April 29, 2008

My Bed: Wish I were with you now

Do you ever have one of those mornings, where, you're not overly tired, but you're so incredibly comfortable you do not, at all costs want to move? From the light to the softness of the bedding to the perfect symetrical arrangem,ent of pillows I was in comfort heaven. I was relaxed and had zero motivation to get up- oops, except for that I had to pee. Believe it or not my bed welcomed me back with the same level of luxurious comfort upon my return. I milked it as far as my concious would allow me to hit snooze and finally got up. It was hard and I mis it.

In other news I was actually pretty sleepy most of yesterday and last night Wes and I finished Season 3 of LOST. We are now at the mercy of the kind folks at the apple store to return my computer so we can get cracking on Season 4. We will have 20 episodes to watch before next Thursday (no way we will watch all 19 before this thursday).

So within a week or so I should get a little bit of my life back.

Tonight I go to Ikea to get some glasses for work, tomorrow I will drive to work and maybe go shopping with my coworker after work. Whohooo.

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