April 23, 2008

Mac Apple broke Boo boo

So I was feeling a bit weary and as usual really not looking forward to my commute home. I was tired and hungry. I called Wes to feel him our for a pick-up from BART and he was overwhelmingly tired, so I meandered to bart in melancholy sadness. After waiting and cramming and finally making it out on the other end I felt madder and sadder and more hungry and way grumpy . . . it was cold and windy, but at the same time all my heavy layers were weighing me down adn making me uncomfortable. I was mad that Wes didnt offer to pick me up, but couldnt blame him because he was tired. With him I learned that you HAVE to ask, and honestly I get tired of asking. Having to ask for something you can do yourself after awhile makes you feel imcompetant and bothersome. I am neither of those things (I like to think). But you do hope a partner will be in-tune and chivalrous. Perhaps I ask too much, for he is very attentive in other ways and just a super fantastic human being all around.

Anyway, it was mostly my grumpy hungry mood that brought me home in a stink. THen I had to blaance my hot layers, my keys, the mail and open the garage, climb a stool, get a box down from the heavens of the garage, and somehow get it all upstairs. By this time I was fuming and upset. I dont know why I let souch trival silly thigns get to me so bad. But I did, Wes had a sensor for my bad moods too. If I dont come bursting through the door all sunshine and flowers he knows. So I guess I made him mad and he got in a bad mood too and it took awhile for us to feel better. He is good at putting his own mood aside and making me feel better- bless him for that!

We went to eat at fudruckers. We tried their new Elk Burger, which was a whopping 149calories and 2g fat, with 23 protein! And we shared it! We also shared potato wedges and each had a cookei though.

Next we took my misbehaving mac to the genious bar at the apple store. I explained the strange random 'shut-downs' and my disappearing music. Event hough I explained the computer would shut down with only one application open, he put it under a "stress test" to recreat the event. Nothing happened. He submitted it to the repair shop and told me I will most likely get it back in a few days. I dont think he realizes this is our only computer- in which we have been watching LOST almost non-stop on. Oh dear.

I sadly left the mac store with an empty box and hoped the best for my dear beloved desktop. Wes then expressed in words what I was only thinking- craving something sweet-he said. "Cold Stone" I answered. But he did put that doubt in my head- well we had that elk which was so lean, lets not ruin it. Youre right I said ....."then what shoudl we get"? he asked. "How about we stop at the store and get weight watchers ice creasm!" answered He sneared. Okay lets get cold stone, but only a small size. "Okay". Man that was the yummiest ice cream EVER. Did you knwo they make cake batter ice cream? And I'll be damned it does taste EXACTLY like yummy vanilla cake batter. Soooo goood. That made us both very happy as we skipped back to the car. Once home we noticed our roommate and her GF's cars and were happy to go in and wish her a happy birfday. Oh no, they were eating pizza- and cake! they offered us a peice of that same cake batter- only cooked into soft, springy, moist perfection with perfect delicious store-bought icing on top. It was devine. I did only have a small peice though. We watched American idol- two eposodes of lost (Thank the lord for netflix!) and went to sleep.


michelle said...

What? Macs break too? How could that be?

Jen said...

I'm so glad you guys are coming over this weekend! It's been too long. I'm sorry to hear about your computer, that sucks. But I can offer you Lost DVDs!