September 28, 2007

Fridays Rock

Well today I slept in an extra few minutes and it was seriously very hard to get up this morning. I made my way to my doctor's new office, really close to me, and according to their sheet the valet parkign is the same price as the meters, so I went for it. My doc had no bad news for me and was happy about my weight loss. She made a referral for a dermatologist to look at my fungus nail and the stye (she called it a cyst) on my eye-lid (harmless, but annoying). I also got my tetnus shot. You're supposed ot get it once every ten years and I was due. Now I can stepo on all the rusty nails I want!

Turns out my co-pay is $20 and parking was $5 and bridge toll was $3 and parking at work was $12 .. . holy shit, I already spent $40 in the first half of the day?!?!! And I will have to somehow manage some plane tickets very soon. Oy Vey. I need another lotto ticket.

In other not so happy news, My good buddy Michelle lost her job and that makes me sad cause we both chat while at work and keep eachother in good spirits.

Also, I have had a mad headache all morning, despite the two tylonol extra strength I took. But I hope the day gets better!

September 27, 2007

Another Pound, Another Day, $19 less dollars

Mornin Loyal Blog Readers and Skimmers alike
So yesterdays WW meeting went well. I shared my list of things to contribute my "weight loss success to" and I weighed in another 1.6lbs lighter! This pleases me greatly. I feel like the vain kid in class though because three people in my meeting were recognized, one for losing 10 lbs, and two for losing 10% (A small number of lbs when you are a smaller person tobegin with). I still think I have lost the most poundage overall and wish there was a milestone for that. THey should award the highest amount lost every week or something. Okay, really though. I am very happy for these people, I just want stickers and kudos and strokes until the cows come home. I really probably need to deflate a little and get off my high horse and not require so much attention . . .but on the other hand, this is a big deal and I deserve it! Haha . .. anyway ...I met with some former coworkers for dinner last night, and I could have sworn they said we were meeting at 7:30pm. I went home, changed, took my time, went to the ATM, even looked in CLaire's before I got to the restaurant and they were all seated, with appetizers. Turns out the time was 6:30- I was an hour late. Oh but get this- I was the last to order and the first to receive my meal~! After the dinner (it was good to see everyone) I came home, chilled and had another awesome nights sleep. This morning however I managed to lock myself out of my apartment. I had grabbed the wrong set of keys! I texted my roommate in hopes that, as usual, she will be home before me and can let me in or put my keys somewhere near my car for me to find (I have a key to the garage).

In other news . . . I have my regular annual doc appt tomorrow and I am excited because i've lost weight and my doc will be so happy for me! Plus I want this nail fungus thing looked at (TMI??)

Anyway, hope you all have a fantastic day.

September 26, 2007

Another Weight Watchers Week

So this week was stressful and I went over my alloted points, but I don't feel like I gained this time. I am not sure why. I sometimes feel like my home weigh-ins (reflected on my sliders on this blog) and my WW weigh-ins are two totally different things and even if I lost at home, I could gain at work. I do look forwardto finding out though, and because mroe often than not I lose, it's a fun exciting feeling. Particularly if I hit a 5lb milestone and get a sticker. It's funny, kind of like being back in kindergarten and getting a star on your name when you're good. I really want that sticker!

In other news, Matt and Haydees wedding is very close and I am excited. Tonight I am going to dinner with some former co-workers, sort of a reunion and I am looking forward to that too. It's a new week so my flex points are renewed!

I still don't know about my trip to Wisconsin and Boston, I am waiting for Wes to tell me it's safe to buy the tickets, but I wouold like to coordinate with him more first.

Thats all for today- another busy day!

September 25, 2007

Super BUsy

OMG, I am sooooo busy at work. It's stressful and crazy-making, but at least my day flies.

Last night Wes met me at work and we went shopping for a suit for him. He managed to get a nice 3-peice ensemble for under $150! Yay Babe! I had pizza for the second day in a row (this time CPK) and felt it on the scale this morning, but I am still down, so it's nto a total loss. Back on track again I say! It's like two steps forward and one step back, but I am not in a super rush and I am still making strides.

