July 31, 2007

Tuesday like any other day

It felt really good to go home last night and just chill. I watched a dvd, had a frozen WW meal, read my book and went to bed snuggling the kitties. It was nice. So nice, I did not want to get up at 6:20am this morning. But at least it wasnt 5!

My cough is lingering, or getting worse even maybe, and i am still a snot factory, but IM okay. Just another day. We will see what tomorrow brings with week 3 WW check in!

July 30, 2007

Week 4 of Boot Camp, Week 2 of WW

So I stayed home sick Friday. I had a yucky head cold, which I was able to shake off pretty quick with my arsenal of defense (lots of liquids, lots of blowing of the nose, some cold medicine, vitamins, eating healthy and rest). It certainly helped a lot too that my super wonderful boyfriend picked me up at work Thursday so I wouldnt have to battle the cold mile walk to the bus terminal and a congested bus ride home. It was a rough night or two, but I pulled through and even got one or two things done this weekend.

I excersized on my own Sunday and I must admit I am weighing myself a little too much, but I am too excited to see the number ont he scale decrease. I think a couple dasy ago I was actually down a full 8lbs! But alas today I was up again (probably cause tis that time of montha nd i am retaining water). But according to today's numbers, I am still down over 5lbs! Yay me! I can't yet say anything feels different. No clothes are looser yet or anything, but the momentum feels good and I didn't faulter in sickness. I must admit this morning was tough though and I did not take the time to make lunch.

OK that's kind of all I got for now- check back tomorrow folks.

July 26, 2007

how can i get healthier if i am sick?

so i am a total baby when im sick, but i am rarely sick, so give me that.

yesterday through my insane day at work my throat got progressively worse until I felt like it was on fire and i couldnt swallow or anything. I could say the timing is bad for getting sick, but when is it ever good? At least it hapopened after my anniversary camping weekend and will hopefully be done and gone by the time we go to mendocino.

Yesterday was pretty hectic and I did not get enough done (ironic, how could i get things done when im blogging? - I think the blogging break around lunch is OK and well deserved!) But seriously I went home and made dinner and got into bed and was counting pigs and sheep and spiders and bears by 9pm. I had also told my boss I would be in late since I knew I would have to stay late today. So I guess you could say that worked out. I woke up around 640, not much later than I normally get up, but laid awake for awhile trying to convince myself that i wasnt that sick and i could go to work. I did eventually get up and got ready and took some dayquil and got on with my day. I really wanted to drive to work to avoid the cold windy mile walk to my office, but I knew Wes wanted to pick me up today (yay Wes!) and I shouldn't spend the $10 on parking. I went out of my way a few blocks and went to walgreens on my way to stock up on nyquil, dayquil and cough drops. I guess I didnt mention that I woke up more sniffly and achey and sick than just a sore throat.

So as far as the diet is concerned I havent been the best. I made pasta with turkey meatballs last night and had the rest for lunch just now and I misplaced my points journal so i am a little lost, but care less since i am sick.

That's all I have to report today!

July 25, 2007

Third Week of BC (Boot Camp), Second Week of WW

WHat a day! Yesterday was a very busy day at work, and it certainly did not help things when the power went out, but I'm tough. I reboot when it went back on and kept working, well, until it went out again, and again and again. I didn't want to fry my nice new computer so I kept it off and waited. Finally we got the call. They were concerned about the curcuits and shutting the whole building down. This is significant because we are not just an office, we are a public museum and aquarium. Luckily the fish's water pumps were on life support backup power, but we were left in the dark. So by 3:15pm I was on a bus home. I had somewhat made plan with my brother, so when I got home I knew he would be pleased to know I could come pick him up from work and take him grocery shopping (He is without vehicle). We battled traffic and went to Trader Joes, man I can not wait for one to open right around the corner from me! My Bro gave me some great info and tips on cooking and eating right and even helped me make dinner. Oh and he works for a publishing company and gave me some great healthy cookbooks. My arsenal of defense against carbs and sweets and overeating is growing every day!

By the time I took him home and made some calls it was late. I crashed out after 10 and woke up at 5am again. BC was easy today. We walked/jogged the lake and did some more strength stuff.

