December 31, 2007

Holidays are almost over!

So at this time of the holiday season I usually get a little bummed cause people start taking the lights down and this means its just about over for a whole year- BUMMER! My only regret right now is I still havent been snowboarding, but hey moving takes up a lot fo time and money.

I love the new place and everyone is settling in. Last night was a little crazy with both my mom and HL staying over and the place is probably mroe messy than I would like it to be, but I am at work right now so there's nothing I can do. Mom and HL are looking at the aquarium and hanging out while I work and we will all go to lunch soon and then go home to cook and clean and hang out.

Tonight people are coming over for new years, im excited! Having my mom here has been awesome, i do wish she lived closer. but at least she is still here until tomorrow evening!

My diet hasnt been going great, but tonight we are cooking meals from the WW cookbook Danielle gave me, I cant wait, and I cant wait to seeif anyone can tell its diet food!

December 27, 2007


So yesterday kind of sucked. i was cold all day long and didnt have lunch and it was really hard to get any work done since not many people were here, etc. then i realized that since i am planning on taking tomorrow off, it would have been much better if HL came over to open gifts and hang out on thurs night, esp since i was tired and not feeling well. but i didnt reach anyone until they were already on their way and wes didnt want to take her back. so wes got us dinner and we did have a good time. HL is always a blast to be around, it was hard to stay in abad mood. she loved her gifts, especially the emily stuff and i was very jealous of her nintendo DS and ipod and ipod speakers, etc. she really got spoiled this xmas! she also brought over the monopoly-type game with a cat theme "Cat-Opoly" and we played, but ive decided most all kids cheat at games and she was also very distracted, which made the game not very fun at all. so we eventually made it to bed and i got woken up at 5am when wes had to go to work (he couldnt sleep in the guest room since HL was there) i woke up too, but played dead so as to fall back sleep easier once he was gone, which i did eventually, but the time between me falling back asleep and my alarm going off is so short,it sucks. this for some reason always puts me in a bad mood. I def. am particular about sleeping and carry anxieties with me about getting enough sleep and since i am a light sleeper and cant sleep through snoring its doubly bad.

anyway, enough complaining ihave two nice things to report. okay the first is only kind of nice and kind of gross. i was having cereal and playing solitair this morning when i heard a loud blood-curdling yelp come from my cat, i looked in the hallway and he looked in pain and he was heaving and growling in a painful way. I realized he was going to barf and i grabbed a towel and laid it out in front of him and sure enough he barfed- gross liquid AND some holiday ribbon. this is by no means a happy story, but i saved us from having to clean a nice really long runner, i was very proud of my quick thinking and very proud of my sweet cat for warning me. he then moved halway down the hall and stopped and heaved again, i unwrapped the gross, wet towel enough to catch the secondary spittle, then threw the towel int he washing machine, for a wasteful, yet necessary small load.

all time low temps this morning, but i was prepared today with many layers and hat, gloves and scarf. i am super sleepy, but not in abad mood.

i must also mention that my kickass boyfriend fixed the cable so now we can watch tv in the living room- Yay Wes!

ok, what else? OH- the tiger maulings at the zoo. so at first, im like- OMG, poor boys got mauled and one died. but now they are saying they found a shoe and pinecones and twigs in the moat and they believe the boys taunted the tiger, then, when the boy dangled his leg over the enclosure, the wild animal took the opportunity to attack and use the dangling leg to get himself over the enclosure, then went after the other two, who were already running for it, im sure. poor tiger died cause it was forced to be put on display, then taunted.

i do feel bad for the boys cause that just sucks, but thats my viewpoint as of now.

