March 31, 2008

Fast Weekend, Sore Throat

So Friday night I left work early and drove, in the rain, to Larkspur. It was a really beautiful neighborhood near the redwoods with big houses and twisty roads. I got there and Matt greeted me and we went inside where his "class" was sitting in a cozy living room talking. I tried to follow along, but very soon after I arrived we were up! Matt and I sat in chairs facing eachother in the center of the room and he walked me through relaxation excersize and "guided meditation" I guess this can also be called hypnotherapy, but I was never unconcious, just relaxed. I was his guinnea pig for his class, he had to preform a session with someone in front of the group to get his certificate. The "issue" I would work on with him is my obvious food and eating issue. Matt took me through a scenario in the meditation where I had to throw a party for some kids, and the special little girl whose birthday it was was a picky, unhealthy eater and I had to create a menu for her and her friends and plan out a fun party. It was a little silly, but I know he was trying to connect eating healthy with feeling good and happy and having fun. It was smart and he did a very good idea. I am not sure if I would prescribe to this teqnique to cute me of my food issues. I could simply talk to a therapist and come up with the same relations and think about them and work on my behavior slowly, as I am doing now ...but I think this technique Matt used really could be great for kids and I am very proud of him and his success.

After the class we went to dinner. We shared a salad and a pizza, which was yummy and I got all caught up on whats been going on with him, and vice versa. It was nice!

Next I came home and was surprised to find a dark quiet house. Wes and HL were both in bed! (Well I think HL was on the computer in ehr room). Wes was asleep! It was 9pm! He had a sore throat for a week and was just feeling bummy. It made me sad. I stayed up with the TV for about an hour I think.

Saturday we slept in a little and all made yummy (and healthy) breakfasts. Then I took HL into the city with me to visit Kerry, my dear friend who is recovering from a vespa accident. Kerry is an adult, but about the same size as HL, she offloaded some really nice clothes on heather, who was stoked. HL really liked Kerry and we looked in some shops and hung out for a bit.

Next I took HL to walk around the mission and get some lunch. We ate at Frjtz (one of my favs), walked around and then headed back to the east bay. Next I took her to the Emeryville shops to look for a specific skirt she wanted. We did not find it, but I told her we could look again another day. We went back home hung out some more. I read my book alittle and HL talked on the phone with a friend. It was relaxing.

Later I made dinner and then we took Heather home. The plan was to then see a movie near her, but once we got on the highway we noticed a very drunk driver and Wes wanted to report it. Now Wes loves nothing more than seeing police activity (dont we all), especially when you got to call it on some jerk-head swerving all over the road. Not long ago we called the local police to report an annoying and suspicious car across from our house honking up a storm at an empty house, no one ever came. This time we were driving, we followed the guy a bit while we called and 9-1-1 was busy! I called 5 times before I got through, then they patched me through to the highway patroll, we described the location, license plaet, everything and hung up. We continued to follow the guy as he swerved and almost hit people several times. He must have noticed us following because he got off the highway. Wes followed. He pulled over on a side street and turned off his lights. This little chase was now a little scary. Wes passed him, turned around and waiting on a side street. We then called the local police to report it. They told us not to follow the car. After 5 mintues the guy got back on the freeway, we followed and Wes had me call the highway patroll again. At this point i was annoyed, i was done with this! I felt creepy and weird going so far out fo our way to see this guy get pulled over (or kill someone) and the police obviously were not going to catch him. I finally made wes turn around. It was late so we aborted the movie and went home. Wes was mad.

Sunday we slept in again and i had a talk with him about the snoring issue. i was nervous and we both got upset, but i hope he heard me and will follow through with seeing a doc. The poor guy, he is such a sweetie and i adore him, i hate making him do something he obviously doesnt want to, but i just did not feel like he recognized the issue for what it was and I oculd not ignore it. I am tired of hearing about women silently suffering, letting things like this ruin their relationships. Wes and I are going to work on thsi together and figure it out.

I realy felt like a weight was lifted after talking to him, although I am sure he felt heavier. I took him to breakfast to make up for it and we were both in a better mood after. Next I dragged him to Target for a much needed shopping trip and then we relaxed at home a bit. Later we went to a movei, saw 21- which was awesome and I was hungry and cranky when we got home.

Nothing else much to report- got to catch a meeting!

