November 30, 2007

Happy Friday!

So I don't know if I am tired, overloaded, ADD or just brainfarting a lot, but I am really being forgetful lately. I seriously thought next weekend was my moving weekend (15th) but no, I have two weekends to pack before I move- Yay! Also, I totally spaced on my dinner plans with Lisa W. I had canceled on ehr last minute a couple weeks prior to go see a house, then rescheduled and forgot, she was on her way to the restuarant and called me when Wes and I were killing time running errands, waiting for my coworker to get home to give us some boxes. So we met her for dinner together and got the boxes afterwards. But seriously, why are so many things slipping lately? I guess thats not that many though, it just feels like alot.

I do have a lot on my mind. Like, I do not remember how my Sophia and I split our security deposit when we moved in. Did we split it 50/50? Or did I pay mroe because I would be paying more rent? She might remember.

This weekend I hope to accomplish getting the blinds for the bedroom in our new place and get a lot of packing done. Tomorrow night my good friends are hosting a dinner party, so that should be fun.

I so far have been tracking (writing down everything I eat and calculating the points) everything from Wednesday morning to now. I hope I can keep it up!

I think I am down one pound from a week ago, I hope I lose another pound and a half before wednesday! Packing is good calorie- burning!

November 29, 2007


So I forgot already what I wrote yesterday ... but I gained two pounds. Yep ...oh well. Yesterday was a decent day on the diet. I ate very good until dinner time, but since I let myself get so hungry and didn't eat much during the day I shot myself in the foot a little. I only went 5 points over my daily allotment, and I am well within my weekly overage limit, so its all good. Plus I did walk some yesterday to earn at least a point back.

I met Wes for dinner and we looked at some stuff for our new home at Target- lot's of ideas! We decided not to purchase anything except bedroom shades until we move in.

I think I already mentioned the boxes and have nothing else to report.

November 28, 2007

Weigh-In Day again

So I am pretty nervous about today's weigh-In because last week I was only 3/10ths of a pound away from my 10% goal, but it was thanksgiving, and I know I have not been really meticulous, I feel like at every meal, I am either really good or pretty bad. Mornings and breakfasts seem to be easier for me to make healthy choices, lunch is really tough unless I bring my lunch to work, whihc I have not been doing lately and dinner is a toss up- sometimes pretty good, sometimes bad. Altogether I would say that my choices are generally better. I use light versions of everything and tend to scale back my portions. I know it's going to take a larger effort though toget to my ultimate goal and I think the new home and my new life with my honey will be a perfect opportunity to step it up a notch. Until then- activity points for packing and moving!!!

Speaking of moving ...I am a little worried that I have not heard back from the property manager since I sent an e-mail outlining some concerns and questions I have yesterday. I will call later this morning to follow up.

Last time I moved boxes seemed to fall out of the sky and into my lap. This time around, it's nto so easy. But things are coming around. You really just need to put the word out there. So we got a lady on craigslist offering us boxes, my friend Jen, and now a coworker has hundreds for us. SCORE!!!

That's all for now.

November 27, 2007

A little less tired Tuesday

I was in a funky wonky sleepiness all day yesterday, towards the end of the day I started wakaing up a little. I came home soon after and had dinner, then I had a couple people from craigslist come over and take some of my crap I didnt want or need anymore. I am sure once I get boxes I will be able to start packing and sorting through more stuff and getting rid of more stuff.

I realize that when it comes to change I emmediately mobilize and take action. I get excited about changes in my life and like to be organized and in control. Not sure if I am driving people nuts or being helpful. Hopefully the latter.

I am happy to report I am the exact same weight I was a week ago. Now if only I can miraculously drop a pound in a day I will be even happier.

Goal of the moment: get boxes . .. hopefully don't have to pay for them!

November 26, 2007


Some photos my cousin sent me of my visit to her in Mass.

Post-Turkey Haze

So this weekend was a crazy one. I don't recall what exactly happened when, so I will give you the highlights:
-THanksgiving with Wes' family was canceled because his uncle was sick with the flu.
-I made a big thanksgiving feast for two instead
-We found a place to live
-Wes, Sophia and I move in together December 15th to a duplex in West Oakland.

Any/all help that day or sometimne right before is appreciated.
Any boxes you can donate is appreciated.

Any furniture/cool stuff we don't want anymore (junk) that you take off our hands is appreciated.

With that said- I will keep you posted on a house-warming party.

In other news, I didn't do too too bad diet-wise. I was on a crazy cookie bindge for a couple days, but otherwise stuck to eating pretty well.