Today is going to be crazy, but I look forward to it. Second WW meeting is today. I weighed myself this morning and was down almost 5lbs!!!

I hope the WW scale shows this progress, but then again I am down from the beginning of BC, not WW.

That's all for now folks . . . sorry no interesting story today.

July 24, 2007

Week2, or is it 3? Anyway, It's Tuesday.

Heya folks.
So the first thing I would like to mention is yesterday I read this blog. Well most of you know I 'used to' ride a motorcycle, but was in two minor accidents and havent ridden since January 1, 2007. Anyway, some of the trauma still lingers and I still read posts on one of the motorcycle groups online I joined and this woman in the group was in a really bad accident and I read her whole blog (her brother wrote it as she recovered) from the first to last post (As you know in blogs most recent is on top, so I read it backwards - in chronological order) and I was touched, moved, horrified and it just really stuck with me.

I wanted to shre it with you: http://bullwinkle. org/amacker/

OK in health news, I probably had too much poasta yesterday, but I am still within my alloted points for the week (I have dipped into my "flex points" though)

I am very tired and have LOT of work to do, but wanted to give you the quick update.
Tomorrow is WW meeting #2!~

July 23, 2007

Week 3, Day 1

I am starting to get confused with the weeks of my new adventure because in Weightwatchers this is week 1 still.

So the good news is I am down 3.5 lbs total!
I think that's significant enough, but I know I can do better~

This weekend there was one or two slip ups, I blame the anniversary camping weekend, but really I could have been better.

So I had a super anniversary and am still very much super in love. Well, there was only one hitch. I had a major melt-down yesterday morning. I think the new schedule and diet mixed in with some PMS really added to it, but well ...my boyfriend snores ...a lot ..sometimes loudly. Our solution thus far is I wear ear plugs, which sucks cause I don't like to wear them, but it worksn . ...well most of the time. Sunday morning I woke up at 5am having to pee real bad, and you knwo how it is when you're camping, you have to get up, put on your shoes, unzip the tent, etc etc. When I came back I was pretty awake but super duper tired. So I put the ear plugs back in and try to sleep. Man is he loud. I start thinking about how I dont get to listen to the noises of the forest and through my muffled ears I still hear that consistant log-sutting sound. I try to zone it out, but I just can't get back to sleep. I start getting more and more and more frustrated, until I start crying. Well to make a long story short I cried a LOT, really lost it. It was at least a couple hours later that I finally fell back asleep (alone). A friend coincidentally sent me a link and I am looking into other solutions, but man that sucked.

OK funny story over. I did not excersize (not to my new standards anyway) at all this weekend. I felt pretty lazy and just enjoyed the sea air and the trees and wildlife. We had a blast. I wanted to get some stuff done last ngiht, but I felt a pinched nerve behind my right shoulder blade and it really limited my movements. So I vegged out instead.

I havent counted my points since Saturday, but I think I am doing alright. I will catch up tongiht and get some groceries and be back on track for sure by tomorrow. I still really really want this.

Oh and I was worried about the two weeks off in between this and the next boot camp session and it looks like there will be an interim class- yay! I am going to sign up!

July 20, 2007

Week 2, Day 5

I didn't count my points yesterday. Partyly because I left all my counting stuff at work and partly cause it's not a habit yet and I forgot.

I was pretty chill last night and no major adventures were had.

I didn't have as hard fo a time getting to sleep last night and slepot well.. . .well until Mister (my cat) decided to come chew on some plastic by my bed . .. I woke up to this funny crinkling sound. Then at 442am I wake again to the 4.2 earthquake centered just east of Oakland and couldnt go back to sleep thinking it might be a pre-shock. I had to be up at 5am anyway.

Boot Camp was tough today, a lot of squats and kicks and strength stuff that I could barely do. I feel so weak. I also was a little embarrassed that I could not jump (my boobs are too big- it hurts). But still glad to be there, still happy to be sweating. This round of boot camp is officially half over. Only 6 more "classes" to go, then a two week break.

I lost another pound BTW! Yay me!

