January 31, 2008

Busy, hungry, western bagels

so ihad my first one point bagel this morning adn it was really good. i wasnt very satisfied hunger-wise, but i dont think they are supposed to constitute a meal.

i am busy again today

i am feeling hungry, but think i will hold off until lunch (easy to do when youre this busy)

and thats all igot right now

January 30, 2008

Feels like Thursday

I really keep thinking its Thursday.

Anyway, last night I worked out with Haydee. I went to her house and we did three ten-minute workouts including ballet, yoga and boot camp.

Wes made tacos and I crashed out early. He did something that annoyed me a little, but i couldnt be mad cause it was also sweet and thoughtful. He went to bed later than me, and said i was sleeping so peacefully he didnt want to wake me by getting into bed, so he went to sleep in the guest room ...but when I woke up at 2am and saw that he wasnt there i figured thats what he had done, but i was worried and got up and went down the hall. he had the door to the guest room almost closed so iopened it lightly and i woke him. Since he was awake and we had to exchange words iwas fully awake now and so he came to bed with me, but i knew the longer i lingered and talked, the harder it would be for me to get back to sleep so i went straight back to bed. The number one reason iwas annoyed was cause if he was going to sleep in the other room, i was wearing earplugs unecessarily and i hate wearing them, then he came to bed, so ihad to put them back in which made me sad cause my right ear hurt. Now I tried as hard as one could to fall asleep again, but between him facing inward on the bed and the cat very sweetly snuggled between us, i hadnt the heart to make anyone move and i just laid there trying to sleep. I have no idea what time it was when I finally fell asleep but al least a couple hours later. and when his alarm went off i really didnt want to get up, and when mine went off 20 minutes later i super duper didnt want to get up.

ive talked to my therapist about this and she seems to simply see it as us having very different sleeping styles, but i think i have some sleep anxieties and i stress, and wes, well he seems to think his snoring isnt a problem and me being bothered by it is my problem (i knwo he doesnt really think this, but his lack of doing anythign at all about it leads to no other conclusion).

I know he might read this and its going to make him, sad, upset or angry, but i really felt the need to vent this morning.

i guess when you have an otherwise perfect boyfriend who i shandsome, sweet, caring, funny, smart and just downright kick-ass, its hard not to let the contrasting single negative thing bother you more than it would if he were not so great.

i fear the weigh-in today, but i am very excited about planning meals and tracking.


January 29, 2008

Too too busy

too too busy to talk about anything really ......

January 28, 2008

Monday Shmonday

My weekend was pretty full and pretty fun.
Friday I chilled and SaTURDAY i went with my friend Danielle and her other brides maid and maid of honor to look at dresses for us for the wedding. We spent most of our time at a registry event at Macys and got free cake and champagne. i was a little bummed we didnt see the movie 27 dresses as we were planning on, but I like Danielle's friends, they are fun, so it was cool. After I went home and hung out with the boy a bit I went out for indian food with matt and haydee and then Jessica met up with us and we all went out to an event my friend Sara was hosting. I had a blast. It was so good to spend time with my best friends and shake my bootie for a minute. It felt good to go to a club in the city and see people I knew too. It felt like the old days a bit.

I have to admit though I had a little breakdown before going out because I didnt have much going-out clothes, particularly ones that fit. That didnt feel good at all. But once I got out and about we had a blast despite the rain.

Sunday I slept in a bit, but not as much as Wes. He is amazing. He went to bed at 12am, I went to bed at 2am. I woke up at 8, and 9, then finally at 10 for good and he slept until 1130. This made me mad cause I thoguth for once on a weekend he might get up before me, and then icould take out the ear plugs and sleep in and stretch out and be as bed-lazy as i want ..but alas these are the sacrifices we make for love and he is just a better sleeper than me.

After we both got rolling in the morning I convinced him to go to lunch and a movie in the city with me. i tried hard to finish reading kite runner cause iw anted to see the movie in the theater, but wanted to finish the book first. i got close enough adn the movie was good. its really satisfying seeing a movie that youve read.

anyway last night we chilled and slept and now its Shmonday!

