April 30, 2008

Wednesday- Another Day- Another Day

Obviously I am not a professional writer, and I have little inspiration for blogging today.

Yesterday I went home, Wes and I had dinner, we watched a little bit of the special features on the LOST dvd, then went to Ikea, where I got glasses for work. Then we had cold stone again (I know- so bad - yet sooo good!) then we picked up my computer - finally!

I watched the second half of Idol and took a shower, then we watched some LOST on the computer, which I set up in the bedroom so we an watch LOST comfortably.

I now leave you with some photos of the beautiful town I live in.

but first- a cute puppy falling asleep

April 29, 2008

My Bed: Wish I were with you now

Do you ever have one of those mornings, where, you're not overly tired, but you're so incredibly comfortable you do not, at all costs want to move? From the light to the softness of the bedding to the perfect symetrical arrangem,ent of pillows I was in comfort heaven. I was relaxed and had zero motivation to get up- oops, except for that I had to pee. Believe it or not my bed welcomed me back with the same level of luxurious comfort upon my return. I milked it as far as my concious would allow me to hit snooze and finally got up. It was hard and I mis it.

In other news I was actually pretty sleepy most of yesterday and last night Wes and I finished Season 3 of LOST. We are now at the mercy of the kind folks at the apple store to return my computer so we can get cracking on Season 4. We will have 20 episodes to watch before next Thursday (no way we will watch all 19 before this thursday).

So within a week or so I should get a little bit of my life back.

Tonight I go to Ikea to get some glasses for work, tomorrow I will drive to work and maybe go shopping with my coworker after work. Whohooo.

April 28, 2008

Busy Fun Weekend

So Friday night I watched an episode of LOST with Wes and HL and we had dinner and then went to check on my computer (no luck). We also had ice cream and got HL this book she wanted at Barns&Noble. Saturday we went grocery shopping and had an inpromptu BBQ in the backyrad, taking advantage of the sunshine and the new BBQ Wes adopted from a coworker. It was nice. Then Wes took HL home and I relaxed and did laundry. Next we made our way into the city and went to a housewarming for a coworker and friend fo mine. They live in one of the most beautiful (although hilly) residential neighborhoods of the city (near twin peaks and mt. davidson) the house was just lovely and they decorated so well. Plus they have an adorable little dog. It was nice to visit with them. We had to leave early though to catch the game. Wes had tickets to the giants game and it was a beuatiful day. We had fun, even though the Giant's lost. we went home after and watched more lost. Sunday we were lazy, but eventually got outside. Wes worked on the blazer and i washed my car. later we went over to the Huffs for a yummy dinner and visit with our friends and their adorable baby boy. It was really nice as well.

didnt sleep well friday or sat night, but ill be damned cause last ngiht i fell asleep and wok eup what felt like a minute later and wes was up, dressed, leaving for work and closing my window. Weird! I usually wake up when his alarm goes off. SO it was a good nights sleep. i love him greatly.

April 25, 2008

A bad Food Day and Waking up too early

So last night I left work a little earlier and since I skipped lunch (grazed on junk instead) I was starving as I walked home from bart. Wes met up with me and we picked up pizza, which I was very very pleased with. I figure the day was already ruined. We watched some LOST, watched the new Grey's Anatomy and got some much needed sleep.

This morning i realized i forgot AGAIN to ask Wes to please shut the bedroom door when he leaves in the morning. I always wake up when he comes in, and when he leaves, but after he leaves the door is open and all of Sophia's getting ready noises keep me awake. Now don't get me wrong she is NOT loud. I just have become (due to wearing earplugs most nights)the world's lightest sleeper. All noises keep me up or wake me up. I hear the clinking of the spoon against the bowl on the other side of the house, the open and closing of doors, etc. IT SUCKS. So after they both left I decided to give myself an extra half hour of sleep to make up for waking up at 530am, but alas, I could not fall back asleep.

I am soooo glad it's friday!

And I am already doing better today. I had a 2 point breakfast!

April 24, 2008

YUmmy Cupcakes- Alisons Birthday Goodbye Carly

Yeah its a lot. My sweet wonderful boyfriend texted me when i left work yesterday and OFFERED to pick me up at bart! Yay! I was overjoyed that he heard me, thought of me and followed through. I mean, this is a good man. I will never let him go.