December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

I think they call the day after Xmas boxing day because people are supposed to put all their holiday things away today. I will leave mine up as long as possible. Xmas eve Wes and I used a gift card from his brother to go see the movie Juno. Really it tied for my favorite movie of '07 with Into the Wild. I mean reallllly good. I don't think I lauged out loud so much to a movie EVER. Knocked up came close, but this movie really made me wish I was more witty and clever in general. You just fall in love with every character, I wish the movie was a tv show just so I could watch mroe of these characters. ANyway, I got all my gifts wrapped and overflowing under our tiny fake, broken tree and on Christmas morning I woke up before Wes, as usual (I am the last to fall asleep and the first o wake up- usually) and even though he HATES christmas and puts a damper on things we got up and he let me put the rendeer ears on him and we had a yummy breakfast and opened presents. I feel like Wes totally paid attention to what I wanted and even surprised me. I got a dvd player, which I sort of needed. Mine was broken, but mine was a dvd player with a VHS tape player as well. I do hate to have more units than needed and anytime I can consolodate is good. We do have like 4 players between the three of us and only one was half broken, but dvd players these days are like cell phones and only last a year or two tops, so it's nice to have a small, compact, chiny new one! Although, we could not get it to work on Wes' old TV in the living room, so I hoooekd it up in the bedroom adn we finally got crackin on our netflix last night. Anyway, I also got this metal bathroom cart, which I know sounds like a sucky gift, but not only did I want it real bad, but I looked for it several times at several stores and online and could not findit, I was very frustrated and PO'ed that it was nowhere to be found after I had seen it at a target a week earlier. Well,. sure enough Wes found ti, bought it, wrapped it and gave it to me for Xmas! It fits perfectly in this inlet in our bathroom and holds all my little bathroom thingies so perfectly, it really pleases me every time I look at it. Next he got me some cedar hangers, which I really needed since I had a moth problem at my old place and already lost one good sweater. Wes said he was mad that I only wanted practical things, but I was very happy with the lot. He did get me one big surprise I didnt ask for that just makes me uber happy. Grey's Anatomy is my favorite show ever and he got me season 1 on dvd! Isnt he an awesome boyfriend? OK it gets better still. The day ro so before I told him I didnt think we should do stockings cause they arent well enforced on the bookshelf and its hard to surprise eachother, and frankly its a kid thing. He was relieved, but it turned out he already got a few little candy and gum thigns to pout in it- all my favs! And last but not least, the weekend before he came home with red roses! I really have the best boyfriend and I'm reallyu stoked with Christmas this year.

In other news we drove to Sacramento to see his family for the big day and that was really nice. His grandparents are super sweet and his cousins are really nice, and man they cook good! We had an awesome meal in a beautiful and festive house and relaxed and ate and hung out. I think my only regret this season was the lack of kids. It never REALLY feels like christmas without little kids running around. But maybe next year I will see some nephews and neices and all will be perfect (plus I am certainly good at being kid-like, especially near the holidays).

Okay, so it isnt over. Today I am mailing a couple gifts that didnt make it out before Xmas, and hopefully today or tomorrow I will meet up with my good friend Danielle and we will exchange gifts. And tonight HL is comign over and she and wes and sophia and gaelen and i will exchange gifts and hang out. I cant wait to see HLs reaction to all that we got her!

So yesterday I really wanted to call in sick and stay home today, but decided to come in and maybe take Friday off instead. I drove today since I have all these gifts to mail and it surprisingly took no time at all and I got into the office before 8:00am, another surprise is I am the only one here ..hence the super long blog.

Oh I also would like to mention how AWESOME our new neighbors are. When I was up early yesterday before Wes I decided to put a little gift together for the guys downstairs and I left it on their doorstep. Well just as we were pulling into the driveway there they all were with a gift in hand for us. I finally met the mysterious Victor, who looked more like a Matt or Joe and Greg, whom I see most often handed us some candies and home baked brownies- Yum! perfect timing too cause none of the desserts at the big Xmas dinner were really my fav and I didnt have any.

Speaking of desserts and eating, I have to admit, I am in pre-diet mode. I am going all out and having lots of my fav. fatty, greasy and sweet foods cause come Jan1- no more! Wes and I both want to diet again and get back to it. I used the hlidays as an excuse, and I admit I am enjoying it. Although, strangely enough last time I checked I HAD lost weight.

Go figure.

ANyway, thanks so much for reading my long and somewhat unexciting blog post today, but happy new year and come back and read more tomorrow!

December 24, 2007

Busy Weekend

Although I would have prefered to see movies, go shopping and wrap gifts all weekend, my weekend was a lot of cleaning and unpacking. I did do a little of the other stuff too (No movies though).

The most notable thing that happened is despite my poor food choices lately, according to my scale at home, I lost 2lbs! This put me in a good mood.

The only better thing that happened is Wes came home form the store with the most beautiful buquet of red roses! Big fat beuatiful red roses! I really was surprised and it was very romantic.

Wes also made a 'riser'/stand for the tv and hung the blinds in the guest room.

I finally got the handles on my dresser screwed on (finding the right screws have been a nightmare).

Our place is really coming together, but I made a big mess in the spare room wrapping gifts, and realized how big of a job it is getting everything together.

Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus to all!

December 21, 2007

Good to Know


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Too Tired for words

Last night I slept very well. I still wake up atthe slightest stir though and Wes woke up at 3-something AM and I woke up enough to notice and fell back asleep. I knew he was supposed to be up and out around 5AM so I was confused, but too tired to investigate. Then this morning, my alarm went off at 6:20AM and I don't remember Wes giving me a kiss goodbye or anything, then I noticed a light on down the hall. He was there! He had forgot that he had to go to customer site and got to sleep in. And he was up super early because his toe was throbbing. Poor guy! He will be so tired tonight I know it. I was in a super deep sleep too, dreaming about rolling hills and broken snakes. Very weird.