January 25, 2008

One point bagels and TGIFs

i put in an order for my weight watchers group of these amazong one point bagels, i hope theyre good!

i slept good finally

place is a mess

landlord fixing cable problem today

stupid hanger strings keep sticking out fo my shirt

need to go to the atm

stupid weather

pizza lunch

been tracking since wednesday

almsot out of flex points

January 24, 2008

Too busy- Too stressed

up 0.8lbs, strated tracking again


bringing lunch


weather sucks hardcore



work, work work

i love wes

January 23, 2008

Stupid Plateau- Yay for Contest!

So accorsing to WW I gained 0.8lbs- BOO!

My boyfriend rocks- He picked me up from work last night and took me to dinner, and Target *swoon*

Check out Roni’s new contest! I can win a Nutrition Smart Scale from Eat Smart and so can you! Click here for details!

January 22, 2008


very very busy again, and probably all week
diet not going well, but ithink about it all the time




1.5 years with wes today

January 18, 2008


Thats all that comes ot mind as i am so friggin busy with work- quick update- according to WW im down 0.6lbs, according to home sale, down 2lbs!

wes' birfday today- happy birthday abbe! i love you!

more next week or later today ....

January 16, 2008

SLeep Hard

When coming up with a blog title for the day I try to think about my last 24 hours (usually I can only think of the last four) and write what first comes to mind. I slept really deep and hard. I woke up to my alarm (not Wes'!) in the middle of a weird dream and hit snooze, but only for a few minutes cause I was up. Yesterday was fairly uneventful, but BART kicked my ass again last ngiht coming home and then I did an exce3rsize video with Haydee, which was fun. I think I made some decent choices foodwise yesterday. My best was getting japonese food for lunch and getting grilled chicken over brown rice, then I had a smartone for dinner. Of course there was a binge of strawberry fruit snacks after work and some cinnomin toast for dessert, but hey it could have been worse.

THats alll for today, update on WW meeting tomorrow!

January 15, 2008


The line from Moscone conference center goes so far that I had to walk on the street to get to my building. MacWorld has become such a big thing ..I can't imagine being Steve Jobs and having thousands of peopleline up for hours in the cold to hear me annouce the next thing i will sell you and millions fo others. " here is the toothpick from my mouth, it transmits signals to other plantes- and you can play games on it- $500 please" Yeah, well you know what I mean. Wouldnt it be nice.

ANyway ... I spent my session with my therapist talking about my diet efforts and lack thereof. I gained another half a pound and am officially discouraged. But I haven't lost the confidence in myself completely, I still think I can do this.

Anyway, nothing else new. . . check back tomorrow.

January 14, 2008

Tired Monday

So I slept okay last night with minimal ear soreness, but woke up tired and really had a hard time keeping my eyes open on bart. i dont remember the last time i really had a lazy sleep-in day. problem is once i wake up, which iusually wake up early with the help of my bladder, i dont want to put the ear plugs back in to fall back asleep, cause usually my ears are throbbing and id rather get up than try to fall back asleep. I wish I wasn't such a finicky and light sleeper. But I suppose when I get tired enough my body will adjust and do what it needs to.

My weekend was pretty nice. My honey and I got a chance to relax and go out for some fun in the first sunny weekend of the year. We worked on the garage some more and went to the horase track to see the races, which was fun, except for some crowds and the lag time between races. But everything was only $1, so it was worth it. I enjoyed our time with HL this weekend too, she was really well behaved and pretty fun to be around. Sunday Jess came over for lunch, I made burgers of all sorts and we hung out, Jenai then came over and we saw the movie P.S. I love you, which was really good, but made me cry a lot. I think if I didnt have Wes I wouldnt cry as much, cause for the first time I can comprehend that type of love and companionship. I am not sure I would handle that kind of loss as well. But it was sweet and clever and I find it nice to get emotional at movies sometimes, so all in all a good watch.

Now I didnt weigh myself this weekend and I feel like I havent been great. I havent really counted points or brought a salad to work in a long time. I knwo I've plateau'ed and I know I need to step it up a notch. I hope excersizing and therapy help me get back on track.

Thats all my news for now.

January 11, 2008

Friday! Yeah! LOts of links!