So I was in a good mood coming home- thank goodness. I talked ot my cuz and my parents and we watched some lost, had dinner, then saw Carly Smithson get bootied from american idol. SHe was okay.

I had a really good nights sleep- lots of dreams and came into work. i forgot it was my boss' birthday until this morning when i got to work and the cupcakes i rodered had arrived. I wanted to get her flowers and i forgot. I walked to whole foods and got them- and some strawberries- and a copy of vanity fair (madonna plus a great article about my work).

The cupcakes were the best cupcakes i ever had in my life: http://www.sibbyscupcakery.com/

now get to work! (me)

April 23, 2008

Mac Apple broke Boo boo

So I was feeling a bit weary and as usual really not looking forward to my commute home. I was tired and hungry. I called Wes to feel him our for a pick-up from BART and he was overwhelmingly tired, so I meandered to bart in melancholy sadness. After waiting and cramming and finally making it out on the other end I felt madder and sadder and more hungry and way grumpy . . . it was cold and windy, but at the same time all my heavy layers were weighing me down adn making me uncomfortable. I was mad that Wes didnt offer to pick me up, but couldnt blame him because he was tired. With him I learned that you HAVE to ask, and honestly I get tired of asking. Having to ask for something you can do yourself after awhile makes you feel imcompetant and bothersome. I am neither of those things (I like to think). But you do hope a partner will be in-tune and chivalrous. Perhaps I ask too much, for he is very attentive in other ways and just a super fantastic human being all around.

Anyway, it was mostly my grumpy hungry mood that brought me home in a stink. THen I had to blaance my hot layers, my keys, the mail and open the garage, climb a stool, get a box down from the heavens of the garage, and somehow get it all upstairs. By this time I was fuming and upset. I dont know why I let souch trival silly thigns get to me so bad. But I did, Wes had a sensor for my bad moods too. If I dont come bursting through the door all sunshine and flowers he knows. So I guess I made him mad and he got in a bad mood too and it took awhile for us to feel better. He is good at putting his own mood aside and making me feel better- bless him for that!

We went to eat at fudruckers. We tried their new Elk Burger, which was a whopping 149calories and 2g fat, with 23 protein! And we shared it! We also shared potato wedges and each had a cookei though.

Next we took my misbehaving mac to the genious bar at the apple store. I explained the strange random 'shut-downs' and my disappearing music. Event hough I explained the computer would shut down with only one application open, he put it under a "stress test" to recreat the event. Nothing happened. He submitted it to the repair shop and told me I will most likely get it back in a few days. I dont think he realizes this is our only computer- in which we have been watching LOST almost non-stop on. Oh dear.

I sadly left the mac store with an empty box and hoped the best for my dear beloved desktop. Wes then expressed in words what I was only thinking- craving something sweet-he said. "Cold Stone" I answered. But he did put that doubt in my head- well we had that elk which was so lean, lets not ruin it. Youre right I said ....."then what shoudl we get"? he asked. "How about we stop at the store and get weight watchers ice creasm!" answered He sneared. Okay lets get cold stone, but only a small size. "Okay". Man that was the yummiest ice cream EVER. Did you knwo they make cake batter ice cream? And I'll be damned it does taste EXACTLY like yummy vanilla cake batter. Soooo goood. That made us both very happy as we skipped back to the car. Once home we noticed our roommate and her GF's cars and were happy to go in and wish her a happy birfday. Oh no, they were eating pizza- and cake! they offered us a peice of that same cake batter- only cooked into soft, springy, moist perfection with perfect delicious store-bought icing on top. It was devine. I did only have a small peice though. We watched American idol- two eposodes of lost (Thank the lord for netflix!) and went to sleep.

April 22, 2008

Diet Update

I have had an anonymoud request for a diet update and I really do not know what to say because my efforts have been futile. Msotly because i haven't been making large efforts. I have been using my stress fracture on my foot as an excuse not to excersize and my walk-heavy commute not to see a doctor about it (once I dont have to walk so much for my commute it mnight actually heal). I have been giving into cravings and not tracking. The week before last I was down a couple pounds and last week I was up a couple of pounds. I guess I am still waiting for another big fat bout of inspiration or a kick in the pants or something . . ... But for now I am holding steady after a 25lb loss and that's not worth forgetting. I did think about tracking again, and I eve tracked half a day yesterday, but I think online tracking isnt working for me, adn I just hate the weekly trackers, so I need to get into the garage to find my 3-month tracker .. ..only I am pretty sure it is in my file cabinet, which I hate. I have been wanting to change/upgrade/expand my filing system for some time now and so until I do I am ignoring the filing cabinet and everything in it- another perfect excuse!