I volunteered at Run Wild with Jess and we had fun, but I am very very very tired today.

More details later ....

November 21, 2007

Yay for a short week!

So last night I think I told you I ditched dinner with my friend to looka t what I thought was going to be the home of my dreams ,... well it was a new condo in a new developement in a perfect area for commuting ... BUT ...Well it was a very narrow house with LOTS of levels and LOTS of stairs. 4 levels total with limited space on each level. I did not like how small each room was. Here were the good parts though- everything was new, 2-car tandem garage (no driveway though), brand new stainless steel kitchen appliances and beautiful washer and dryer (both front loading)- all brand new, the bathroom was pretty much the bathroom of my dreams complete with view and huge spa tub. Cloets and master suite were a little dissapointing, as well as the downstairs bathroom. The balcony could barely fit one chair. The street was narrow for parking as well. Generally there were a lot fo extreme pluses and draw-backs ...the funny twist to our home-search story is the first place we saw that we both liked called back and says we could move in in 4-6 weeks. Hmmm ..... I would take it if it weren't off the I-80. But we will think about it and keep looking.

So after seeing the place Wes and I were a little befuttled and continued the same conversations. We'll see what happens!

Again, I feel like I am still on my diet, but I have been splurging a little here and there, but I guess my generall 'being good"-ness has paid off, cause I am down again! I hope my WW weigh-in oday reflects this.

In other news today will be busy and stressful at work, but I get to have lunch with one of my favorite people, Danielle. Also I get to do some baking tonight so I have something tobring to thanksgiving at Wes' family's tomorrow.


November 20, 2007

Cold Tuesday

Brrrr, it's a cold morning!

Last night was a smattering of phone calls, catching up and continued house-hunting. I turned down the house Wes and I liked. I think it's the first place we both liked, but there were definitely some things missing. The truth of the search is we may not be able ot live with Sophia, but I really hope we can. It's hard to please everyone. I need a place that's not too dreadful of a commute to the city (and the far outreaches of the city) and it has to allow a cat. Wes must be reasonably close to his job in Concord and have plenty of garage and auto work-space and Sophia needs to be close to her honey and not too too far from her work as well. She also needs somrthing cheap. So finding just the right thing for all three of us will be really hard. I found a place online I am very interested in, but they are showing during the day today and I am sure someone will snag it before I get a chance to view it. The search continues ....

In other news work is very busy and the diet is somewhat stagnant. I am not losing or gaining much in either direction for a few weeks now. I think as long as I don't gain, If I can make it through the holidays I can go full spead ahead with a new years resolution. I also look forward to joining a gym or something once I know where I will be living.

Tonight I will see a friend I havent seen in awhile for dinner, and that's always cool. I will keep you posted as I know more about the house-hunting and what-not. Thanks for reading!

November 19, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend

So Friday half day at work was a little crazy, mostly catching up on e-mails. I know I have lot to do this week, and it's a short week.

Friday night I went home and cleande up a bit and went grocery shopping alittle and then hung out until it was time to get Wes at the airport. We were both pretty tired byu the time we got home. Saturday morning I amazingly slept in until after 11am! It was weird that Wes would be up before me, he even got a photo of me sleeping. I must have needed it. Soon after we ate, I cleaned, Wes; brother stopped by with his GF and then we decided to go see a house for rent in El Cerrito. It was the first place we both liked. It had its faults, but it was pretty exciting. All of a sudden we went into crazy- let's get this place and move- mode. We even got my roommate excited about the place. There were other poeple in contention for the place so we emailed our credit reports and hopped to it. We were pretty pumped up until my roommate looked at the place and had an allergic reaction to mold, she was not interested! Then the guy showing the place didnt call back when he said he would. Not to mention he was playing games a little (says other poeple interested and they are willing to move in sooner). Wes and I decided to pull back the reins and see what happens. Nothing yet. Bummer. After that excitement it was pretty late and Wes went home and I went to visit my friend Jenai, who is bed-ridden at home post-op. Poor thing is okay, but in alot of pain. I had a good time catching up with her before I went home tochange and pick up my cousin, who happens to work close to where I live. We made our way to my brother's going away party. Another cousin and some of my bro's good friend's showed up and it was nice to see everyone. Wes came for a bit in the end, even though he didnt want to (not a party kind of guy). I appreciate that he came. Some day he might feel more comfortable in that environment .. or at least gripe less. I try to ration our the party time for him. If he misses too many things, my friends and family really wonder and ask for him. So I try to only ask him to come to every other event or only the important ones. It's tough when I really want him there all the time, but you have to compromise. Anyway, we got back from that party kind of late, but didnt sleep in as late Sunday. We hit some traffic going in and out of the city Sunday, but we had a good time with Brian at the International Motorcycle Show in San Mateo. We even got home in enough time to see a movie and go to dinner. We saw Into the Wild. This was my second time seeing it and I still loved it. My favorite movie in a long time. Anyway, it's Monday ....moving on .....