March 28, 2008

My Ass Hurts

So yesterday I came right home and met Haydee at the gym, and we were going to do the kickboxing class, but I had never done a cycling class before, so we thought we would try that. Now I have to admit its a very good workout and I would do it again if it werent for the seat-of-pain. Now imagine for a moment, if you will, that perhaps you weigh as much as a baby elephant (I dont really knwo how much a baby elephant weighs, but I imagine I am close to it) and you were asked to sit high up on a small, hard, thin pillar, then asks to not stop moving your large legs on either side of the pillar,all the while hunched over in such a way that your large legs brush up against your large chest while you moved. NOT PLEASANT. I literally bruised the boney area between my crotch and my ass (sorry if thats TMI), it hurts when i sit or move that area at all. I really looked around me at the other people in the class wondering why i was the only one seeming to be in excrutiating pain. I really tried to ignore it and work through it because i did feel like i was getting a work out, i tried standing to pedal but it hurt too much every time i sat down again and standing was much more tiring. I was determined to not be the loser who walks out on the class though until Hyadee suggested we do something else- Thank GOD! Next I did a program on the eliptical machine, then I was done. I was so tired and hungry I had to leave. The last time I went to the gym with Haydee I really was sort of turned off to the gym idea, but this time it didnt seem so bad. I think one more time and I will decide for sure if I want to join or not.

So thats all I really have to report for now.

March 27, 2008

Exciting Stuff

I was trying to think about what to blog about and at first I couldn't think of anything, then I could think of a few good subjects, I wish my readers could instantly vote on their favorite:
-What I see on my commute to work
-American Idol
-My diet status

Maybe I will try to touch on all the subjects and see how far I get.
1) When I leave my relatively warm house int he morning I am greeting by a very very bitter (we are talking divorcee working in a diner bitter) cold. I don't really understand why it is so cold in the early mornings where I live, but maybe the crime rate has something to do with it. Anyway, I lock all the doors and make my way down 8th street, where first I am greeted by at least two ferel cats, a pair of shoes and a lot of litter. The sun usually is burning through the morning fog and I put my sunglasses on. NExt I cautiously cross 8th to willow on the side opposite the liquor store (that no longer can sell liquor) and pass the chinese fast food place and cross again to the post office, I have now past a few really beautiful trees in spring bloom and another pair of shoes. I walk past the post office, which is enormous (think DIsney) and all the mailboxes and a few scattered lotto scratchers, an urban garden and some dafodils. It's quiet except for the screeching roar of the bart train overhead. Once I get to the littered parking lot I pass the mix of sedans and luxury SUVs to the entrance of the bart station. There is always some bored and tired paramedics sitting outside in their ambulence. Once on the train I try to avoid eye contact with my fellow commuters and I exit at the third stop (the train all but empties on the second). I then make my way up an escalator, then up another to be greeted by a few smelly bums and the early morning tourists waiting for the cable car. I pass the public toilet and the bart elevator, try not to be run over by a bus and pass the mall and the old mint, the parking garage and the chronicle and turn down my street, trying to avoid the peddler and the guys spraying the sidewalk, to finally enter my building.

2) American idol. Wes and I missed the show tuesday, but my fantastic coworker Trish taped it, so I watched it last night before the show aired again. I was really blown away by david cook, who i didnt like so much before. he seemed a little fake and a rob thomas wannabe, but his redition of michael jacksons billy jean was genious! i really enjoyed it. I was sad to see chickesie go, and really sad to see kristi stupidhead stay, but hey all the mroe reason to tune in next week!

3) Diet status. I had a shameful gain yesterday I am trying to forget about. I am always really good the two days after a weigh-in then the weekends go downhill. I really want to try to be better. I am going to excersize with haydee tonight and tomorrow matthew will hopfully cure me of my fat through hypnosis (yes i am really ging to be hypnotised, no i doubt i will be cured of my weight problems). More on that tomorrow.

4)Sprint is great and sucks in ways. I was shocked to see mistakes on our bill (in their favor) for a third month in a row now, but I was able to chat live online while multitasking at work with a sprint person adn got all the extraneous charges dropped.

5) I made a trader joes tri-tip last week and its going on its fourth meal today. First i grilled it with mashed potatoes, then wes had it for lunch the next day. last night i made a fajita out of it with some brown rice and today i just put the meat over rice for lunch. its really good!

March 26, 2008

Date with Wes - lots of links!

So I got off work a couple minutes early and walked towards the parking garage across from the theater and there was Wes! I felt like I was having a date night in the city a little, even though I was just seeing a movie screening a block and a half from work. We decided to have an early dinner at Mel's, and it was unusually empty. We got our food quickly and ate in no time. I remembered the last time the two of us were there we got in a fight because Wes insisted he could not trade in his truck for a lesser vehicle, and I told him that was hogwash. It's silly the things people bicker about, isn't it?

So anyway, we got to the theater a good hour and a half to two hours before the movie, and I wanted to see if there was a line for the screening yet. Outside the theater there was a crazy long line, but I knew it couldnt be for this movie because the people waiting in line were primarily asian and male. I asked a cop who I figured had answered the samew question at least 20 times already. It was a line for the release of a new PSP video game at the Play Station store. Wow. Wes recommneded they get a life. I still don't know what game it was, but it was funny.