Wes and I are going camping tomorrow (just for a night). I hope we get a good hike in so I can continue my weight loss trend!

July 19, 2007

Week 2, Day 4 (I think)

So yesterday was the first official weight watchers meeting. They weighed us in and passed out materials and explained the two plan choices. I weighed on their scale with all my clothes and heavy boots on and came in a whopping 7lbs over my weight at home that morning. Is it possible I was wearing 7lbs of clothing and accessories?? Oh well, I think I am going to stick to going by my scale at home.

The meeting was cool and I was happy for the literature, but I relaly think the starter kit would be helpful . . but its $25 i dont have right now. I hate not having money, but saying no to things is getting easier.

Last night after I got home I sat and figured out how many points I had consumed for the day and how many I still had available to me. I had consumed 19.5 points and with a daily allowance of 32, I had 12.5 points remaining. Now all that was left was dinner (unless i wanted a desert) so this was a good amount, but the problem was I didnt feel like cooking anything. Wes came over and we figured out his points too, he had 16.5 left. Our yummy meals came out to about 18.5 points each, plus 2 points each for dressing, so 20.5. Wes went over by 4 points, I went over by 8. but we are OK if you count the flex points and "activity" points- which i am not supposed to incorporate until week 3. But I still feel good about a decent first day!

Anyway, I am hungry now, but only another hour until lunch. I didnt make and bring my lunch which leads me to unfamiliar territory with WW, but I hope I will make a good decision.

July 18, 2007

Week 2, Day 3: Adventurous Morning

Wow, I am tired!
Last night I barely slept again.
I think I definitely have a small sleep anxiety problem. If I knwo I have something big the next day or especially if I have to get up early I fixate on it and stress about getting enough sleep and it ends up keeping me awake. I also admit I love TV and I am really into this book that Danielle gave me for my birthday (it's called the Time Traveler's Wife).

Anyway today was hike day for boot camp and so I had to get up even earlier since I had to drive to the park we hiked at. My alarm went off at 4:50am! I got up and got into my excersize clothes and made my way toward Lake Temescal Recreation Area. It started raining. The ground was wet and as I come up to the light before the freeway entrance in the dense foggy early dawn a car next to me comes to a screetching halt as it rides on some sleek asphalt before it comes to a halt, just as the light turns green I look over to a terrified look on the guys face.

I make my way onto the empty misty freeway and as I come close to my exit I notice a semi turned horitontally (well at an angle) covering the two right lanes, perhaps he skid too? There is an SUV in front of me that slows, and goes around the semi cautiously, I follow. Next I notice an overturned SUV on the other side of the semi. My heart starts pounding and my eyes well up. I almost pulled over to see if I could help and the SUV in front of me continues towards the exit. So I follow, but I grab my phone and dial 911. I didnt see it happen but no sirens were in sight so I figured I would call. I think this was my first legitimate 911 call ever. I was shocked at how long it took to get to a live person. Once there I started to descrive the location adn the scene, as I was calling another call came in reporting the same accident. Must be the suv in front of me. I park next to Haydee and I am still on the phone. She gets in my car since its now pouring rain. I tell her I saw an accident. It maust have happened after she exited and beofre I did (5 minutes apart). I am definitely shaken up, but I somehow manage not to totally freak out. The suv in front of me was friends from boot camp who who also stirred, and had also called 911.

I shaked it off as we headed, increasingly wet, into the woods. The thought of the accident I just saw and a tv show about a woman who was attacked by a mountain lion both kept creeping into my head, especially after the group turned out of sight and Haydee and I alone huffed up the hill behind them.

One of the trainers dropped back and hiked with us. Ther rain slowed down to a heavy misting and my breathing got heavier as my legs experienced an acute pain. It was good. I felt good. The accident and my tiredness melted away into the moment of the fog and the mud and the hill and me.

