April 22, 2008

Diet Update

I have had an anonymoud request for a diet update and I really do not know what to say because my efforts have been futile. Msotly because i haven't been making large efforts. I have been using my stress fracture on my foot as an excuse not to excersize and my walk-heavy commute not to see a doctor about it (once I dont have to walk so much for my commute it mnight actually heal). I have been giving into cravings and not tracking. The week before last I was down a couple pounds and last week I was up a couple of pounds. I guess I am still waiting for another big fat bout of inspiration or a kick in the pants or something . . ... But for now I am holding steady after a 25lb loss and that's not worth forgetting. I did think about tracking again, and I eve tracked half a day yesterday, but I think online tracking isnt working for me, adn I just hate the weekly trackers, so I need to get into the garage to find my 3-month tracker .. ..only I am pretty sure it is in my file cabinet, which I hate. I have been wanting to change/upgrade/expand my filing system for some time now and so until I do I am ignoring the filing cabinet and everything in it- another perfect excuse!

In other news, It's earth day and I got free coffee coupons ..too bad I dont drink coffee.

Oh adn the biggest news- Yesterday I got to pet a penguin! I got to get nose to nose with some really cute penguins and I got to stroke the soft feathers of Dunker at work. It was super sweet. I heart penguins!

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michelle said...

You are still doing ok with your diet. You may not be losing, but maintaining is still as good!!

I'm jealous, I want to pet a penguin and get free coffee! I <3 coffee!