Once inside, there was a rather long line and I was surprised, but we soon figured out that the line for for an earlier screening of the movie 21, which also looks good. We found our line and were very close to the front, so we sat and waited, had some popcorn. I spotted a familiar face, but wasnt sure it was a guy I once knew because this man's hair was about 2 feet longer than the guy I once knew. Then we ended up sitting next to him in the movie so I asked, and sure enough it was. It was cool to catch up and I felt special for still running into people I know in the city even though I dont live there anymore.

The movie we saw, Stop-Loss, was very good. A little slow in some parts, and the spliced army commercial parts were lame, but the general gist of it was interesting. I didn't know anything about Stop-Loss, which is something that can happen to a person who enrolls in the army. In a time of war, after you fulfill your contract you can be sent back for more time if your country needs you. It's a convenient way for our country to avoid a draft. They refered to it in the movie as a 'back-door draft'. After the movie, before the credits they showed some interesting real-life statistics regarding stop-lost soldiers in the US. So basically they took our real-life war and real-life american ideals and played out a fictional story. It was the first real anti-war mega-hollywood movie I've seen and I think it sent a good message. After the stats rolled and the credits came out I heard one good "Fuck Bush" from the audience. They never really tackled the question of why we are in this war, but they did address why a lot of the soldeirs are there.

Anyway, I am tired, I am dreading weigh-in today and I can't wait to watch american idol. thats all.

March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Jess

So my friend Jessica doesnt read my blog, but it's her birthday, so I will wish her a blogarific day.

So last night I grilled a trader joe's marinated tri-tip. It took a long time, but it was yummy. Then I made tri-color mashed potatoes, which was also good. Wes and I watched a couple grey's anatomy episodes and crashed out.

I felt really bad for Wes last ngiht because he has had this wicked sore throat for almost a week now. No other symptoms too, just the sore throat. BUMMER.

I don't have too much else to report. We will miss idol tonight to see apreview screening of Stop-LOss, which I am looking forward to.

Yesterday was a better food day than the weekend days.

OK really I have nothing amusing or introspective to say today.

March 24, 2008

The Black Hole

So this weight loss thing has really become a struggle. I keep falling into the same pattern of waking up one day and feeling like I am going to reform my ways and try super hard and use the tools I have been given and really really go at this weight los this with a really good try, and then something happens, I justify a craving I have given in to, or I go out to eat or I eat something untrackable and I totally give up, usually this happens on or near the weekend and then come Monday I wake up resolved again. Well this morning I didn't wake up reso,ved, it occured to me on my walk to bart. Again I wanted to start over and as I get closer to weigh-in I stress about the number I will see. Actually, it's not my weight that scares me as much as the weight change, I NEED to see a negative in the +/- box or I relaly feel bad. Although I do seem to get over it quickly if I don't ...well until I put on some ugly outfit I dont like. Like today, I have this shirt that fits and doesnt make me self-concious, but I find it pretty hideous and I don't feel good about myself wearing it. But I keep it because it fits.

As far as the black hole is concerned, well sometimes I feel like I fall into this alternative universe where i need to eat a lot, all the time, and i can and should have all the things I want to eat. I dont knwo why i do it, but i will go to the store for OJ and also get candy, but i am in this black hole so i really dont see the light or wrong from right. i just get it, eat it and feel satisfied. like i know it wont really matter in the long run. I can't seem to make it matter.

Now to not completely beat myself up, I made a good breakfast yesterday with a one point bagel, one egg and a little cheese and some fruit. I do a lot fo little things that ARE better choices, which is probably why i am plateaued and not gaining or losing. I knwo I need to up the good stuff and try to get a grasp on the binging and justifying unhealthy choices.

So thats what is on my mind this morning. I would love to hear your thoughts- hit "Comment". Thanks.

March 21, 2008


So I was doing so good, tracking and keeping in my points, then the ugly dessert monster reared her ugly head. I had saved enough point yesterday to make a delicious pasta-turkey meatball dinner and then I wanted something sweet. Since I last shoppeda t trader joe's and they dont have diet desserts I like I didnt really get any. And so here is the dilema. I was already in PJs and ditn want to go out, but Wes was willing to go through the rive-thru for McFlurries- One of my favorites! Wes had a sore throat and I knew he would feel better, so I offered to pay if he went out and this would be our last McFlurry run. SO I am halfway through my weekly points now and the weekend hasnt even hit. *gulp*. I do sort of wish when I am teetering as I did last night, Wes would push me in the healthier direction, but he is a dessert addict like me I think, so it's tough. We enable eachother I think. Definitely something to think about.