Once at the top the group was gathered in a huge circle stretched their arms out to the side. In the clearing in the dense early morning it looked like a seance or some crazy fitness religion was being performed, with my precious 'z's as the ultimate sacrifice. I stretched with them and we started our way back, which went a bit quicker. Once back in the parking lot I decided to forgo the push-ups and took the towel out of my car door to wipe off the dense mud that soiled my toehrwise clean white sneakers. I made my way home in the brighter, less wet, more traffic freeway. I took my time getting ready for work because I had warned my work I might be late. I cleaned my sneakers and made my lunch. I even weighed myself (exact same weight).

I was a little annoyed to have gotten into the small two-door mercedes sportscar, the driver didnt even turn on the radio and I fought as hard as I could not to doze off, despite feeling HUGE in that tiny car. But I lucked out and she offered to take me to 5th St, so I successfully avoided my walk and landed at work right in time.

Today is the first "real" weight watchers meeting and I am ready!

July 17, 2007

Week 2, Day 2

Yesterday I was really tired. I did some computer training for work and it was a real struggle to stay alert.

I really felt like doing nothing last night adn thats pretty much all I did. I did not make a super healthy dinner either (not too too bad). This morning I was tired as well and dragged a bit and did not make lunch. I am still not used to my early mornings and tired body.

I just signed up for my second round of boot camp. There will be a 2 week break in between, I hope I can rally some people to continue getting up and excersizing in between.

Nothing much else to report, I may try to excersize after work tonight, we'll see how I feel and if i have to run any other errands.

July 16, 2007

Week 2

I had a pretty lazy Sunday.
My good friend Haydee (who is maqrrying my best friend Matt) has a friend/bridesmaid named Leah who lost a bunch of weight on weight watchers. Her original weight was still smaller than me though, so when she offered to give me a bunch of her old clothes that don't fit her anymore, I didn't think I would do it, but then I thought ... hey maybe it will add to my motivation, maybe she will have something I really want to fit into, then I thought, hey what if i DO lose a bunch of weight? Isn't buying new clothes going to be expenssive? So yeah I went to her house and met her adorable son and her nice husband and I felt a little funny going through her heaps of clohtes, but she has some really nice stuff. Nothing was ragged or ugly, all was in very good shape and some was super cute. I also thought of my friend Sue, who got a new job and didn't have much clothes, I am going to pick about half of it and see if she wants any.

So yay for new clothes that dont fit .,.. yet.

I made a real healthy salmon dinner last night, but then decided to finally try out my new ice cream maker that Zak (my bro) gave me. It took forever to get a finished product and in the end it was getting late so we had a more melty fro-yo version of mint chooclate ice cream. Yum!

This morning was boot camp again and it was rough, but I wasn't sore going into it, so I had more energy and pushed myself a little.

I notice a couple things though. I think Sunday nights I get anxious about getting up early and don't fall asleep and dont sleep well, also I slept in way late Sunday, so that didn't help.

I also notice that my right shoulder and wrist are way weak. I thought my shoulder was because maybe I was sleeping on it funny, but Wes pointed out it was probably because of my motorcycle accident. I didnt think of it, but he has to be right, it makes sense since I injured my right wrist, and I didnt feel my shoulder that much since I wasnt excersizing before. I feel it the most when we do the "side plank" I have to hold up my whole body with my right shoulder and I can barely do it and it hurts a lot. But I don't want to complain about it cause it will sound like an excuse.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great weekend! Ciao!

July 14, 2007

Day 6

Last night was pretty lazy. I got some stuff done around the house and just relaxed waiting for wes and nin to come over from the ballgame. I was really really tired. I fell asleep pretty quick and slept really well. This morning I cleaned up some more, made breakfast for nin and myself and then wes took her to her archery and I went for a walk/jog at the lake.

I think I will stop here for a moment and mention how nice the lake is. I mean, sure there is a lot of contaminants and it can smell sometimes and the geese shit everywhere, but if you can forget that for a minute, there are big beautiful billowing trees, most of the time a perfect breeze will run through right when you aren't expecting, and of course this large body of water lined by the downtown cityscape on one side and veuaitful houses on the other. I love the jogeers, runners, familes and kids you always see around the lake. I love all the different birds and the silly geese. It really is a lovely place. Saturdays are the best too, everyone is out and of course you have the farmers market! I love where I live!!!