More later. . . maybe

September 24, 2007

What a Busy Weekend

Saturday morning Wes made me the yummiest healthy breakfast:
-Whole wheat english muffin (1p)
-1/2 an egg (1.5pt)
-cheese (2pts?)
-Lean ham (1pt)

It was great!

Next I went to have girl time with my best jess. We went to color me mine and painted our own pottery peices. After that we looked around the halloween store and then Wes joined us for FroYo.

Saturday night Wes and I went to my friend Fritz's mother's for dinner. It was nice. I was so happy to see his new wife with a big baby belly!!

Sunday we went on a pretty big hike with my brother. I hadnt eaten enough and got really tired and weak and shaky towards the end, but it still felt good. We took our sweaty selves to lunch and then shopping.

Last night was Wes and My first real arguemtn. I say first because we actually both yelloed a little, which has never happened before, and we both cried (Mostly all me though). This was tough and it reminded me of our differences, but we talked it out and I still do not doubt that he is totally worth it.

In other news, as I like to say. I was down over 16lbs total when I weighed myself over the weekend, but rounded to 16 since we had pizza last night!

September 21, 2007

WHat a MoRninG

There was an all staff meeting as soon as i got in and ive been busy busy ever since. Last night I made dinner (having leftovers for lunch right now!) and just relaxed.

Carpool experience was back to normal today and work is busy.

I dont have much to report other than my pants are significantly too big on me now. Still wearable with a belt. No change in the fit of my tops ... weird.

This weekend should be fun, with spending time with my good friend jess in the afternoon, seeing my old friend fritz and his new wife tomorrow night and shopping on sunday with my honey.

Speaking of my honey. . ..I have to end on this wonderful note because yesterday icame home to the sweetest, most romantic surprise card in the mail. Thanks Babe!

September 20, 2007


What a morning. . . .I had one of those nights where I slept so good that my eyes closed one second and two seconds later my alarm went off (well thats how it seemed). I got to the carpool line a few minutes later than I should have, but I leave at this time often and still get to work on time. I noticed the car I avoid toward the front of the line and linger a little to make sure two people are in it before I approach the line. A big SUV is next. I like getting in SUVs because I can see the new bridge's progress (lower cars I can not see over the railing). I end up in a Subaru wagon with a grey haired gay man driving and a very old, very over-made-up lady in the back seat. Instead of going straight to get on the freeway he gets into the turn lane. I emmediately think he is probably an asshole who is going to jet ahead of the person going straight, but as the light changes, he starts to turn. I calmly ask "arent you going to get on the freeway?". He explains that he will take another entrance closer to the toll plaza to avoid maze traffic. "OK" I figure. In the meantime the old lady is muttering under her breath and then starts to make cell phoen calls (A huge carpool no-no!) she leaves two people really annoyed, angry messages and hangs up. We keep hitting reds and I am getting a little pissed myself, as I truly think going the normal route would have been faster, I have never takent his route in carpool before and I dont see how the city streets would be faster unless there was some horrible accident, which there wasnt. We finally approach the freeway entrance and traffic comes to a dead standstill, I mean maybe one car per light, if that. People are starting to turn the pull-over curb area into a lane and cutting eachother off and going at the green light, even though there is no room, only to have to sit in the intersection, blocking traffic (a personal pet-peeve). The old lady starts muttering profanities, I am just waiting for her to explode. Finally the driver says something, trying to be nice and she does explode, she starts yelling and saying she has riden this commute 33 years and this is always a bad way to go and look at the other way is moving, etc, etc. Then she says there is no carpool lane on this side, and the driver points to a sgn right next to us pointing to the carpool lane right there. That was funny. He looks over at me with that "how rediculous is SHE?" look. She finally calms down and goes back to muttering as we get past some A-holes that deicided to take the carpool lane, then cut back over at the last minute. It was smooth sailing from there, but it was quiet, with more muttering from the back seat. I ask the guy if he was going my way and if he could droip me closer, he says yes. I'm already late, but remain calm. When the angry lady gets out, we both sort of laugh and let the tension melt a little. He said she was having a bad day. I think he should have apologized, but he was a nice guy. I was about 15 to 20 minutes late. I lost my keycard to work a week ago and Anna is finally back from vacation and this morning she tells me she ran out of cards, so I have to wait another week. It's annoying having to get people to let me in, and borrow other peoples keys. It's a bad morning.