So we watched some TV and relaxed and had dinner, then mcflurries and it was nice. I went to sleep and slept good until a little after 4am. I got a new plant from aneighbor and my cat loves to chew on and eat plants. I have been yelling at him and shooing him away from this plant since I got it, since I really like the way this perfect green money-tree looks on my new blue dresser. I even propped an open shoe box around it to deter the cat. But he keeps geting to it and at 4-something this mornign I woke up to the familiar munching sound. I woke up enough to use my usual scary cat-go-away sounds, but they didnt work on him, he was in the zone. So I had to get up, out of bed, and shove him. Now I was awake, I finally fell back asleep, but woke up again around 5-something and wondered why I dont remember Wes kissing me goodbye or coming into the room. When my alarm finally went off I gave myself a ten-minute snooze, but the cat was at the plant again so i was up for good. I soon realized Wes was still in bed. I get his sore throat wasnt gone. I also noticed Gaelen, and maybe Sophia were still home too. I guess teachers get good friday off? Damnit.

Okay, no other news for today, time to get to work!

March 20, 2008

Good Start To the Day

So I slept a little rough last night, but woke up and was incredibly productive. I took out the trash, cleaned up a little, put laundry in the dryer, etc, etc, etc. I almost made lunch adn brought it too,b ut didnt. Oh well.

My weigh in yesterday wasnt tooo bad. I gained 0.4lbs. I was really proud of my day yesterday. I tracked, by hand and was exactly in my alloted daily points (not even counting the one activity point I earned.

Here is my menu for yesterday:
Multi-grain cheerios- 1 serving with skim wilk: 2pts
Banana: 2 pts
Subway tuna sandwich- no cheese: a whopping 9 points!
two tiny dark chocolate eggs: 1pt
mini non fat frozen yogourt: 2pts
Buffalo burger (meat): 7pts
Kaiser roll for burger: 3pts
jello: 2pts
100calorie mini popcorn: 1pt

The next big great news of the day was that after some potentially upsetting correspondence with our landlord, I drafted a thoughtful response, edited it with wes and soph and sent it off to find a response this mornign that it's all turning out to be a non-issue- PHEW!

Oh, the other actually upsetting news was Amanda got voted off American Idol. I admit I have been totally sucked in to the whole thing, but she was the rocker, the rogue biker chick, and the most interesting of the puppets. I will miss her, but hope she makes it in the public eye.

Two fun links:
My good friend Jeani got a new puppy, check her out here

Also, my work is just doing wonderful things, get excited about the new academy with me here

March 19, 2008

Nervous about Weigh In

I had a miraculous weigh-in at home over the weekend, but this morning was well back within my usual range so today's WW meeting makes me nervous. I think my miracle weigh in at home last week really made me less mindful of my eating and the scale will not be friendly today.

This morning I resolved yet again to try harder and I even measured my cereal! I think I need to go back to tracking by hand and not online. I had a little less than one single serving of multi grain cheerios for breakfast, and was surprised at how little that really was. I have a banana on standby, should I feel I need it and lunch will probably be subway today.

Last night the traffic coming home was next to nil and I pulled up in my driveway to see my honey in the garage and I was instantly in a good mood. It was liught out, the weather was mild and I knew I had a package inside. SO all was good. Wes asked me to get him a soda, which was annoying cause he is totally addicted to soda and i dont want to feed any bad habits, but he always gets me one and stuff, so i walked to the store a block and a half away and got sodas. Now this is another mildly sore subject because he will not go to this store. I think it's a combo of him not liking to walk places and him imagining people will bother him because its the hood and he is white guy. He did not have a problem with me going because he insists people dont bother women like they would bother him. WHATEVER. Honey I love you, but come on! So usually he will go to a 7-11 instead. I dont even know where the nearest 7-11 is ....oh well. I didnt let this effect my mood though and my babe was so cute working on his bike and excited about his new parts and what-not.

Oh my package- so with my tax return money ipaid bills, but i also got some presents from amazon (to myself and one thing for wes). I got three movies ive wanted. I am replacing my VHS collection with DVDs and so I got the NeverEnding Story (classic!) the 20th anniversary edition fo the Princess Bride, and Into the Wild. I also got both Wes and I car vaccumes!

That was fun.

I made a yummy trader joes pizza for dinner and we watched american idol. I can't wait to see who gets kicked off tonight!

March 18, 2008

Bad Evening, Good morning

So yesterday I felt really super sleepy and my foot hurt and then i had to hoof it around town to my appointment and I always feel a little more "raw" after seeing my therapist and things are on my mind, and then I accidentally took the bus the wrong way and it took forever to catch one going the other way and then I had to walk home from Bart on my owie foot and once I get a half a block from home BOOM CRASH SCREACH - a car hits a minivan RIGHT in front of me. and it was a really good crash, and then they just took off. I got three of the licence plate digits and started calling 9-1-1. A few people around and in houses came out an crowded around, two young girls came out of the van screaming obscenities in ebonics and I was just really shook up. Seeing Richard, our enxt door neoighbor (friendly older man) was somewhat comforting, but by the time i got home and saw wes i just started to cry. I was starving, i hadnt eaten in 8 or so hours, i had a headache, i was ired, my feet hurt, etc, etc, etc. wes was in a good mood too and i spoiled it. I wish he had picked me up at bart, i HATE asking. we finally ate and i finally started to feel better. we had a good talk and i got some greatly needed rest.