In other news, It's earth day and I got free coffee coupons ..too bad I dont drink coffee.

Oh adn the biggest news- Yesterday I got to pet a penguin! I got to get nose to nose with some really cute penguins and I got to stroke the soft feathers of Dunker at work. It was super sweet. I heart penguins!

April 21, 2008

Way Deep into LOST

I am so way deep hung up on lost that I havent done much else lately. I havent called comcast to fix our internet, I havent called apple to fix my computer. I did get the lawn mower guy to come though. I got Wes really into lost now too and we both stayed up too late and now im tired.

This morning I was tired, cold, and nto looking forward to the long day. I used these factors to justify my decision to pay a buttload for parking and bridgetoll and i drove to work today. The heat and radio was so so so nice.

This is all I have to say today.

Good: Heat, radio, lawn looks nice, lost obsession
Bad: Cold, tired, Mondays, lost obsession

April 18, 2008


My brother was in town for one day and we hung out brieflyu last night and it was really nice. I am so glad he has come for work a couple times and I get to see him. Again, so glad we have a guest room!

I am feeling really sleepy this morning and I am downright pissed off that it is cold today, but I am optomistic and want to hve a good weekend.

I hope to get a lot of things done this weekend,as well as meet up with some friends.

I just am not in too much of an insirational blogging mood today, sorry.

April 17, 2008

Busy Busy

I am too busy to write a fantastic blog for you today ... sorrrry!

April 16, 2008

Wednesday Hump Day

Last night I went to get gas (small fortune) and get some groceries for work as well as for home.

Wes is buying a non-op chevy manual transmission to go to and from work. I am excited to have a manual around to practice on!

American Idol wasnt that interesting last night, I like watching when people get voted off.

I also managed to not watch an episode of LOST last night, but I did watch some of the special features on the season 1 dvd.

No other news.

As far as the diet is concerned, I am a little not into it at the moment. I kind of want to take a break and see if I still make good choices.

Let the plateau continue I guess!

April 15, 2008

More Lost Obsession

Nothing new in my life at all- Just getting into Lost some more.

If you watch it- I am in the beginning of season two and Shannon just got shot by Michelle Rodriguez' character. OMG OMG OMG. Haha .... im glad its baseball season cause wes is happy watching baseball while i get lost, lol.

April 14, 2008


Okay, so I discovered this great blog I like to read. I feellike this lady I dont know at all is very like me, and she is cool. THen I discovered this. She is a web/blog designer! I want her to do Nelson Rides website, cause it sucks royally much a lot. But we are low on fundage,and I am still trying to convince Brian its a good way to go (I think he agrees). I think this woman will be able to capture our style and build us a kick-arse web site. This is her contest:

How to enter:
Write a post about Delicious Design Studio and link to our website.
The person who sends the most visitors to our site will win the Full Blog Package. I will post the tracker statistics to show the results of who won.

2nd place winner will receive a custom header for their blog!”

I dont think Ihave enough readers to win, but PLEASE click her blog and maybe I will win! pleaSE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! and forward on the link to my blog too!

Thats all !

Soggy Monday

We had the most glorious weather this weekend. Sun, sun and more sun. I twas wonderful. I want it back! Friday night we pretty much chilled. I have been conitnuing my obsession with watching Lost and the only big news on Friday was HL's suspension from school. Really a bummer. Saturday I wanted to get out and enjoy the weather so I dragged Wes to the Oakland Zoo. We were dissapointed that we did not get in free. Not to mention the crowds and the heat (I know i want the heat, than i complain about it). But we did see monkeys and giraffs and elephants- Oh My! It was fun. We had lunch at carrows, browsed the Harley store and went home to chill. Wes picked up HL and we all hung out, watched movies/tv and relaxed. Sunday I wanted to get out again so I took HL to the park by the bay bridge and we flew my kite and did art and hung out getting sunburnt. Next we went for lunch, watched some LOST and then Wes took ehr home.

Not much else to mention, it was a good relaxing, fun weekend!

April 11, 2008

Where did the day go?>

So I totally forgot to blog this morning.