Last night I volunteered for an event at work, then I was home and eating dinner too late to go to Home Depot to get the drip pans and didnt see any point in picking up the rest of my stuff at the old place since I will be going tonight anyway. So we relaxed a little, it was nice.

I think I am going to cancel our internet service since the gods seem to want us to have free wireless and I will add on the recording feature to our cable, so we can record shows we want to watch and not worry about Wes missing his car shows, or me missing grey's anatomy.

Last night I also went to merge our cell accounts and add HL. I got her a phone too. The only thing we are losing is picture mail and internet. We are gaining unlimited mobile to mobile (in sprint network) and the tracking device for HLs phone. And we still will save a little money- Not bad! What I realize though is it really is very expenssive to have a cell phone and have unlimited access to all its featured. Oh well.

I had a huge lunch yesterday but still feel like I am doing okay with no significant slip ups yet this week.

December 20, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

So yesterday I weighed in a pound over what I was last week, but theres one week out of every month my body tends to hold onto things, so I don't really count this week anyway.

Last ngiht my buddy Kerry came over to help me feng shui my house and she was a big help. I loved her ideas and she helped me move stuff to boot.

We all decided we love my new cookie monster and that's about all I have to report. I am tired this morning, but felt like I got a lot done and am excited about the day.

December 19, 2007


So I crashed out hard last night and slept through wes' alarm. I felt groggy at first but reall happy to have had a relatively full nights sleep. My right ear was in pain again from the ear plugs, but I didnt care because I slept well. last night we also picked up a cheap ikea wardrobe form someone on criagslist and ilove it!

i am excited to have my buddy Kerry come over and help me decorate a little.

no news on the diet front- been better the past day, but not enough to not worry about weigh-in today!

December 18, 2007

Tired Tuesday . ..again again

I know every tuesday is tired Tuesday, but I had my therapy appt last night after work, then i went home (my honey picked me up from bart!) and I ate and opened my care package from Michelle- Man that was AWESOME. Wes and I put on our reindeer headbands right away and I adored the tree decoration for my window-sill. My favorite item was an heirloom tomato cookbook- YUM! Too bad everyone I live with hates both tomatos and christmas. I just laughed and laughed when I saw the GIGANTIC xmas stockings and I can't wait to play my new Whoonou game! There was so much fun stuff (including cookie cutters and cookie mix!) that I can't wait to go home and play with it all. It was all wrapped really festive and fun too. Oh I got kitchen towels to match the wrapping paper, LOL. So so cute!!! Michelle is the BEST!

So anyway, after all that excitement Wes chilled and I went to the old place, cleaned a couple small things the cleaning lady missed and gathered all the odds and ends left behind, which turned out to be a LOT of stuff. It was raining, but Wes helped me carry stuff up. I was tired then, but no I had to do two loads of laundry and take a bath and continue unpacking!

I'm crazzzzy!

So with all the junk food lately I ended up gaining a pound and a half, which I just know will come back off. My WW leader says trying to maintain your weight over the holidays is a good goal since the average person gains 15lbs from November to January.

December 17, 2007

Moving Weekend officially Over!

So we moved in!
There were a few snafus including Wes getting an extreme case of stubbed toe and our water and cable not working (water now works, cable only works in the master bedroom). But for the most part the place is awesome and I am very excited.

The only major health thing to note is while I did work my ass off and [probably earn a gazillion activity points, I ate like a sumo wrestler in training and can't wait until I have time to stock up on groceries and plan some meals. I expect a small gain this week, but I am not too too worried.

I will put photos on my photo page as soon as I have time. I am having a new year's eve dinner party, let me know ifyou want to come!

December 14, 2007

One more day!

Tomorrow I live with my boyfriend! I'm pretty excited!

I am going home early today to finish packing and cleaning and organizing- lots to do still!

There are so many things we need and I am nervous about the hot water and gas working, but we will figure it all out.

If you are around and want to help out tonight or tomorrow, give me a buzz!

December 13, 2007

Oy Vey

I am officially stressed and overwhelmed. I still have so much to do and so little time. I am very excited, but also a little worried about getting everything done. I might have to take a sick day *cough cough* hehe . . . . . In other good news, my former co-worker/Boss from years ago who I just adore is interviewing for a position at my work today and we are going to lunch- Yay! Oh and I lost another pound! Weight in was awesome yesterday and I got my keychain, which I will use to remind me of my success. Here is my this morning:

December 12, 2007

Almost there

So Almost there describes a few things in my life right now. I did hit my 10% goal at WW, but on my home scale I am still a few pounds off, but getting really close- Almost there!

I am a few days away from moving in with Wes- Almost there!

It's so close to the holidays, and 2008- Almost there!