Funny how on Mondays the weekend seems so far away, but come Friday morning it feels like the week evaporated before your eyes. Last night I was too tired and skipped out on seeing a movie with friends. I also had to pick up my dry cleaning at a new place near work, which did not have my dry cleaning ready at the time promised. I was MAD. Then I get to the bart station and there are a lot of people. It says train is coming in four minutes. two minutes later it still says train is coming in four minutes. eight minutes go by, the station looks like the line for space mountain at disneyland and still the train is coming in four minutes. Finally they annouce a hold up and delay. Then I get a call from the dry-cleaning guy who leaves a message saying they just dropped off my sweaters and he will deliver them to anywhere in the city. I live in oakland yo. After about 15 mintues the train comes and its full. People pour into the packed train in droves and before I know it i am squished between thirteen strangers and a couple laptop bags. I hang on and eventually make it home. My super fantastic boyfriend pickup me up and told me about his cool bonus and it felt good to be home. Now I was gonna chill, but I went over to my friend Haydee's to excersize! that's right I did a little bit of excersize, which I have been craving. She had this great DVD of 10-minute work outs, so we did boot camp, pilates and kick-boxing. I def. felt it! Then I grabbed a pizza on my way home and man that was good. I ate half the pizza and my stomache still growled before bed. I slept relatively well and was in apretty good mood this morning. I was surprised to find that my weight had not changed to the tenth of a pound in the past three times i weighed myself in about two weeks.

Hope you enjoyed the links! Thats all for now!

January 10, 2008

Jello - my love for you is infinite

Ive recently rediscovered the joys of jello. with very few calories and mucho satisfaction its an ideal snack or dessert.my fav is rasberry or strawberry flavor. It's easy to make, with the only downside being the one to three hours it takes to turn from aliquid to pure bliss. im not sure what it is exactly, but breaking my spoon into the perfect, edible stained-glass is the epitome of jot. I love squishing it around my mouth before swallowing and going for more. It's also alot fo fun to pour it into diufferent containers after you make it, before it settles. I was using wide wine glasses because i am so sophisticated, but now i ut them in small tupperwares to take to work. maybe next ill try a baggies and funnel it into my mouth.

So the only easier to make jello treat is pudding, which happens to be a big fav of my man, Wes. I tried a new flavor- chocolate mint with chips- it was good!

so the next time youre at the store, i recommend you pick out one or two or twenty little boxes fo yumminess.

Not Great

That's how I feel after not having a good night's sleep, realizing I paid too many bills too soon and now I am short on funds in a big way and finally updating my tracker/sliders to reflect the reality, which is I have plateaued in my weight loss. I wouldnt say things are shitty cause they're not, but they aren't great.

A friend invited me to the movies tonight and between being pretty tired and having no money I am going to have to let her know I won't make it. BUmmer!

The upside of the money thing is that it's leapyear and so I get three paychecks in February! Yay!

That's all I have to report. Oh .. .just to clarify, the weight I enter on this page reflects my scale at home. According to WW yesterday I gained .2 lbs, which I consider staying the same.

January 9, 2008

Fun Wednesday?

Bits-n-Peices of Random Stuff:
-I started reading Kite Runner and I love it so far
-Today we are having an Ice Cream social (I got fat-free and lite options for the dietrs!)
-Today is weigh-In, our WW leader wuit and I'm rather bummed about that!
-Work has been boring lately, but at least it hasn't been stressful.
-I brought my lunch Monday and Tuesday, that was good!
-A new dry-cleaners opened near work, so I took three sweaters in (two wool, one cashmere) and its going to cost me $16 to clean them!
-I paid all my bills and now funds are low
-I miss dancing
-I am so tired of my short haircut and the short peices fo hari around my face that fall down when I pull it back and tickle my face
-Cold is just about gone, light sniffling and flem only

I've decided I need to put more photos in my blog, so here is a shot of some of the decorating my Mom and I did for New Years:

January 8, 2008

New Amazon Widget

I am totally shameless.
My buddy Michelle had a new midget on her blog advertising her Amazon.com wishlist and I LOVED it. You can now access my wishlist and buy me things I want ANYTIME you want. I will try to keep it up to date and accurate so the presents are always welcome.

Totally shameless .....I thank you in advance and promise to refrain from describing poo dreams or talking about politics if you buy me something or leave comments.


So it's officially back to normal at work- my boss is back after an over-two-week vacation. Last night I met with my therapist and came home, we went to bed realtively early and I woke up after a weird poo dream. I'll leave it at that.

So not much to report today, more tomorrow and even better Thursday after tomorrow afternoon's weigh-in!