Two things only:
1) LOST is my new obsession. I am starting with season 1, watching on abc.com. I am totally obsessed.

2) HL was suspended today for basically the same reason as these kids. I told my boss about it cause she has three kids, one about the same age, one in high school and one in college. And her parenting advise was this: "When it comes to the things you worry about- Most of the things you think matter, don't". I like that and it's true.

Have a great weekend! Sunshine, yay!

April 10, 2008

Stayed Home Yesterday

Yeah I stayed home yesterday, which is why I didnt blog. There is no reason for me not blogging from home, it's just not my habit. So I will catch you up. Tuesday night Wes met me for the GIant's game opening night against San Diego. It was very very very cold and I was getting very very very sick of the cold and wind happening lately. I brought a lopt of layers, but as I sispected it was just too uncomfortable (even after a hot coco). After the 6th inning I couldnt take it anymore and we left. I was very tired, cold and overwhelmed by the mess at home and my lack of sleep. My stummy didnt feel right and I had cramps. I needed a day at home!

I decided to wake up at 7:30 and email and call in sick at thaat time. I woke up when Wes left and had trouble getting back to sleep, especially knwoing my alarm was going to go off at 7:30. I emailed in sick and got one work think I could do remotely out of the way. I watched a dvd, had some veral and relaxed. It was nice. Then I started to clean, first our bathroom, then our bedroom, I did laundry, dishes, checked email watched lost. It was a full day! I showered, checked the mail, took out the trash. Before I knew it it was 4:30 and I went grocery shopping.

There were two stoned surfer butch lesbians in line in front of me who took forever to come up with the right credit card they could use to charge for their munchies. I came home, then Wes got home, then I made turkey burgers and we decided to use my free movie pass to superhero movie. The movie was mildly funny and we were practically alone in the theater.

I noticed a small carnival in the parking lot across from the theater. It was the third carnival I have seen lately and I am itching to go. I think carnivals are fun and romantic in a way.

I was very tired after the movie and had no trouble falling asleep. This morning was a little rough, but I am at work now- lots to do!

SIDE NOTE: I missed WW yesterday at work, so I weighed myself at home and I think it has to do with my cycle, but I was about 18lbs down from my last home weigh-in. My scale MUST be broken, there is NO WAY I lost 18lbs in a few days ...... but it certainly was exciting for a second to see that low low number on the scale, hehe, i wish it were true!

April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Zak!

Today is my brother's 30th birthday, and I already sent the gift (whole family chipped in), the e-card and I just talked to him on the phone. I am a rockin sister! It's a little weird cause I remember his 26th birthday and I am older than 26 ....just as an example, it's defintely weird. I remember thinking 30 was so far away and whenever my brother hits and age, I knwo I am not far behind. Anyway. My brother rocksw and I hope he has a super fantastical year.

In other news my computer continues to frustrate me and I woke up feeling tired. I think my eyelids are swollen and this bitter cold weather with the wind thrown in is really pissing me off.

Tonight Wes and I are going to the Giants game and I am pretty worried about being too cold and staying out too late, but I am looking forward to the game, and mostly the fireworks!

OKAY, for the those of you who missed it there is a contest going on which I think I might just forget about since NO ONE even wants to stupid poster .....no wonder i won it from a contest i didnt even enter in. Okay how about this . ...IF YOU DO NOT COMMENT ON MY BLOG YOU WILL BE STUCK WITH THE STUPID POSTER!

April 7, 2008

GiveAway Trend - CONTEST!

Okay so I love to read blogs and I read a lot of very popular ones often. I have noticed an increasing trend for blog give-aways and thought I might give it a try.

Here's the contest: In a short comment (three sentences or less) tell me your favorite movie and why.

The winner will get a large official movie poster (on foam core) for the movie Stop-Loss. Autographed by the director, Kimberly Peirce ("Boys Don't Cry").

This thing would look awesome in your living room or Ryan Phillipe Shrine ... or perhaps fetch a few bucks on e-bay. I will check all the comments (all two of them, im sure) Wednesday morning and award the winner (if youre nto local I may just send you something else, as I shudder to think how expenssive shipping a large movie poster would be).