Oh, and I am down again weight-wise, but I want to wait until Wednesday before I annouce/update the tracker to be sure!

November 16, 2007

I'm Back!!

So I don't know where I left off, but I had a great trip! The only downsides I would say were the cold weather, too many flights/travel time and the time change. BUt I adjust well! So Wes' parents are awesome! How many people can meet their boyfriends parents and say they rode harleys and had an early thanksgiving dinner? They made me feel welcome like family, but also took care of us like we were at a fancy B&B, it was really nice. They have a beautiful home, adorable cats and the same relaxed attitude Wes does. The ride was cold, but I am very happyt o say I had my first official ride since the day of the crash almost a year ago- I'm officially a hard-core biker! Wes' mom is a WW leadser so she weighed me in and I was down about a half a lb. Well honestly I think I was down 2 and ahalf lbs, cause I know I gained a couple back. But I was pretty good over this vacation. I was super good in boston, and reasonably good in Madison (eating out is tough).

So I am sure more details will trickle out and photos will be posted on my photo page ( but for now, thats it!

PS- Thank you so much to Matthew who came to pick me up from the airport after 1am!!! You are such a good friend!!!

November 11, 2007

Quick Blog from Boston

So I have a few moments since my cuz went to the dentist and the nephew is sleeping. So I have decided I do not like red-eyes. I was looking forward to the in-flight movie and free sodas and I got neither. I also like to read my magazines and all the lights were off so people could sleep. I would have been an asshole if I turned on my overhead light. So I tried to sleep as much as I could but was mostly bored on my way to Philly. Once in Philly I made my way to my next flight and got onto the smallest plane I've ever been on in my life. I swear I've ridden city buses larger than this! Only two seats on either side of the aisle, and the seats were tiny! No nothing offered either. It was a one hour flight and so since I felt really wonky from the moment I got off the long flighyt, I slept on this one hour flight. I have to say once I arrived in boston I just felt gross. I wanted to brush my teeth and take a shower and sleep. But had the whole (three hours later) day ahead of me. So even though it was 830am when i arrived, it was really 530am my time. Oh boy! I had a great time with my brother and his family though and my nephews, although getting older are still a blast. Later we took a ride to my cousins, where I would stay and all had dinner. My uncle and another cousin came out too. It was really fun./ Although after dinner, I laid down on the couch in the living room next to the fire place and I was out like a light.. . . oh andhave I mentioned how freezing it is here??? It's soooo cold! Very pretty, but cold. And I am not usd to it so I walk around the house with a hat and fleece and socks and slippers. Anyway. . the main joy of this trip besides seeing the nephs, is seeing my cousin-nephew Connor, who is two (almost 3) and my new baby neice Alicia. They are both very precious and I commended jen and kevin. they make it look so easy! ANyway my babe just called, so I'm off!

In Boston

I am in Boston visiting my favorite cousin and I want to show her how to do a link. So click here.

November 9, 2007

Friday Travel Day

Okay, so I gained two pounds back- Oy vey! I was so close! Time to get back to work!

I'm excited for my trip, seeing my nephews and neice and my fav cuz and my unk and bro and Wes and meeting his folks! All good times~!

This is going to be a tough day to get through as I am anxious and excited!

November 8, 2007

Oy Vey

So I missed a day or two and I am sorry. The truth is I was very very very busy, but the deeper truth is I have totally let the diet go out the window and catch a flight on a space shuttle and now it's a million trillion miles away. I have been beyond bad with all this stress and I am so sure I have gained weight back that I am avoiding the scale at all costs.

I am truly sorry (apology is directed to myself).

I do plan on being back on the diet starting Saturday. See, while most people have more trouble dieting while traveling, I think I do pretty well. It seems to only be when I'm busy and stressed (or sad) that I let things go. Because I can't plan ahead.

So now I know and I will do better. I hope to be back on track and maybe finally reach my 10% goal by the end of the month ...hopefully before thanksgiving.

In other news I am leaving tomorrow for Boston, I am excited to see my brother and his family, my favorite cousin and her family and my uncle. It should be a blast! After that I stop in Madison for two days and meet my boyfriend's parents. The main activity planned: Renting Harleys and going riding!!!