This morning i had to get up earlier, shower, and drive to my dentist appt in the city. despite the major traffic and me being late to my appointment, the dentist was fun. i knwo im crazy, right? well my dentist is super chatty and friendly. we talked about his daughter and my job and he was so excited about the academy. he even pulled up a couple websites and showed me between scraping and polishing. He also had a new digital x-ray machine. i only got one third the radiation and the photos were instant. it was cool. No cavaties! I also got a new toothbrush, its a nice one!

Next I got to work and noticed that the parking lot closest to work had lowered their prices, so i tried them (only one dollar mroe than my usual place, and a block closer). I asked the guy if he knew of a car wash i can go to after work adn he said he would wash it inside and out- detailed for $20! not bad!

So far i am pleased with today and hope my huney is having a good day too.

Now I decided to give you a little photo glimpse into why I love Oakland: ENJOY!

March 17, 2008

SLeepy Monday

My right ear throbbed again this morning, and throughout the night from the pressure of the earplug in my ear against the pillow, but otherwise I had vivid dreams and didnt hear Wes' alarm this morning. I think I slept well regardless. The weekend was pretty good, but way too fast.
-Friday night we really just hung out and I made dinner, we watched a movie with the Nin.
-Saturday we slept in, but then rushed to Heather and my nail appointment with Wes' friend Velya. We dragged Wes along since we were going for BBQ at Vince and Velya's afterwards. Heather ended up going home before the BBQ since she had chores and the nails took longer than expected. It was fun chatting and hanging out in the salong, and HL and I have the most beautiful nails, I will post pics soon. I haven't had my nails done in a very long time because I have one really ugly fungoid nail that I cant afford to have fixed (insurance doesnt cover the costly medication, which isnt good for your liver anyway). But because Velya is a friend I trust, she made them beautiful and even made the ugly nail look nice! She did give me a talkin-to about my habit of picking at my dried out cuticles to the point beyond regonition. Nervous habit ....

The BBQ time was nice, Velya showed me how to make her super awesome sausage-onion burgers and we munched on chips and girl scout cookies- BAD! (but so good)

It got late quick and we were invited to a game night at our downstairs neighbors. I wanted to go to that, but I knew wes didnt like parties or games and he doesnt see his friends often, so we played a game and watched a funny movie at their house instead. We ended up leaving after midnight and I still managed to go say hi to my neighbors and play one game with them before my very late bedtime.

Sunday was major sleep in day and get stuff done and hang out with my friend Jess. We say Mrs. Pettigrew lives for Day, which was a very sweet movie. It was good to see my friend too.

Last night I went grocery shopping, I couldnt find a carwash for the life of me, so my car is still dirty, but oh well.

Thats all I have to report, oh no, wait one point this weekend I weighed myself at home to see the lowest number on the scale yet, but I am not holding my breath after all those cookies and chips!

March 14, 2008


So there are some great thigns about today.
-its paypay
-i got my tax refund
-i paid all my bills and then some

bad stuff:
-my foot still hurts and im trying to not walk and do stuff so much adn that sucks
-the landlord seems to be trying to get us to do our own yardowrk, which isnt a big deal if he didnt already say he would take care of it. obviously a mis-communication, but there have been a few red lights already and so im treading lightly and taking notes.

Last night wes and i got in 3 episodes of grey's anatomy on dvd, which we are both into right now and i made dinner. nothign else particularly new or interesting.

i am excited to get a new dresser and new sneakers with the rest of my tax return.
thats all!

March 13, 2008

Stress Fracture

So my foot pain on my mind, I decided to go on WebMD and figure out what it could be.
Wes guessed Stress Fracture. So I looked it up and sure as shit, Wes was right. Almost everything in the description describes me to a 'T'. Particularly the following points:
-More than half of all adult and adolescent stress fractures occur in the lower leg bones. 25% of adult fractures are in the metatarsal bones of the feet (the middle bones). MINE IS IN MY RIGHT FOOT AND I AN AN ADULT OR ADOLESCENT!
-Stress fractures are much more likely to develop in people who have just started a new exercise or abruptly stepped up the intensity of their work out. OMG, I HAVE TOTALLY STARTED EXCERSIZING MORE LATELY!
-When the muscles aren’t conditioned, they tire easily and can’t support and cushion the bones as well. Increased pressure is exerted directly on the bones, which can lead to a fracture.MY MUSCLES ARE NOT AT ALL CONDITIONED, I AM SURE THAT MY EXCERSIZE EFFORTS HAVE EXCEEDED WHAT MY BODY CAN HANDLE.
-Stress fractures seem to be more common in women, especially in women who do not have regular menstrual cycles. A reduction in estrogen can cause osteoporosis, or weakening of the bones. THIS MAY BE TMI, BUT I DO NOT HAVE REGULAR CYCLES, AND IM A WOMAN. ALTHOUGH I TAKE BC PILLS, WHICH REGULATE ME ... HMMMMM .....
-Any anatomical abnormalities -- like fallen arches -- can distribute stress unequally through the feet and legs. This raises the risk of stress fractures. So can poor-quality equipment, like worn-out running shoes. I HAVE PLNTERS FACITIS, OR FLAT FEET, AND JUST ON SATURDAY JANEEN TOLD ME I NEED NEW SNEAKERS!

