April 7, 2008

Computer Problems

So I recently updated my home computer's operating system (it's a mac) and I updated to Leapord. I instantly lvoed it (of course), but I started having some problems. First problem was that I tried to upload some photos and as usual I told the computer to delete the photos form the camera after uploading. Then I think I may have unplugged the camera before turning it off because the next day all my photos dissapeared! I was so mad at myself. Over the next couple of days I took some more photos, went to upload them and they dissapeared again! This time I didnt think it was me, but I was pissed. The last time I uploaded (last night) I made sure not to delete the photos after uploading, and again the images became corrupt and I had to delete them because I could not do anything with them. But to rewind a little my first issue was happening before the upgrade and that is the computer would silently and slyly turn itself off unannounced for no reason. There was not a bunhc of applications open, it was not running slowly, it did not seem like it was about to crash, it just went black and I had to reboot. I experienced this for maybe the third time and decided it was time to call apple. They figured out I skipped a software upgrade before I installed Leopard. Oops! They also recommended I zap the P-Ram, but I needed the apple keyboard for that and it was in the garage, so I still plan on doing that later. The next day I go to turn on itunes and all my music and playlists are gone! A window popped up telling me that my music library is invalid and they labeled it as damaged. I called apple again and they walked me through getting it back inton my intunes, but all the songs were chewcked (I have carefully over time unchecked the songs I dont want on my ipod) and my playlists were gone (catagorized mixed ive made over time). I was very mad, but started workign on getting it all back to how I want it . ...then last night- SAME THING! all gone, invalid, corrupted ..GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

So I dont have my music how I want it, I have lost three sets of photos I'll never get back and I am losing my faith in apple. Very very sad. I dont knwo if I will have the energy to call them again tonight, or get out my keyboard from the garage to zap the pram. Ill keep you updated, but if there are any mac experts out there- please offer suggestions!

So my weekend was pretty good though. Friday night I was bored and Wes was tired, so HL and I went to dinner and a movie! She was good company and we saw Nim's Island, which was very cute.

Saturday I took HL shopping. We went all the way to santa clara since the dress I wanted (for danielle's wedding) was on hold there (only location to have my size in stock) Plus its just a cool mall. HL has been wanting a specific skirt, and we both knew Hot Topic would have it. So she was very patient when I got my dress and we had subway at the foodcourt and then got her skirt. I really wasnt sure if this skirt was a little too short or riskay for her, I definitely worry that she is dressing too provacatively and is just trying to get the attention of her cute teenager supervisors at the boys and girls club, or if her obsession with anime is giving her some unpleasant ideas of how one should look and dress and what attention they get when they look and dress that way. But all kids her age experiment and flirt, and I know she is a good trustworthy child and I want her to have some fun. I told her not to remove any tags and I am keeping the receipts and we will see what her parents say. Wes thought it was okay and I tried to reach Jess all weekend and we played phone tag.

Anyway, it was a nice day.

Next Wes took HL home and when he got back we both went to the BBQ/party for our neighbor's birthday downstairs. Wes is generally uncomfortable in social situations, add the fact that he really doesnt know anybody and that all the people there were gay men of the Bear Community. Needless to say, wes is no homophobe, but he was definitely out of his element. Everyone was very nice, but I was the only woman and Wes was the only straight guy. He left after a burger and I stayed and got to practice my social skills with the bears. It was pretty fun, but after some drinks, the party started to feel mroe like a gay frat party and I was going to leave, but then Jake got home from work and he felt uncomfortable too, so I talked to him for awhile.

Sunday I slept in until 11am! It was nice. We had a pretty lazy day and it was nice.
I dont think I did well diet-wise, but my home-scale was kind to me.

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