Computer Problems

So I recently updated my home computer's operating system (it's a mac) and I updated to Leapord. I instantly lvoed it (of course), but I started having some problems. First problem was that I tried to upload some photos and as usual I told the computer to delete the photos form the camera after uploading. Then I think I may have unplugged the camera before turning it off because the next day all my photos dissapeared! I was so mad at myself. Over the next couple of days I took some more photos, went to upload them and they dissapeared again! This time I didnt think it was me, but I was pissed. The last time I uploaded (last night) I made sure not to delete the photos after uploading, and again the images became corrupt and I had to delete them because I could not do anything with them. But to rewind a little my first issue was happening before the upgrade and that is the computer would silently and slyly turn itself off unannounced for no reason. There was not a bunhc of applications open, it was not running slowly, it did not seem like it was about to crash, it just went black and I had to reboot. I experienced this for maybe the third time and decided it was time to call apple. They figured out I skipped a software upgrade before I installed Leopard. Oops! They also recommended I zap the P-Ram, but I needed the apple keyboard for that and it was in the garage, so I still plan on doing that later. The next day I go to turn on itunes and all my music and playlists are gone! A window popped up telling me that my music library is invalid and they labeled it as damaged. I called apple again and they walked me through getting it back inton my intunes, but all the songs were chewcked (I have carefully over time unchecked the songs I dont want on my ipod) and my playlists were gone (catagorized mixed ive made over time). I was very mad, but started workign on getting it all back to how I want it . ...then last night- SAME THING! all gone, invalid, corrupted ..GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

So I dont have my music how I want it, I have lost three sets of photos I'll never get back and I am losing my faith in apple. Very very sad. I dont knwo if I will have the energy to call them again tonight, or get out my keyboard from the garage to zap the pram. Ill keep you updated, but if there are any mac experts out there- please offer suggestions!

So my weekend was pretty good though. Friday night I was bored and Wes was tired, so HL and I went to dinner and a movie! She was good company and we saw Nim's Island, which was very cute.

Saturday I took HL shopping. We went all the way to santa clara since the dress I wanted (for danielle's wedding) was on hold there (only location to have my size in stock) Plus its just a cool mall. HL has been wanting a specific skirt, and we both knew Hot Topic would have it. So she was very patient when I got my dress and we had subway at the foodcourt and then got her skirt. I really wasnt sure if this skirt was a little too short or riskay for her, I definitely worry that she is dressing too provacatively and is just trying to get the attention of her cute teenager supervisors at the boys and girls club, or if her obsession with anime is giving her some unpleasant ideas of how one should look and dress and what attention they get when they look and dress that way. But all kids her age experiment and flirt, and I know she is a good trustworthy child and I want her to have some fun. I told her not to remove any tags and I am keeping the receipts and we will see what her parents say. Wes thought it was okay and I tried to reach Jess all weekend and we played phone tag.

Anyway, it was a nice day.

Next Wes took HL home and when he got back we both went to the BBQ/party for our neighbor's birthday downstairs. Wes is generally uncomfortable in social situations, add the fact that he really doesnt know anybody and that all the people there were gay men of the Bear Community. Needless to say, wes is no homophobe, but he was definitely out of his element. Everyone was very nice, but I was the only woman and Wes was the only straight guy. He left after a burger and I stayed and got to practice my social skills with the bears. It was pretty fun, but after some drinks, the party started to feel mroe like a gay frat party and I was going to leave, but then Jake got home from work and he felt uncomfortable too, so I talked to him for awhile.

Sunday I slept in until 11am! It was nice. We had a pretty lazy day and it was nice.
I dont think I did well diet-wise, but my home-scale was kind to me.

April 4, 2008

Yeah Uh Huh

So someone sent me a link to findout what your baby would look like between you and whoever using photos. Here is Wes and My ugly baby Lourdes:

Fridays, I lovvveeee Fridays

So not much to say today .. ...well at least there is nothing weighing heavy on my mind today. I had the opportunity to go out with a coworker last night, but was too excited about making buffalo burgers for dinner and went hokme instead. I made some steak-fries (the least points of any frozen and baked fry out there) and grilled up the burgers on my awesome grill my folks got me. Then I toasted one-point english muffins. On my burger I spread some of my WW recipe peanut sauce and put a thick slice of tomato. On Wes' burger he got 2% mild cheddar. The meal was awesome! Afterwards we watched Donnie Darko- def. a film that makes you think. And I could not remember a single other film in which a brother and sister plays a brother and sister. I like Jake and Maggie because they are gorgeous without seeming fake.

