April 28, 2008

Busy Fun Weekend

So Friday night I watched an episode of LOST with Wes and HL and we had dinner and then went to check on my computer (no luck). We also had ice cream and got HL this book she wanted at Barns&Noble. Saturday we went grocery shopping and had an inpromptu BBQ in the backyrad, taking advantage of the sunshine and the new BBQ Wes adopted from a coworker. It was nice. Then Wes took HL home and I relaxed and did laundry. Next we made our way into the city and went to a housewarming for a coworker and friend fo mine. They live in one of the most beautiful (although hilly) residential neighborhoods of the city (near twin peaks and mt. davidson) the house was just lovely and they decorated so well. Plus they have an adorable little dog. It was nice to visit with them. We had to leave early though to catch the game. Wes had tickets to the giants game and it was a beuatiful day. We had fun, even though the Giant's lost. we went home after and watched more lost. Sunday we were lazy, but eventually got outside. Wes worked on the blazer and i washed my car. later we went over to the Huffs for a yummy dinner and visit with our friends and their adorable baby boy. It was really nice as well.

didnt sleep well friday or sat night, but ill be damned cause last ngiht i fell asleep and wok eup what felt like a minute later and wes was up, dressed, leaving for work and closing my window. Weird! I usually wake up when his alarm goes off. SO it was a good nights sleep. i love him greatly.

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michelle said...

Oh my gosh, sounds like such a great weekend!!