I am really hopefully and optomistic for 2008, but I am also reflecting on this past year and it sure was a year of change. In late 2006 I moved to the east bay. In 2007 I past the one-year mark in a relationship, I reevaluated some friendships and other relationships. I started therapy again this year, I lost weight, I changed jobs, and who could forget the motorcyle accident, then 11 months later, my first ride since? Lots of big stuff!

Today is weight in and tonight is the walk-through with the new property manager, then back to packing!

December 11, 2007

Tired Tuesday

Again, I feel real sleepy, but I am at work and the week is piping along. My last week at my current place.

I feel like there's a lot to do, but I'm not too anxious.

My therapy sessionw ent well, I will def. see this therapist again and I feel mroe armed for life in general.

The diet was decent yesterday with a smart one for dinner and popcorn for dessert. We will see what today will bring.

December 10, 2007

Big Stuff

So, I don't knwo why, but I have not been sticking to my diet the past few days and I definitely feel anxious about the move and im sure some recent exchanges with a friend have also got me in a funk. I have been thinking about finding another therapist ever since I moved to the East Bay and particularly since I started dieting and I have my first appointment tonight.

Losing weight and dieting and food for me is not just a matter of calculated changes, I have some big emotional attachments to eating, food, weight and body issues and I really need to concentrate on the inside as well as the outside.

Also, while I have never been so sure and so happy in arelationship, I truley believe its good practice to have someone to talk to about potential issues so wes and i can keep on track with our healthy and happy realationship and continue to grow together.

Other important issues I look forward to figuring out are my friendships, relationships with family and coming up with some good long term goals.

I am very excited about this, but a little nervous and anxious too. My number one concern with therapy is the price, but I know it is worth it, as long as I can afford it. . . . more later!

December 7, 2007

Fridays Rock

So I am feeling good about my 10% goal and my move, it will be a busy weekend of packing and cleaning, but I am up for it.

Thats all I got, sorry!

December 5, 2007


So today was mixed ....I had an upsetting exchange of words with a very dear friend, and it really put me in a mental funk. I don't think having dissagreements with friends was a big deal when I was young, but it happens more rarely now and when it does, it usually holds a lot more value and therefor, is much more upsetting. I hope things will resolve soon.

In other, and much better news- I MADE MY 10% GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right, I lost 10% of my body weight, according to Weight Watchers. I plan on posting a new photo to show the progress and choose a new goal. So, as you know I am not shy. I lost 26 pounds. So my starting weight (according to WW) was 266. I weighed in today at 240. At home my weight is about two to four pounds less (without clothing). So I will be getting a little keychain from WW to symbolize my 10% loss and I am pretty sure I am now shooting to be under 200lbs. Because my doc says that is where she wants to see me before I consider a breast reduction surgury, that I have wanted for a long time. So ,....26 down, 40 to go! VERY exciting!

Wonderful Wednesday

I don't know if today will actually be wonderful. I certainly could have slept more, but my roommate's cat came crawling up to me this morning and her cuteness wouldnt allow me to sleep more. I do feel tired and sleepy, but it could be the fog.

Anyway, the two pounds I supposedly gained vanished (water retension?) I still do not think I am at my 10%, but I know I will ge there, my progress has slowed down alittle but I don't believe it stopped.

The holiday party last night was a blast. My guests were not into it as much as me, but I was so glad they came. Wes and I got our portraite done by the characiture artist and we played some hoop game that Wes killed at.

More later . ..

December 4, 2007

Tired Tuesday

So I am kind of annoyed that two weeks after we signed our lease I still do not have a copy. I was going to meet up with the porperty manager last night, but he couldnt, and I can't tonight so now we are supposed ot meet Wednesday. So far the communication level is a little sub-par, but I will remain hopeful since he said he too was moving. Although I seem to communicate just as well while moving than I do otherwise, oh well. My spirits were lifted when I came home to an early holiday gift from my dad and step-mom. It was an indoor grill! Wes and I can not wait to use it. I think I will wait until we are at the new place though. I got a fair amount more packing and organizing done last night and tried to go to sleep at a reasonable hour, that was tough. I woke up pretty tired and it was raining.

I was also very dissapointed that dispite my rejuvinated efforts in tracking I gained two pounds again!!!! WTF!!?? I know my choices in foods havent been great, but I am within my points range ...something is weird, or it's that time of month. My WW leader says she goes up a few pounds once a month without fail. Tomorrow's weigh-in will tell the truth I suppose. Tonight's holiday party won't help though.

I had a dream last night about the holiday party, but don't remember it too much. It's going to be a busy day!

