunch at carrows, browsed the Harley store and went home to chill. Wes picked up HL and we all hung out, watched movies/tv and relaxed. Sunday I wanted to get out again so I took HL to the park by the bay bridge and we flew my kite and did art and hung out getting sunburnt. Next we went for lunch, watched some LOST and then Wes took ehr home.

Not much else to mention, it was a good relaxing, fun weekend!

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