To make things worse I get about three or four emails from my boss, either telling me i did osmething wrong or requesting some big project.

She also tells me to reschedule this really complex event because lynne said greg couldnt be there, well now lynne says he can. i look bad!

I hope this day gets better, as the driver said . ...

In other news, I had a very unhealthy dinner last night, but met some of wes' friends, who were really cool.

Oh and at WW yesterday I weighted in one pound lighter (that was the pound i gained the previous week though).

September 19, 2007

Week Ten Begins

So looks like it's true that you weigh more in the evenings, I am back to my lower weight after weighing in this morning. It looks like it's pretty true that you lose about 1 to 2 pounds a week on WW, i've lost 1.5lb a week average. Not bad! I hope it continues!

This week was def. better for as I actually have about 15 flex points leftover that I didnt use (assuming i calculated correctly) pretty amazing considering i used all my flex points the week before and almost doubled them going over! Ouch! I only gained a pound that week though. . . not too much damage.

I did a little work with my strech band last night, but mostly fooling around. I think I will get serious about excersize again after my trip in November and for now do what i can when i can.

Thats all for now!

September 18, 2007

Why aren't those pounds melting off????

I really feel like I have made large sacrifices and monumental efforts, but I have still only lost just over ten pounds. I really thought I was getting somewhere and last night I weighed in a full two pounds gained again.

I admit yesterday I had a moment of weakness that involved cookies. I had a half a big frosted sugar cookie, then later, while at the store I broke down and bought a big thing and emmediately ate a couple, but as soon as I got home I threw the whole package in the garbage!

I also have not excersized since Friday, but Haydee and I have plkans to work out after work today. I still feel like I should be losing, at least a little.

In other news. . . . boy I dont feel like I have any other news again. Check back again soon though, ya just never know!

September 17, 2007


Good Morning Blog,
I had a pretty uneventful weekend. I feel pretty good about my food choices this weekend. I even went to fudruckers, but i had a ;ean buffalo burger and only ate half and a small handful of fries, there were a lot of leftovers. I don't think you get it. . . . . I have NEVER left food on my plate at Fudruckers!!! NEVER. Yay me. I'm doing good, and I know it's working because I am down another .4 pounds. THats about a half a pound. Not bad!

I did not look at gyms or excersize this weekend though. I decided I can not afford to join a gym right now. I am planning a trip to meet my boyfriend's parents and visit family in Massachusettes and I just need to save all my dollars. BUt I think I will hope for contributions to my expenssive health effprts for the holidays and be back on track in time for Spanksgiving. Plus Haydee and I are going to excersize together. Yay Haydee!!!

Thats all for now- busy busy

September 14, 2007

Last day of Boot Camp

So this was my last day of boot camp. I was so good and went to sleep around 9pm so I was up and ready at 5:03am! We had our tests again since it's the last day. I don't remember my numbers for push up and sit up test, but Jennie said I am still improving. Also, I improved again by almost a minute on the one mile run! I didn't walk at all, I jogged slowly and more fast. It was good. I still feel like im dying afterwards, but it was good. Today was an intense workout. I think I lost that half pound this morning alone.

I am excited to check out a couple gyms with wes this weekend.
We are also going to a hot rod show- Fun!

September 13, 2007

Katty Kit

So at my WW weigh in yesterday I came in a pound heavier. I knew it was coming though, I had a lot of trouble staying in my points range last week. I went two points over yesterday and hope to stay in my range today.

Nothing exciting to report otherwise. Tomorrow is the last day of boot camp and I am not looking forward to it because we have to do the timed sit-ups, push-ups and mile. The sit ups are fine, but the push-ups hurt my shoulder and the mile makes me want to fall over.