December 3, 2007

Another short weekend

Man that went fast. I didn't find time to go to bed, bath and beyond, or get our blinds from home depot. I had ablast at Matt and Haydee's dinner party and Wes and I both got some packing done, I also had a nice visit with cousins and my brother, but thats about it. I really do not have anything to report.

I weighed myself over the weekend and I was down about a half a pound, but who knows if that will translate at WW.

I def. think Igot some packing and cleaning activity points though! I do have photos of the new house up, os e-mail me if you want to see them.

November 30, 2007

Happy Friday!

So I don't know if I am tired, overloaded, ADD or just brainfarting a lot, but I am really being forgetful lately. I seriously thought next weekend was my moving weekend (15th) but no, I have two weekends to pack before I move- Yay! Also, I totally spaced on my dinner plans with Lisa W. I had canceled on ehr last minute a couple weeks prior to go see a house, then rescheduled and forgot, she was on her way to the restuarant and called me when Wes and I were killing time running errands, waiting for my coworker to get home to give us some boxes. So we met her for dinner together and got the boxes afterwards. But seriously, why are so many things slipping lately? I guess thats not that many though, it just feels like alot.

I do have a lot on my mind. Like, I do not remember how my Sophia and I split our security deposit when we moved in. Did we split it 50/50? Or did I pay mroe because I would be paying more rent? She might remember.

This weekend I hope to accomplish getting the blinds for the bedroom in our new place and get a lot of packing done. Tomorrow night my good friends are hosting a dinner party, so that should be fun.

I so far have been tracking (writing down everything I eat and calculating the points) everything from Wednesday morning to now. I hope I can keep it up!

I think I am down one pound from a week ago, I hope I lose another pound and a half before wednesday! Packing is good calorie- burning!

November 29, 2007


So I forgot already what I wrote yesterday ... but I gained two pounds. Yep ...oh well. Yesterday was a decent day on the diet. I ate very good until dinner time, but since I let myself get so hungry and didn't eat much during the day I shot myself in the foot a little. I only went 5 points over my daily allotment, and I am well within my weekly overage limit, so its all good. Plus I did walk some yesterday to earn at least a point back.

I met Wes for dinner and we looked at some stuff for our new home at Target- lot's of ideas! We decided not to purchase anything except bedroom shades until we move in.

I think I already mentioned the boxes and have nothing else to report.

November 28, 2007

Weigh-In Day again

So I am pretty nervous about today's weigh-In because last week I was only 3/10ths of a pound away from my 10% goal, but it was thanksgiving, and I know I have not been really meticulous, I feel like at every meal, I am either really good or pretty bad. Mornings and breakfasts seem to be easier for me to make healthy choices, lunch is really tough unless I bring my lunch to work, whihc I have not been doing lately and dinner is a toss up- sometimes pretty good, sometimes bad. Altogether I would say that my choices are generally better. I use light versions of everything and tend to scale back my portions. I know it's going to take a larger effort though toget to my ultimate goal and I think the new home and my new life with my honey will be a perfect opportunity to step it up a notch. Until then- activity points for packing and moving!!!

Speaking of moving ...I am a little worried that I have not heard back from the property manager since I sent an e-mail outlining some concerns and questions I have yesterday. I will call later this morning to follow up.

Last time I moved boxes seemed to fall out of the sky and into my lap. This time around, it's nto so easy. But things are coming around. You really just need to put the word out there. So we got a lady on craigslist offering us boxes, my friend Jen, and now a coworker has hundreds for us. SCORE!!!

That's all for now.

November 27, 2007

A little less tired Tuesday

I was in a funky wonky sleepiness all day yesterday, towards the end of the day I started wakaing up a little. I came home soon after and had dinner, then I had a couple people from craigslist come over and take some of my crap I didnt want or need anymore. I am sure once I get boxes I will be able to start packing and sorting through more stuff and getting rid of more stuff.

I realize that when it comes to change I emmediately mobilize and take action. I get excited about changes in my life and like to be organized and in control. Not sure if I am driving people nuts or being helpful. Hopefully the latter.

I am happy to report I am the exact same weight I was a week ago. Now if only I can miraculously drop a pound in a day I will be even happier.

Goal of the moment: get boxes . .. hopefully don't have to pay for them!

November 26, 2007


Some photos my cousin sent me of my visit to her in Mass.

Post-Turkey Haze

So this weekend was a crazy one. I don't recall what exactly happened when, so I will give you the highlights:
-THanksgiving with Wes' family was canceled because his uncle was sick with the flu.
-I made a big thanksgiving feast for two instead
-We found a place to live
-Wes, Sophia and I move in together December 15th to a duplex in West Oakland.

Any/all help that day or sometimne right before is appreciated.
Any boxes you can donate is appreciated.

Any furniture/cool stuff we don't want anymore (junk) that you take off our hands is appreciated.

