April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Zak!

Today is my brother's 30th birthday, and I already sent the gift (whole family chipped in), the e-card and I just talked to him on the phone. I am a rockin sister! It's a little weird cause I remember his 26th birthday and I am older than 26 ....just as an example, it's defintely weird. I remember thinking 30 was so far away and whenever my brother hits and age, I knwo I am not far behind. Anyway. My brother rocksw and I hope he has a super fantastical year.

In other news my computer continues to frustrate me and I woke up feeling tired. I think my eyelids are swollen and this bitter cold weather with the wind thrown in is really pissing me off.

Tonight Wes and I are going to the Giants game and I am pretty worried about being too cold and staying out too late, but I am looking forward to the game, and mostly the fireworks!

OKAY, for the those of you who missed it there is a contest going on which I think I might just forget about since NO ONE even wants to stupid poster .....no wonder i won it from a contest i didnt even enter in. Okay how about this . ...IF YOU DO NOT COMMENT ON MY BLOG YOU WILL BE STUCK WITH THE STUPID POSTER!

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michelle said...

Happy Birthday Jessy's brother. There's my comment, now don't send ME the poster!