In other happy news, Michelle and I have gotten into the habit of sending eachother monthly care packages and this month's theme was health and fitness. I just got mine from her and it freakin rocks! I can't wait to use the items. I got a jump rope, which is great cardio, although my boobs bounce too much and I can't do it indoors as it shakes the whole apartment and the downstairs neighbors probably dont like it. But it's a nice long one, which I like. My favorite item is the excersize band. I have learned lots of resistance strength excersizes using one in boot camp adn now I can do them at home! I also got an orange water bottle I can refill. This is great because I have the same one at work, now I have one for home!! I love the post-it's she threw in wit a cute piggie- to remind me to be good. And the star stickers. I can put a star on the calendar for every day I excersize! I also got some fruit snacks and a pedometer! Can't wait to get started!!!! Thanks Michelle! You rock!

September 12, 2007

Last week of Boot Camp and 9th Week fo WW

I have not gone to a Wednesday of boot campo since this session started for a couple of reasons. Well, the first and second week there was no Monday for me (First one I was away and second was a holiday) second reason is this group seems to be pretty fit and I am the only one who can not run. I do not have my buddy in class anymore and it's getting darker later. . . See, on Wednesdays we walk the lake and it's dark and lonely if you're not running with thr pack. But today I decided not to care and bring my ipod and just go. I was surprised how far I went before I saw the runners and turned around with them. Now only one mroe day of boot camp! Then post-camp evaluations and then I get serious about planning my alternative excersize plan.

In other super news, while I was at Boot Camp this morning I got a picture mail of my new baby cousin neice!!! I don't knwo ehr name yet or when exactly she was born, but I am super excited and happy for my favorite cousin Jen and her husband Kevin!!! Congrats guys! I am so happy for you!!! I am sooo happy to finally have a baby girl in the family!! Photo she sent me is below- So cute!!!

September 11, 2007

Interesting Things, Not Really

Again I feel I have nothing too interesting to share. Yesterday was a better day for me food-wise, but I still feel I need to step it up a notch. I think I will go back to the store tonight and refill on some fruits, veggies and WW products. I am back down about a half a pound and hope I haven't gained on the WW scale tomorrow.

In other news, it looks like I will be spending Thanksgiving this year with Wes and his family. I am looking forward to this. We will go to SoCal for Xmas, which I haven't done in ages, seeing as my family doesn't celebrate Christmas, and it's a holiday I love to have fun with. More for decorations and gifts and lights than for religious reasons.

ALso, it's pretty exciting to report we now have a green sea turtle and four baby black tip reef sharks on public display at work. They are really fun to watch!

I also sent in my inquiry for joining curves and I might stop by Gold's gym to check it out, since it's right across the street from my apartment.

September 10, 2007

A little Tired

Good Morning,
I had a nice weekend, highlights being the farmers market, two movies and a haircut.
I did a little excersize with Wes. I realize we will not be able to excersize much together as he has some medical limitations and doesn't feel he needs any strength training (only cardio). It's tough to find things we both can do. I suppose this is another of the things that would be easier to manage if we lived closer to eachother or lived together.

I did not make the wisest choices over the weekend as far as food is concerned, but there are still a few times where my choices are different in a positive way and I need to focus on that. It must have been a fluke last week when I wheighed in under 247 because I am back above 248 again, but still down overall. I am trying to remain positive, but the last week of boot camp is here and I am nervous, and very tired.

I will be relieved to not get up early in the morning, but I am nervous about not having excersize so regularly (unless i force myself and get creative).

September 7, 2007

Oy Vey and Other Stuff

So every once in a while I might veer off topic in my health and fitness blog to talk about more personal subjects.