It's really abad idea in a few ways. Number one - It's really expenssive. Number two- It's colder in Wisconsin! Number three- getting ALL my safety gear to Wisc. and back is annoying. We spent $$$ to ship some of it, and the rest Wes is kindly taking with his minimal luggage. Yay babe! I hope his dad doesnt roll his eyes at me and all the gear I wear. It's not exactly the harley way ...but after two crashes, I dont take any chances. . ..well I guess getting on the bike is a chance, but ya know. I like to pad up.

So thats another thing, I havent ridden since the day I crashed, almost one year ago. Scarrry! But I am excited at the same time. And riding with Wes and his Dad will be really fun.

MNore tomorrow ...

November 5, 2007

A lot going On

So Friday was the most insaen day at work yet. I was really stressed. I decided to combat it by staying three hours late and catching up on everything. That helped. To add to my horrific day Friday my mother calls and tells me she was taken to the hospiutal the night before after a lot of vomiting and .,.get this ..amnesia! Yeah it's a strange kind o stress-induced amnesia called Transient Global Amnesia Click here for more info. She is okay now, but still- very weird! Friday night got better because my honey and his daughter came to the city and my friend Christina met up with us for pizza (uughhh, im so bad). It was good to catch up with my friend and I was happy to see Wes and HL. Once home though we were all very tired. Saturday morning I got woke up around 7am by sleep train asking if they can come early at 8am. They were scheduled to come between 9 and 1 to set up my new bed rails. I agreed thinking, its better than having to wait around. But this required us to get up, move things outr of the way and wait until they showed up at 8:30. After this we had breakfast and went to the bank and the post office to ship off our helmets and moto gear. Later Wes got a call from his roommate. Much to my surprise, and a bit to Wes' surprise, his roomamte said she is moving out! What weird timing, since we were talking about living together. Now Wes doesn't knwo when she will give her official notice and I still have not really had a talk with my roommate yet (I am expecting bad news as she is avoiding the question), but Wes freaked out a little. We discussed our options, and I think Wes could always find someone to sublet his roomate's room for a little while, or indefinitely until we find a place. OR, if it turns out it doesn't make sense for us to live together, we will just stay put for now, or for another year or who knows. But anyway, that made things a little more interesting. Saturday night I left wes home to chill while I went to a friend's birthday party. Tha was fun. I hadn't hung out in the city at night in a long time. I carpooled with a couple friends and got rockstar parking. It was good.

Sunday was a lazier day, with the exception of helping a friend buy a bed at ikea. I got a lot of laundry done and started organizing things for the trip.

I must admit my diet was forgotten yet again and I am a little worried about it. I want so much to get back on track, but the weekends feel hopeless and I have been so tired and stressed lately it's hard to focus.

I really wish Wes was on board with me, because it's way too easy to eat unhealthy around him and get away with it. He will be good, but only if I initiate it and make the choices and lead the way. I can't always be so strong though.

November 2, 2007


Thank your mom it's Friday!

I really don't have too much to report. I have been pretty good with my food choices so far this week (well since Wednesday). I hope to have a good weekend too.

I decided it's time to post a photo again, but there seems to be no way to stop the flash on my computer web-cam photo thingie. THen I figured it out, in place of a flash they just make the screen go all white for a second. So I took a poster thingie on my desk and covered up the screen while the photo was being shot. See the amazing difference . . . .

November 1, 2007

Hello November

So Halloween was fun. My WW meeting was sad, I gained .4lbs! but that's less than half a pound, and if I lose a pound and a half by next week I get my 25lb washer! whohoo~~~

After WW meeting there was a fun halloween event at work. They had three huge screens up in the big conference room and projected three halloween monster movies at the same time, there was soda, popcorn and a vampire den! I got my photo taken with a vampire!

I left work early so I could pick up snacks for this morning's committee meeting and waited for wes. We made wheat pizza with tomato, pinapple and olives for dinner. Wes is really the pizza pie master. I love cooking with him.

We talked a little more about moving in together. I still don't know if my roommate wants to find a place with us or not, and I have no clue when we will get serious about moving, but today I paid my increased rent, and I wouldn't mind shaving a few bucks off and getting a bigger place. So it sounds like I will wait to get the word from my roommate and start to look. I don't plan on looking agressively and I don't think we will mvoe until we find the PERFECT place. Unless something changes, thats my plan for now.

In other news it's november and there's a lot to do. It's the season for shopping and parties and family and food. I love it!