So with all those insightful points, I have decided, without a medical degree that I do in fact have a stress fracture and so I plan to follow the WebMD advise, which I am differs almost not at all from what my regular doc would advise, and that is this:
-The main treatment is to rest while the bone heals itself THIS PART KIND OF SUCKS CAUSE I DONT LIKE RESTING EXCEPT FOR SLEEP AT NIGHT
-Ice the affected area and reduce your activity. AGAIN, SUCKY, I AM TRYING TO LSOE WEIGHT AND ICE HURTS.
-For pain, you may use NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like Advil, Aleve, or Motrin. SWEET, I WONDER IF ITS OKAY TO TAKE MY LEFTOVER PRESCRIPTION DRUGS FROM MY MOTO ACCIDENT ... DOCTOR ME SAYS ITS OKAY.
-For the next six to eight weeks -- or until you’re free of pain -- avoid the activity that caused the fracture. If you exercise again too soon, you could worsen the injury. You could even cause damage that may never heal properly. CRAP. I GUESS I WILL HAVE TO SWIM OR DO YOGA, OR MAYBE I CAN WILL THE CALORIES AWAY IN SILENT MEDITATION.
When you are ready to return to the activity, do it slowly. If you rush back in, you could reinjure yourself.OKAY OKAY OKAY

So thats it ..I am going to add two more important things to help my healing:
-new sneakers
-foot rubs from babe :)

thanks again for your help web doc!

Sleepy again

I was really sleeping soundly, having visid dreams when my phone rang. Here's the weird thing. It was my old phone. I have been keeping my old phone in my purse in case I need a number I havent programmed into the new phone, but it was on and it said i missed a call, but not at that time, the night before. really weird! That phone is not activated. I wonder if Jess really called me last night.

Anyway, so I feel really sleepy right now and my foot is still bothering me. I knwo I need to have it looked at, but it's a matter of time off. I just took a half day Tuesday. I am coming in later after a dentist appointment next week and towards the end of the month I am leaving early to help Matthew. I was going to wait until I see my doc again, but that's not for 4 more months. So I think sometime next month I will go in for the foot and if it gets worse before then I will go to a walk-in clinic on the weekend. And that's that.

So like I said my darling wonderful coworker recorded American Idol for me Tuesday ngiht and so I came right home yesterday and watched it. i finished right on time for the live show, but the live show was an hour later than usual, so i showered and bothered wes for a bit, then we watched. i hate that im so into it and now i cant do other things on the nights it airs. luckily its not on tonight, so i plan on goingto the gym with haydee and then make dinner.

i wish i were more motivated and less tired today. I think TUesday coming home late really threw me off.

Oh and the big news this week- according to WW i am down 2.4lbs! I am still nto back to my all time low, but very close to it. Yay!

March 12, 2008

Tired- my day yesterday

Boy I have not felt this tired in a long ass time.

Yesterday was a whirlwind, ready?

6:25am: wes kisses me goodbye, a minute or so after he leaves the room I decide to look at the clock, uh oh, my alarm didnt go off at 6:20~! I get up.

7:20ish: I leave quietly as my brother still sleeps in the guest bedroom. I drive to work

7:40ish: I walk into work a whopping 50 minutes early, start my super busy day at work.

11:40ish: I leave work and drive to Walnut Creek

12:30ish: I meet Wes and we split a buffalo burger and small fries at Fuddruckers (yay for sharing)

1:30pm: We arrive at Kaiser Medical Center and wait for Wes' appointment with the Surgery Doctor.

2:05pm: The doc is a nice asian lady who does a thorough 'look and feel' of Wes' abdominal bump and agrees with the original doctor's assesment of Lipoma. She says surgery isn't necessary, but he can have it removed if he wants to. She continues to dissuade him by mentioning all the pre-and-post-op appointments. We ask about his back pain, loss of appetite and feeling of pressure. The back pain is unrelated and the other sysmptoms, she basically said were mentally linked to the issue. She did suggest we get an ultrasound to be absolutely certain its Lipoma and maybe get a better idea of the size- Oh and she marked him and measured it, its pretty big!