Anyway, so I stretched and put on my ipod and really pushed it, I tried to jog as much as possible. I really sweat a lot, its warm and I was working it. Now I think I will shower and hit the market, then off to wes's.

Thanks for reading . . . .

Oh and the checks came in from the 'rents!! Thanks guys, I will sign up for my second month of boot camp on Monday! Yay!

July 13, 2007

Day 5, Post 1

Last night I picked up some free Giant's tickets for my wonderful boyfriend to share with his fabulous daughter tonight.
Then I went to the Boot Camp's free "nutrition seminar". They had a nutritionist/dietician guy come speak with us about diet, nutrition, general rules of thumb and good practices. He was very nice, and pretty much everyone seemed interested.
I learned a couple things I didn't know already, like it is good to get your daily dose of "liquid fats", - no not whole milke or Jamba juice, but oils. So flax seed oil and fish oil and olive oil. In fact, he said most people dont get enough and he recommended taking fish oil pills every day. Hmmm . .. . . one woman brought up that they smell really bad- yuck! But hey next time I pass a GNC maybe ill check it out.
He also urged us to eat "whole foods" no processed stuff. The least amount of steps your food goes through from the ground to your mouth the better. I think this is good advise, but a hard one to stick to.
I also like his 90/10 rule. 90% of the time try to stick to those rules, 10% of the time, life happens!

I went home really tired and was distracted with a phone call when I left my garage without my house keys. Luckily a neighbor let me back into the garage.

I made dinner and tried not to stuff myself, even though i was really hungry and went to bed early, well, I tried. Got up at 5am again . . . boot camp was tough today. We were timed on the mile, sit ups and push ups. I did a 15 min and something second mile, 17 push ups in a minute and 37 sit ups in a minute. We also did some strength stuff and lots of stretches. I know my soreness will not go away anytime soon. Oh well. When it was over I was so tired and sweaty. I took a shower and was surprised by how much I got done in an hour, did some dishes, breakfast, packed a lunch, etc.

My legs still hurt, but its getting better. I hope I get to do a little excersize this weekend too!

** I forgot to mention** Remember that pound I gained??? It's gone!!! I'm back to square one . ..for now!

July 12, 2007

Day 4, Post 1

OK before I bore you with my big long post, I would like to mention that what "they" say is true. I started excersizing and I certainly have NOT lost weight, in fact, I gained a pound! I hope it's pure muscle because it was a bit discouraging.

Yesterday was really tough and on my way home I almost lost it. I was in so much pain and could not walk faster than a slow shuffle and I had a long walk ahead of me. I really felt like I wanted someone to take care of me and make it all better.
I had just missed my bus, adn could have ran and caught another one, but alas, I could not run. So I decided to be first in line for the next one for a change. I put on my iPod, but then lucked out and ran into Crystal, with whom I chatted with all the way home. Having a friend to chat with on your commute really makes it sooo much better.

Once home I complained to my rommate and her GF for a while, then decided I must take a hot bubble bath to make it better. I did just so. I was able to stretch my legs muche asier in the hot water and it didn't hurt at all. I felt relatively normal for about an hour afterwards, and then they tightened up again. Wes soon came over and brought me dinner - bless his heart! And we watched a netflix and relaxed. He made me feel a lot better. during the movie my eyes got very heavy. It was only 9-something but I was soooo exxhausted. As soon as it was over we hit the hay. I slept really really well. I woke up hoping the pain would have subsided, but it didn't.

It might have gotten better though. I can not tell if it got better or perhaps I am just getting used to it. Either way I was not lucky this morning for a third time and had to walk the full distance, slowly, to work.

I am frustrated by how broke I am because i want to make big efforts to eat healthy, but I don't have many options at home rigtht now and don't want to exhaust my remaining funds on food when it's still over a week before i get paid, and I am sure I will need gas soon too.

Dieting, excersizing and quitting credit cards at the same time is tough!
I really would love to start some therapy to help me through all this, but I am afraid that with $30 copays, it would still be $120 per month that I can not afford.