With that said- I will keep you posted on a house-warming party.

In other news, I didn't do too too bad diet-wise. I was on a crazy cookie bindge for a couple days, but otherwise stuck to eating pretty well.

I volunteered at Run Wild with Jess and we had fun, but I am very very very tired today.

More details later ....

November 21, 2007

Yay for a short week!

So last night I think I told you I ditched dinner with my friend to looka t what I thought was going to be the home of my dreams ,... well it was a new condo in a new developement in a perfect area for commuting ... BUT ...Well it was a very narrow house with LOTS of levels and LOTS of stairs. 4 levels total with limited space on each level. I did not like how small each room was. Here were the good parts though- everything was new, 2-car tandem garage (no driveway though), brand new stainless steel kitchen appliances and beautiful washer and dryer (both front loading)- all brand new, the bathroom was pretty much the bathroom of my dreams complete with view and huge spa tub. Cloets and master suite were a little dissapointing, as well as the downstairs bathroom. The balcony could barely fit one chair. The street was narrow for parking as well. Generally there were a lot fo extreme pluses and draw-backs ...the funny twist to our home-search story is the first place we saw that we both liked called back and says we could move in in 4-6 weeks. Hmmm ..... I would take it if it weren't off the I-80. But we will think about it and keep looking.

So after seeing the place Wes and I were a little befuttled and continued the same conversations. We'll see what happens!

Again, I feel like I am still on my diet, but I have been splurging a little here and there, but I guess my generall 'being good"-ness has paid off, cause I am down again! I hope my WW weigh-in oday reflects this.

In other news today will be busy and stressful at work, but I get to have lunch with one of my favorite people, Danielle. Also I get to do some baking tonight so I have something tobring to thanksgiving at Wes' family's tomorrow.


November 20, 2007

Cold Tuesday

Brrrr, it's a cold morning!

Last night was a smattering of phone calls, catching up and continued house-hunting. I turned down the house Wes and I liked. I think it's the first place we both liked, but there were definitely some things missing. The truth of the search is we may not be able ot live with Sophia, but I really hope we can. It's hard to please everyone. I need a place that's not too dreadful of a commute to the city (and the far outreaches of the city) and it has to allow a cat. Wes must be reasonably close to his job in Concord and have plenty of garage and auto work-space and Sophia needs to be close to her honey and not too too far from her work as well. She also needs somrthing cheap. So finding just the right thing for all three of us will be really hard. I found a place online I am very interested in, but they are showing during the day today and I am sure someone will snag it before I get a chance to view it. The search continues ....

In other news work is very busy and the diet is somewhat stagnant. I am not losing or gaining much in either direction for a few weeks now. I think as long as I don't gain, If I can make it through the holidays I can go full spead ahead with a new years resolution. I also look forward to joining a gym or something once I know where I will be living.

Tonight I will see a friend I havent seen in awhile for dinner, and that's always cool. I will keep you posted as I know more about the house-hunting and what-not. Thanks for reading!

November 19, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend

So Friday half day at work was a little crazy, mostly catching up on e-mails. I know I have lot to do this week, and it's a short week.

Friday night I went home and cleande up a bit and went grocery shopping alittle and then hung out until it was time to get Wes at the airport. We were both pretty tired byu the time we got home. Saturday morning I amazingly slept in until after 11am! It was weird that Wes would be up before me, he even got a photo of me sleeping. I must have needed it. Soon after we ate, I cleaned, Wes; brother stopped by with his GF and then we decided to go see a house for rent in El Cerrito. It was the first place we both liked. It had its faults, but it was pretty exciting. All of a sudden we went into crazy- let's get this place and move- mode. We even got my roommate excited about the place. There were other poeple in contention for the place so we emailed our credit reports and hopped to it. We were pretty pumped up until my roommate looked at the place and had an allergic reaction to mold, she was not interested! Then the guy showing the place didnt call back when he said he would. Not to mention he was playing games a little (says other poeple interested and they are willing to move in sooner). Wes and I decided to pull back the reins and see what happens. Nothing yet. Bummer. After that excitement it was pretty late and Wes went home and I went to visit my friend Jenai, who is bed-ridden at home post-op. Poor thing is okay, but in alot of pain. I had a good time catching up with her before I went home tochange and pick up my cousin, who happens to work close to where I live. We made our way to my brother's going away party. Another cousin and some of my bro's good friend's showed up and it was nice to see everyone. Wes came for a bit in the end, even though he didnt want to (not a party kind of guy). I appreciate that he came. Some day he might feel more comfortable in that environment .. or at least gripe less. I try to ration our the party time for him. If he misses too many things, my friends and family really wonder and ask for him. So I try to only ask him to come to every other event or only the important ones. It's tough when I really want him there all the time, but you have to compromise. Anyway, we got back from that party kind of late, but didnt sleep in as late Sunday. We hit some traffic going in and out of the city Sunday, but we had a good time with Brian at the International Motorcycle Show in San Mateo. We even got home in enough time to see a movie and go to dinner. We saw Into the Wild. This was my second time seeing it and I still loved it. My favorite movie in a long time. Anyway, it's Monday ....moving on .....

