April 14, 2008


Okay, so I discovered this great blog I like to read. I feellike this lady I dont know at all is very like me, and she is cool. THen I discovered this. She is a web/blog designer! I want her to do Nelson Rides website, cause it sucks royally much a lot. But we are low on fundage,and I am still trying to convince Brian its a good way to go (I think he agrees). I think this woman will be able to capture our style and build us a kick-arse web site. This is her contest:

How to enter:
Write a post about Delicious Design Studio and link to our website.
The person who sends the most visitors to our site will win the Full Blog Package. I will post the tracker statistics to show the results of who won.

2nd place winner will receive a custom header for their blog!”

I dont think Ihave enough readers to win, but PLEASE click her blog and maybe I will win! pleaSE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! and forward on the link to my blog too!

Thats all !

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