*sigh* dispite all this sad news, I remain really hopeful and excited for the changes I am making and it doesn't hurt that I am in love :)

July 11, 2007

Day 3, Post 1

Well yesterday and last night my pain was awful.
I decide to get some pharmaceutical help and the pain killer did nothing, but the muscle relaxer before bed really helped me get to sleep.

Side note/funny story of the day:
Last night I did a couple loads of wash and something about doing laundry really opens people up. This older lady in the laundry room decided to tell me her whole life story, some of which was interesting.
-She has lived in my apartment building longer than anyone else. 37 years. She moved in right after it was built in the late 70s.
-She married her husband when she was 16.
-She was married 47 years when her husband died last January.
-His body is still sitting at the coroners office pending a law suit against the hospital which let him bleed to death.
-She needs closure.

Pretty sad story . ..but anyway .... This morning I got up at 5ish and I was incredibly dissapointed to find out my hamstrings were still as tense and sore as the day before. I got dressed and went to bootcamp, relieved to know we would only be walk/run/jogging the lake. Haydee and ai were both in pain and gladly took last place, doing a total of 2 miles in 45 minutes. Every step hurt. Afterwards we did some arm strengthening excersizes with those rubber ropes with handles and a lot of crunches.

I got a ride with a really sweet southern lady who took me 1.5 blocks from work. I lucked out 3 days in a row! She was chatty too, turns out she was int he weight watchers program too and lost 10lbs.

In food news, I made a super yummy and somewhat healthy dinner last night with boneless, skinless chicken breast and rice and tomato. yum! I brought the leftovers today for lunch.

That's all I have for now . .. I am still in pain, but still glad to finally be excersizing!

July 10, 2007

Day 2, Post 1: Keyword: Sore!

Wow ....My pain reminds me of two things. How I feel after a couple days of snowboarding, and how I felt after a motorcycle accident.

I am painfully aware of all the major muscles in my body, that I hardly use.
Yesterday I just felt weak, like how your arm feels after holding a small child for an entire day. But today I am just sore. I am sure I am walking funny and every muscle simply aches.

I took a couple ibuprofins this morning, but I think it's good I feel this pain. It will be fun to see if I feel less when I start boot camp again next month.

So again I was saved from my long walk to the office this morning, but I was deifnitely taking a risk. I got into an old Chrysler LaBaron convertable this morning at carpool. I hate climbing into the back of tiny two door cars, especially odl ones where they just don't factor larger people into the design. I had some trouble getting the seatbelt to fit over my large body into the secure socket, but I exhaled and made it. The first two attempts at a lane change on the bridge almost resulted in a collision. The driver certainly either couldnt see out her mirrors, chose not to, or just can't turn her head. But we finally made it over and she took me all the way to my intersection- Hallaluyah!

I don't think sitting at my desk all day today will be good for my muscle aches, I will try to get up alot and walk around. And I will make a bit attempt to drink more water, as advised by the boot camp teachers.

Thanks for reading my blog, I will try to add in at least one or two interesting non related facts at the end to reward those who read the whole thing:
-Michelle gave me a fuzzy monkey magnet and twice now my cat has removed it from the fridge and slobbered on it. I took it to work- it's on my file cabinet now.
-My roommate brought her ball python over from her dad's house. I am now one of those cool people who has a big snake at home. Well by proximity, it's not my snake, and I don't intend on holding it . ...ever. Although I should add that there is a similar snake about 6 feet from me in Chris' office at work and a whole bunch of then a couple floors down.

July 9, 2007

Day 1, Post 2: Feeling weak and call for support

Alright now for the boring stuff you can skip, but this blog is going to be a log for me as much as it is a boring thing for you to read while your boss is out of town.

Last night I could not sleep as I was excited and nervous to start boot camp. I woke up at 5am grabbed a banana and some water and headed to the lake. First day activities included:
-"Suicides" - sprinting to cone one, than back to the start, then cone 2, than back, then cone 3, than back, etc, etc. for 5 minutes, touching the ground each time you hit a cone.
-Lots of stretching, lunges, lifting, squating, push-ups, crunches, etc - a lot of these with weights.
-More jogging/walking and more stretches and tiring weight stuff.