January 7, 2008

Bad case of the Mondays

It's kind of a double whammy when you have a full week of work ahead of you, after a few short weeks and the weather sucks and the forcast doesn't look good all week and you are tired and you didn't get everyhting done you wanted to over the weekend. But on the bright side, I did relax and for the most part, kicked this cold. Still a little flemmy but much better. I didn't arrive to work soaked and I managed to eat breakfast and pack leftovers for lunch. Yay me!

Wes and I relaxed a bunch this weekend, watched dvds and saw "Walk Hard" the Dewey Cox story in the theater (average, i recommend it for a rental, not for in-theater enjoyment). Wes and I definitely have different taste in movies and often will not agree on what to see, but we always eventually compromise.

I have nothing else really to report. . life back to usual, normal I guess!

January 4, 2008

Rain and other fallings

Last night the rain came, I wasnt feeling well- i know I am getting sick.

today waking up was hard and my throat hurts and i got drenched in the storm. coming to work was really hard, my jeans are soaked, im really tired and cold.


January 3, 2008

Holy Weight Loss!

Unbelievable, but I actually managed to lose a half a pound at my weigh-in yesterday. I had gained one pound the week before last, but over half of that pound is gone now. I think my goial of hitting 30lb loss by the end of the month is actually pretty realistic. Pretty exciting!

Yesterday I was pretty bored at work and totally stoked that my new neighbors decided to come visit me at work and see the aquarium. I really adore them. They are a super sweet, yet young and fun gay couple. The taller one seems really familiar to me, maybe cause he looks a little like my brother and is super friendly so we hit it off right away. Anyway they want to make us dinner and we talked about having game nights. After I showed them around the aquarium we went and looked around the new mall a little and they waited for me to get a couple things at bristol farms before we barted home.

Wes was bummed about funds being low and we made dinner and watched the tube. I wish he didn't get so bummeda bout certain things cause it really makes me sad to see him sad and I feel like I would do anything to make him happy. We were both tired I think and I am proud of him for trying to keep a positive attitude, even if he wasn't happy at the moment. So usually I always wake up at some point in the night or when Wes leaves in the morning, and it was super weird to wake up to my alarm with no one in the house, but it felt good to have had a really solid night's sleep, although I missed my Babe this morning.

I really bundled up today in preperation for the big storm they say is coming, we'll see how that goes. I am also a little afraid I might be getting sick. Ive had flemmy, stuffed nose and sore throat since last night.

Thats all for now!

January 2, 2008

Hoppy New Year

I hope this blog entry finds you in good health and good spirits as it is my first posting of 2008 and I do resolve to become a better blogger. I do not know how to go about this. I know I was a decent writer at one point, as I always did well in English and writing classes and took extra curricular writing classes, but I do not know how I will capture and hold my audience whilst bemusing myself. Perhaps I will make up words or add fictional twists to the plot that is my life. Eh, fuck it- I'm sticking with the same ol' boring bloggyness that is me.

So I did decide to start the new year healthy and already failed. My new years day breakfast was me making a "monkey bread" kit a friend gave me. OMG. It is masically bread dough balls covered in connomin-sugar-butter and baked into gooey yumminess. I am sure it was a million points and I wasn't hungry again until after 5pm. It was soooo good. Dinner last night wasnt fantastic either, but not all bad. I had to end it with wine and ice cream though. I know, weird combo.

So our new years party went great. One of my friends was bummed out to get there late and I didnt make all the food items I was planning on. I stressed out a bunch that day for the following reasons:
-my plant was stolen. that's right, a plant ive had for eons that i set out in a pot in our driveway leaning against the house, next to another plant was lifted from its pot and taken away form its home. it looked like this. That really bummed me out and Wes was pissed. They did drop one "leaf" and i hope to learn if I can reroot it and repot it. OK i paused and googled it- I can repot it. I think I might go get some new soil tonight and repot both plants.
-Next I was upset cause i was stressed about having enough time to get ready for the party and the shower curtain rod broke (this turned out to be a non-issue since my kick-ass boyfriend fixed it)
-I was also upset cause the new trashcan and the blender both broke as well. We have yet to fix the trash can, the blender is gone for good.

There were probably a few other things, but I dont remember.

My mom being there was a huge help and relief and she was generally really fun and easy to have around. I was stoked to have a room for her to stay in. I miss her already.

OK I also now really want a GPS system. My mom got one for Xmas and brought it on her visit and I LOVE it.

OK i cant thikn of more to talk aobut at the moment, so perhaps tomorow!