2:30ish: we left a little releived, but Wes' back was still causing him a lot of pain and so we had to decide what to do next. I suggested we not go back to work and instead see a movie! We saw Penelope, which Wes didnt want to see, but was happy to sit so he agreed.

4:00pmish: About halfway through the movie there was a very loud sound, reminded me of a hot air balloon. I thought it was weird, but I guess part of the movie, then it appened again, and again. It was a bit of a shock each time cause its so loud and you dont expect it. I really wanted to go complain, but I was into the movie. Finally it happened, but wouldnt stop so a lady got up, i walked out too with Wes and a guy went up to fix it and it stopped for good, but we still missed some of the movie, so i complained and we got free comp tickets!

5ish: We went home and relaxed for a minute, then I left for dinner with my brother and his friends. Wes stayed home and relaxed.

6:30ish: DInner at Jupiter with Zak and his friends, went very long. Afterwards we hung out at Shellys for a bit, then got gas and finally got home at 10pm. I was really bummed I missed American Idol, but Trish, a coworker is a goddess and taped it for me!!!! what a sweetheart!

10:15ish: finally in bed, very very tired and enjoying talkign with wes about nothing and unwinding before i fall asleep.

March 11, 2008

Tuesday- Half Day

So I am taking a half day today to go wth Wes to meet with the surgeon. I knwo he is anxious and scared, but I really think he will be fine and am mostly glad to be leaving work early and spending some time with my honey.

Yesterday was a super busy and stressful day at work, then i couldnt find my ranslink card and had to mostly walk to my therapist's office, after much rushing I got there right on time and afterwards I met my cousin Aaron at BART. We got to catch up, then once home Zak and Wes were there and I made dinner for everyone. I was pretty tired, but it was super nice catching up with Zak and Aaron. For dinner I make turkey tacos with whole grain olive oil tortillas, reduced fat cheese and all the other good fixins. I was rpoud of my tacos, although the beef ones in trader joes tortillas are yummier (but less healthy).

No other news at the moment, im still hopeful for a loss at the scale tomorrow, but going out to dinner tonight will not help.

March 10, 2008

A whole Lot of ...Stuff

Okay so a lot has happened and I have been too busy to report it.
I give you my famous list-style reporting of my news

-Wes has Lipoma, which isnt too serious but may require surgery. I am taking off work early tomorrow to go meet the surgeon with him. He is scared, but I know he will be fine. I must say I am not sure I have been the most supportive selfless girlfriend. I found myself very dissapointed and a little angry that Wes did not mention the snoring issue at the doctor's office, and I am very frustrated at his lack of looking for a proactive solution to his re-occuring back pain. It kills me when he is in pain or unhappy and it kills me more that he chooses to not do something about it except for wait it out, most of the time. I do give him major props for seeing a doc about the lump in his abdomen, but that is more unusual than his other complaints. The snoring thing, well its tough to go see a doc about something that doesnt bother you, especially when you hate doctors. but i guess i fantasize that he would do it for me. But in the end i love him no matter what and he is my babe who is brave and strong and ill post more when i know more.

-In other news, I walked around the lake with haydee and janeen and nat on saturday, i went to the farmers market, and generally feel like im having a decent health week. No major upsets or binges. I should see a loss this week (i hope!)

-Last night Wes came with me to the city to have dinner with our friends Brett and Kerry, and Kerry's friend Kelly was there too. I was really really glad to have Wes there, even though his back was hurting him a lot and the restaurant was very warm. It was good to see Kerry out of the hospital and Brett had some grea stories to tell. I really love being social with wes, and all my friends love him.

-My mom had her bday saturday, i couldnt celebrate with her, but my step-brother and i went in on some UGG boots she wanted, she was so stoked!

And last but not least:
Finally- a couple photos from tahoe:

March 6, 2008

Boring or something

Hay there, first of all I feel the need to thank my readers for putting up with my typos. I know its bad, and I dont often look at the screen when I type, and I am too lazy to correct it, so sorry. Thanks for reading anyway. in list style- here's whats on my mind-

-weird dreams
-sweating in my sleep
-must lose weight
-weird smell at home
-weird mess at home (ok, usual mess)

thats about it. i had a bad day on the scale yesterday. i blame my womanly cycle the most followed by the bad foos choices saturday (i hoiped the snowboarding would have balanced that out) and monday (again iexcersized, bt i guess not enough to make it count). i am tracking again, which will probably only work until its the weekend or i make a diet error, but hey better than nothing.