After a very full hour of these activities, towards the end of which I was a complete tub of jello, if jello were the gelatin version fo pain.

But I felt good. I now know whats its like, I had at least one friend there, made at least one new friend and now I know just how out of shape I am and how much getting in shape is going to hurt (physically).

I got back home to freshin up and get ready for work, I had probably too much honey nut cherios and I was off.

To my great relief I was able to avoid the old lady with the messy smelly car and the mercedes owner drove me halfway to my destination keeping from my full mile stroll to the office (i was thankful). Usually I enjoy this morning walk, but I am spent!

I was so tired this morning I did not make myself a lunch. I must admit I have been "splurging" food-wise knwing it will all change once I start WW (weight watchers). So for lunch I got a chicken and chedder bacon sandwich with fries- Oy- heart attack on a tray! But it was soooooo good. I didnt finish either the sandwich or the fries, which took much restraint, but my body said "youre done!" and this time I listened.

I am still very sore and tired, but I can't wait to do it again ...ok that's a lie, I can't wait to get better and be able to hit my knee to the ground when I lunge and go up three flights up stairs without gasping for breath.

*UPDATE* I got my first Sponsor!!! In adition to the initial funding to help me do the boot camp, Dad and Joycie are going to pay me $10 for every pound I lose! So generoud, adn a definite motivator! Thanks so much guys, your support is very touching!

Day 1, Post 1: Today it begins

So I thought today would be a good day to start my blog about my weight loss adventure.

Unlike the times before that I have made futile attempts at weight loss, this time I am telling everyone and I am pondering family/friend/stanger participation, as this is really not JUST about the weight loss, it is about a total Jessy Overhaul!!

Big changes tend to come in threes, but I am initiating all three, plus one more for good luck:
-Diet: Weight Watcher's at Work program starts this Wednesday. My work is paying for half and it is a 13-week program. I am still wondering where I will get the $75 I need to sign up though (tell you why in a minute).
-Excersize: I have tried the gym thing and I don't have much time to join any teams, so when my good friend Haydee told me about Oakland Adventure Boot Camp, I thought- hey, perfect timing! see more here: http://oaklandbootcamp.com/ . I am signed up for 4 weeks starting today and my sweet wonderful step-mom has already donated half the cost of month 2!
-Therapy: I have almost always had big issues about food and weight. I have some big emtional attachments to eating and my weight and I know it won't come off without shedding a few tears, and I know I need a closer understanding of why I feel the way I do. My best friend Matthew is helping to get me a good referal. Unfortunately this won't be free ...damnit.
-Budget/Debt reversal: As you can see getting fit and healthy won't be cheap, and recently I realized my spending habits are out of control. So I made myself a budget. Then I realized that my debt is out of control and I applied for a debt consolidation loan, for which I just found out I was denied due to insufficient credit history. Damnit! I still have to wait to hear from another branch and maybe I will go to another bank. Any suggestions on this one?

SO I am definitely motivated, but I plan to be totally honest here . .. it's going to be a struggle and any/all motivation and/or support weather it be financial, emtional or perhaps you're right there with me, doing it too, is totally appreciated.

Now, one idea I had, but it sounds pretty crazy is this thing I saw on some show once. This woman had all her friends and family, and eventually strangers and talk show hosts- sponser her weight loss! I love this idea because it pretty much forces me to succeed.
Read an article here: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/117119/why_not_give_the_sponsor_my_weight.html

So, according to weight watchers my first goal will be 10% weight loss.

I totally dread making this fact public, but the last time I weighted myself (very recently) I tipped the scale at 259lbs!

So my first goal will be 26lbs. Second I think will be to weigh under 200, so 199. and ultimately I would love to be between 160 and 180.

Anyone want to sponsor a lb?
It could be pound #1 or pound number 100, but you have to make good on your promise, so if you promise me, that you will take me to a movie if I lose 12 lbs, you better do it damnit! And if you promise me that you will lose 5 lbs if I lose 10, then I except that!

Please post a comment with your thoughts, feelings, feedback, or sign up for a pound! Let's do this!