Oh, and I am down again weight-wise, but I want to wait until Wednesday before I annouce/update the tracker to be sure!

November 16, 2007

I'm Back!!

So I don't know where I left off, but I had a great trip! The only downsides I would say were the cold weather, too many flights/travel time and the time change. BUt I adjust well! So Wes' parents are awesome! How many people can meet their boyfriends parents and say they rode harleys and had an early thanksgiving dinner? They made me feel welcome like family, but also took care of us like we were at a fancy B&B, it was really nice. They have a beautiful home, adorable cats and the same relaxed attitude Wes does. The ride was cold, but I am very happyt o say I had my first official ride since the day of the crash almost a year ago- I'm officially a hard-core biker! Wes' mom is a WW leadser so she weighed me in and I was down about a half a lb. Well honestly I think I was down 2 and ahalf lbs, cause I know I gained a couple back. But I was pretty good over this vacation. I was super good in boston, and reasonably good in Madison (eating out is tough).

So I am sure more details will trickle out and photos will be posted on my photo page ( but for now, thats it!

PS- Thank you so much to Matthew who came to pick me up from the airport after 1am!!! You are such a good friend!!!

November 11, 2007

Quick Blog from Boston

So I have a few moments since my cuz went to the dentist and the nephew is sleeping. So I have decided I do not like red-eyes. I was looking forward to the in-flight movie and free sodas and I got neither. I also like to read my magazines and all the lights were off so people could sleep. I would have been an asshole if I turned on my overhead light. So I tried to sleep as much as I could but was mostly bored on my way to Philly. Once in Philly I made my way to my next flight and got onto the smallest plane I've ever been on in my life. I swear I've ridden city buses larger than this! Only two seats on either side of the aisle, and the seats were tiny! No nothing offered either. It was a one hour flight and so since I felt really wonky from the moment I got off the long flighyt, I slept on this one hour flight. I have to say once I arrived in boston I just felt gross. I wanted to brush my teeth and take a shower and sleep. But had the whole (three hours later) day ahead of me. So even though it was 830am when i arrived, it was really 530am my time. Oh boy! I had a great time with my brother and his family though and my nephews, although getting older are still a blast. Later we took a ride to my cousins, where I would stay and all had dinner. My uncle and another cousin came out too. It was really fun./ Although after dinner, I laid down on the couch in the living room next to the fire place and I was out like a light.. . . oh andhave I mentioned how freezing it is here??? It's soooo cold! Very pretty, but cold. And I am not usd to it so I walk around the house with a hat and fleece and socks and slippers. Anyway. . the main joy of this trip besides seeing the nephs, is seeing my cousin-nephew Connor, who is two (almost 3) and my new baby neice Alicia. They are both very precious and I commended jen and kevin. they make it look so easy! ANyway my babe just called, so I'm off!

In Boston

I am in Boston visiting my favorite cousin and I want to show her how to do a link. So click here.

November 9, 2007

Friday Travel Day

Okay, so I gained two pounds back- Oy vey! I was so close! Time to get back to work!

I'm excited for my trip, seeing my nephews and neice and my fav cuz and my unk and bro and Wes and meeting his folks! All good times~!

This is going to be a tough day to get through as I am anxious and excited!

November 8, 2007

Oy Vey

So I missed a day or two and I am sorry. The truth is I was very very very busy, but the deeper truth is I have totally let the diet go out the window and catch a flight on a space shuttle and now it's a million trillion miles away. I have been beyond bad with all this stress and I am so sure I have gained weight back that I am avoiding the scale at all costs.

I am truly sorry (apology is directed to myself).

I do plan on being back on the diet starting Saturday. See, while most people have more trouble dieting while traveling, I think I do pretty well. It seems to only be when I'm busy and stressed (or sad) that I let things go. Because I can't plan ahead.

So now I know and I will do better. I hope to be back on track and maybe finally reach my 10% goal by the end of the month ...hopefully before thanksgiving.

In other news I am leaving tomorrow for Boston, I am excited to see my brother and his family, my favorite cousin and her family and my uncle. It should be a blast! After that I stop in Madison for two days and meet my boyfriend's parents. The main activity planned: Renting Harleys and going riding!!!