wes hasnt been feeling well lately and he is actually going to the doctor tomorrow. you know its bad or scary when wes goes to the doc because he hates it. i know if he reads the next thing im going to say its going to upset him, but i need to be true to whats on my mind- its a little upsetting to me that he goes to the doc only when he feels uncomfortable. i have been asking him to go regarding the snoring for a long time and he never made an appointment. i dont know if he will bring it up to the doc tomorrow or not, and im pretty sure he wont pursue the issue as agressively as i would, but i am just going to have to ut some faith and trust into him and his ability to put his own discomfort aside for the needs of his lady. and i do have faith, cause he is my babe.

in other news work has finally slowed for a half a minute and it feels good, but on the other hand im tired and dont have a busy rush of work to keep me alert. be careful what you wish for, right?

thats all for today

March 4, 2008


Yeah so work was fairly uneventful yesterday, but my therapist is sick and canceled, and Haydee got a 45-day guest pass to her gym, so I went to meet her and Janine for the boot-camp class. Now remember I am very sore still, but I figured this would help. The class started out not too rough, but it's a full hour and pretty high energy level, so it was a good workout. I def, broke a sweat. The stretching afterwards def. helped. When I came home I was starving though and didnt feel like cooking, so I ordered a pizza and ate way too much of it. I also discovered that my little slip on the stairs managed to produce a big bruise on my lower back. Yuck! But kind of cool. After pizza Wes and I were both pretty beat and went to sleep. This morning I was getting annoyed that Wes seems to be getting up, not when his alarm goes off, but when mine does. So when my alarm goes off, I usually head strait to the bathroom first, but he gets there nanoseconds before me and I end up having to lay there and wait, grrrrrr. Guess I should start getting up when his alarm goes off and vice versa, but thats less sleep which sucks- oh well!

Nothing else new to report really, I am curious about tomorrow's weigh-in. I had a lot fo exercise and started out with a good food week, but def. had a few slip-ups along the way.

March 3, 2008

Fun Weekend, but Ouch

Yeah what comes to mind most this morning is how much I managed to beat myself up this weekend. My friend Matt couldnt join us snowboarding, adn I was a little afraid Wes might decide not to go, but we went. With the extra tickets though I put the word out and anotehr friend of mine was excited to come along, but flaked, so it was Just Wes and me. He woke up not feeling well and took his time getting out the door, so we left later tahn I wanted to, but we made it in only 3 hours (I drove the whole way there). We even got a hearty breakfast and took our time getting rockstar parking at the resort. Then I was able to sell the unused ticket- for a profit even at the line for tickets. THen we managed to skip a huge line and get discounted rentals. Wes had no complaints on the rentals this time, besides taht they were strap-in instead of click-in bindings, which can be a pain if youre not used to it, or out of shape, since you have to bend over and strap yourself in with your hands every time. But they were all burton brand, so good quality. THere was only one major buny hill slope run, and it was a bit crowded, but it was long and just the right amount of steap-ness, so it was nice for practice. We both were not used to the conveyer-belt style lift entry and that threw us off, and then of course I only made it off the lift twice without falling. A couple times it really hurt, but not enough to stop. WQes was in a pretty bad funk all morning and almost didnt board, but I think he had fun in the end. It will be be6tter once he gets his own gear. In the afternoon I was going to do one more run when I was sitting to take a couple photos and unstrap myself when a child on ski's couldnt stop and I was the obstacle in his way. I ended up with a pretty decent soreness nad bruise above my knee. But I did my last run anyway. Then I really wanted to check out some cool places in tahoe, go somewhere , see something other than just the resort, but Wes was beyond exhausted, so he drove us home. I fell asleep in the car for the first hour or so and Wes ended up taking another route, which got us homean hour later than expected, this kind of peeved me cause i was really bored and stir crazy- just done with being in the car. Once home we relaxed, watched a dvd and i was surprised though at how awake and energetic i was. Not too sore yet. Sunday morning I was very sore, but wiling to push through it. It was super nice out and my car was really dirty from tahoe, so i decided to wash it. I was having so much fun in the sun with the water i decided to hose down the stiars- NOTE TO SELF- do not hose down stairs while wearing flip flops. That right I almost died. It was slippery and my feet came out from under me and i decended four or five teps with a big fat wollop to my arm and back. I let out a loud yelp and was able to atch myself before plummeting down the entire flight to my death. I sat in shock for a minute trying to decide if i was badly hurt and wes came out, he was concerned and i was rtying not to cry. he reminded me not to wear those kind fo shoes and i stood up, okay. I finished hosing the stairs, without shoes and put everything away. The final insult to injurty was the cat scratching my leg- thats more of a sting than a dull pain. I knwo Wes was sore too, so i tried not to be too much of a baby. Today my back hurts, my knee hurts, my arms hurt, im just sore allover, but if i had the chance, id go again tomorrow.

i ate poorly saturday during the day, knowing i would be excersizing, but am still pretty motivated. i really hope i can see a change again soon.

thats all i really have to report today!, that was a lot actually.