This morning I contemplated calling in sick because I wanted to sleep so bad, but I mustered up enough energy to get dressed, I even made myself a breakfast sandwich! (almost the same as dinner last ngiht but replace the meat with egg and the peanut sauce with margerine).

April 3, 2008

Goodbye Ramiele!

So last night I came home, made turkey tacos and hung out with my man. I have had a much smaller amount of tolerance for baseball on TV this season. I really dont like watching it and hate the audio that goes with it (announcers stadium noise, etc). I feel bad cause tis Wes' fav thing. Luckily we have two TVs in two different rooms, but still- this means less time with my babe. I do like going to live games though. Its much mroe exciting, im forced to watch and follow and there's usually good food and a cute mascot dancing. We are going to our first game Tuesday.

Anyway. After dinner I emmediately craved something sweet and jello wasnt going to cut it. I first thought an ice cream sundae would be perfect, then I wanted cookies. We settled on ben and jerry's frozen yogurt. Mmmmmm, it was good!

Next we watched Idol and it was a good show! DOlly Pardon Parton(?) performed and Ramiele was kicked off the show. I liked her so that sucked. Towards the end fo the show before they announced who was going home Wes changed the channel at the commercial (to baseball!) and I was livid because i didnt want to miss anything (plus i hate watching baseball) so I went into the other room.

I have nothing exciting to report other than that (not too exciting). I was really sleepy this morning and not real motivated to get ready for work. This week is almost over!

April 2, 2008

Mid Week Drudge

So yesterday Haydee was sick and we didnt go to the gym. I had every intention of excersizing on my own (probably a video at home) and just wasnt feeling it. I made dinner (high fiber pasta with turkey meatballs), watched a little idol and met with a couple craigslist people who wanted to see the stuff we are selling. We sold the tv/vcr and video collection! Yay! I took better photos of the bike too.

This morning I went to work on the photos from the past week (some of HL and Wes, Some of my coworkers and of course, the bike) and they were gonE! I was really super pissed. It was my fault though. See whenever I upload photos my computer asks me if I want to delete the photos on the camera, and I always say Yes. Well, I think I did not turn off and unplug the camera in the proper order last night because my photos were totally and completely and utterly gone from exsistance. I was really really pissed. I was really looking forward to uploading and working on those photos, especially posting the bike again.

Now while I am excited about photography and photos, I am getting the itch big time to get back into it more as a hobby and I have an even bigger itch to get a nice camera. Now dont get me wrong, I recently got a really nice digital camera. Its got loads of features and fits in my purse. I take it everywhere and I love it. But I am lusting after a digital SLR big time. Particularly the Nikon D80. The one I want comes with a kick-ass lens and costs a whopping $1000! Thats no small change. I also want another motorcycle .....even if I sell mine, I wont have enough for the one I want. Then in the back of my concious I have to remind myself that I am trying to pay down debt. It's tough! I guess I will have to just save a little at a time for the camera and keep looking for a super cheap second hand bike and hope for the best!

Today is weigh-in adn I feel like in general I was pretty good this week. I dont think I kept within my points everyday, but I had no major binges or bad choices, so I am hoeful to say the least. More tomorrow!

PS- If you didnt get a chance yesterday, please cut and paste this link- spread the word and drop $5 or $10 (or more) for a good cause- I am doing AIDS WALK SF!


April 1, 2008


Okay, so its excersize, charity and a fun day with peeps from work.

I say weather its $5 or $500, you should donate money to the cause and help me meet the goal and be special lady with a free tshirt and stuff .....DO IT NOW: CLICK HERE

Nothin Much

So yesterday I had swollen glands and I thought I was getting sick for sure. I took a vitamin and drank tons of water and right about the time to leave work it all but went away. I went to meet with my therapist and went home and it was just about gone all together. I am selling my motorcycle and I got a couple calls, but no one came by. Wes is selling his dryer and alady came by, she might come back to pick it up, I hope so! Wes needs more space in the garage (its not a storage unit!).

Anyway, we had dinner, watched some grey's and zonked out. It was a pretty uneventful evening.

This morning (April Fools!) Wes realized he locked his keys in his truck and had to wait for AAA. Silly man.

It's been freezing in the mornings in Oakland and freezing when i leave work in the city- I HATE it!

Nothing else to report today, sorry.