Yesterday was a long day. After work I picked up my friend Dsnielle (I drove to work yesterday) and she watched my car while I ran to a field research office and picked up a razor I am to test and give my opinion of (for some cash money), then we parked in a garage and went to dinner (I was good and had grilled salmon), then she went home and I went to another focus group to talk about credit and debit cards (for more cash money). It was late when I got out and finally made it home. In the process I was talking to my honey on the phone and we got in a pretty heated conversation, which kept me up later than I had hoped. I realized about halfway through, that, like most conflicts between lovers, you argue and bicker about something, but there is always an underlining deeper issue that rarely has much to do with what you're argueing about. This guy is totally awesome and I am head over heels, so of course in many ways we are very very much alike, but where we differ is great. See, I have always loved being social and going to aprties and events and being around a lot of people. I love dressing up and schmoozing and weddings and anythign related. He is the polar opposite. When we go to an event that means a lot to me and he is just trying to miserably get through, I can no longer enjoy these events. Mostly because he is not having a good time and our emotional status' seemed to be strongly linked. Our points of conflict seem to revolve around this major difference in "party preference" the majority of the time, and I really do not know what to do. There is no one to blame and no way really to comprimise (well my amount of parties and dressing up and going out has already drastically redused, but we are still going out far more than he prefers). But when major events come, I just do not know how to handle it. I can not seem to shrug this one off and let him be unhappy or not go, but I can not blame him or expect him to feel differently about a situation he just isn't comfortable with. What does one do in this situation????

Sorry, that got way too long, but it explains why I went to bed way too late, and therefor was not able to wake up this morning for boot camp. Well I woke up reset my alarm. When my alarm went off again, I reset it again. I am still extremely tired and it sucks. On top of that I got a ride all the way to work, so I was able to avoid all forms fo excersize this morning, and , for the first time this week, did not bring my lunch. BAD JESSY!

But it's like the nutritionist guy said: 90% of the time follow your diet and excersize, 10% life happens. So this is my ten yo.

Tomorrow I am going to the farmers market for more fresh and healthy yummies and then getting a haircut. ntohing like fresh fruits and veggies and a haircut to give you a new life perspective . . .or at least just make you feel good inside and out :)

September 6, 2007

Thursday, Smersday

So yesterday was pretty glorious as I hot a 16lb loss according to weight watchers (I really go by my scale at home though). But I was still the only one to get a third 5lb sticker and it felt good!~

I am nervous about boot camp ending and still conflicted about weather or not to do the holiday fitness challenge or get into a new routine and join a gym. It's a tough call. I think I might just try to save the money and join the gym.

I think I am still having good breakfasts and lunches, but my dinners are a bit too big (proportion-wise) and my weekends are pretty shot. I think this will be the first change I need to make once boot camp ends.

No other news really to share, feel free to pass along the link to this blog and/or leave comments.

September 5, 2007

Just Could not get Up Early

I was planning on going to boot camp this morning, even though I knew it would be the "active rest day". I am a little apprehenssive of going on one of these days because I used to walk/jog slower with haydee and we were always the last ones. Well it's darker later now and I don't want to be walking alone behind everyone. BUt I planned on doing ti anyway. I was going to bring my ipod and try to push it and just do it, but . . . when my alarm went off this morning I was deep asleep and having weird dreams (Becky donating a dolphin from a fountain to my work?). So I decided not to go, I reset my alarm and eventually fell back asleep for about an hour. I think this did the trick because I did not feel so stinkin tired as I rode in the old lady's Jaguar to work.

Today is WW meeting day and I am cautiously optomistic. My pants feel loose today and despite me skipping excersize today I feel good.

It's going to be a busy week, but at least it's Wednesday!

September 4, 2007

Short Week Ahead

SO my weekend was relatively uneventful. I had a couple high-point meals and splurged a little, but I did manage to excersize a little and make relatively good choices. Well it showed because as of my morning weigh-in I am over halfway to my first goal!! I am in my "teens" as far as pounds lost and I do feel a little (very little) lighter. Over the weekend I did make it to the store for some new . .err . .under-garments :) That always feels good. Although I was dissapointed my size hasn't changed yet.

I had a pretty relaxing weekend and spent some qualitiy time with my man. It was really tough waking up this morning, but I got my boot camp on.

I am still debating weather to go tomorrow or do Thurs and Fri (Wednesdays are generally easier).

I will catch you up more tomorrow.

September 1, 2007

Back on Track

Okay, I was still feeling like I wasn't trying hard enough and slipping,but after a quick weigh-in at home today, I am back on track, back below 250 and my lowest weigh in yet! Yay!!!

Thanks again everyone for your unwaivering support!

Thats all- just a quick check in.
I will try to do some excersize this weekend.