It's really abad idea in a few ways. Number one - It's really expenssive. Number two- It's colder in Wisconsin! Number three- getting ALL my safety gear to Wisc. and back is annoying. We spent $$$ to ship some of it, and the rest Wes is kindly taking with his minimal luggage. Yay babe! I hope his dad doesnt roll his eyes at me and all the gear I wear. It's not exactly the harley way ...but after two crashes, I dont take any chances. . ..well I guess getting on the bike is a chance, but ya know. I like to pad up.

So thats another thing, I havent ridden since the day I crashed, almost one year ago. Scarrry! But I am excited at the same time. And riding with Wes and his Dad will be really fun.

MNore tomorrow ...

November 5, 2007

A lot going On

So Friday was the most insaen day at work yet. I was really stressed. I decided to combat it by staying three hours late and catching up on everything. That helped. To add to my horrific day Friday my mother calls and tells me she was taken to the hospiutal the night before after a lot of vomiting and .,.get this ..amnesia! Yeah it's a strange kind o stress-induced amnesia called Transient Global Amnesia Click here for more info. She is okay now, but still- very weird! Friday night got better because my honey and his daughter came to the city and my friend Christina met up with us for pizza (uughhh, im so bad). It was good to catch up with my friend and I was happy to see Wes and HL. Once home though we were all very tired. Saturday morning I got woke up around 7am by sleep train asking if they can come early at 8am. They were scheduled to come between 9 and 1 to set up my new bed rails. I agreed thinking, its better than having to wait around. But this required us to get up, move things outr of the way and wait until they showed up at 8:30. After this we had breakfast and went to the bank and the post office to ship off our helmets and moto gear. Later Wes got a call from his roommate. Much to my surprise, and a bit to Wes' surprise, his roomamte said she is moving out! What weird timing, since we were talking about living together. Now Wes doesn't knwo when she will give her official notice and I still have not really had a talk with my roommate yet (I am expecting bad news as she is avoiding the question), but Wes freaked out a little. We discussed our options, and I think Wes could always find someone to sublet his roomate's room for a little while, or indefinitely until we find a place. OR, if it turns out it doesn't make sense for us to live together, we will just stay put for now, or for another year or who knows. But anyway, that made things a little more interesting. Saturday night I left wes home to chill while I went to a friend's birthday party. Tha was fun. I hadn't hung out in the city at night in a long time. I carpooled with a couple friends and got rockstar parking. It was good.

Sunday was a lazier day, with the exception of helping a friend buy a bed at ikea. I got a lot of laundry done and started organizing things for the trip.

I must admit my diet was forgotten yet again and I am a little worried about it. I want so much to get back on track, but the weekends feel hopeless and I have been so tired and stressed lately it's hard to focus.

I really wish Wes was on board with me, because it's way too easy to eat unhealthy around him and get away with it. He will be good, but only if I initiate it and make the choices and lead the way. I can't always be so strong though.

November 2, 2007


Thank your mom it's Friday!

I really don't have too much to report. I have been pretty good with my food choices so far this week (well since Wednesday). I hope to have a good weekend too.

I decided it's time to post a photo again, but there seems to be no way to stop the flash on my computer web-cam photo thingie. THen I figured it out, in place of a flash they just make the screen go all white for a second. So I took a poster thingie on my desk and covered up the screen while the photo was being shot. See the amazing difference . . . .

November 1, 2007

Hello November

So Halloween was fun. My WW meeting was sad, I gained .4lbs! but that's less than half a pound, and if I lose a pound and a half by next week I get my 25lb washer! whohoo~~~

After WW meeting there was a fun halloween event at work. They had three huge screens up in the big conference room and projected three halloween monster movies at the same time, there was soda, popcorn and a vampire den! I got my photo taken with a vampire!

I left work early so I could pick up snacks for this morning's committee meeting and waited for wes. We made wheat pizza with tomato, pinapple and olives for dinner. Wes is really the pizza pie master. I love cooking with him.

We talked a little more about moving in together. I still don't know if my roommate wants to find a place with us or not, and I have no clue when we will get serious about moving, but today I paid my increased rent, and I wouldn't mind shaving a few bucks off and getting a bigger place. So it sounds like I will wait to get the word from my roommate and start to look. I don't plan on looking agressively and I don't think we will mvoe until we find the PERFECT place. Unless something changes, thats my plan for now.

In other news it's november and there's a lot to do. It's the season for shopping and parties and family and food. I love it!

October 31, 2007


Just for fun, I put up halloween photos on my photo page, I'll probably add more that I take today later: CLICK HERE

Hoppy Halloween

SO I need to rant for a minute about carpool. Nobody wants to get into a car that smella like ass- okay? PLEASE people invest in a car wahs and/or air freshner every once in awhile!!!! Also, if you're driving two strangers into the city, hold off on the phone calls please. If you have a conference call you need to be on, make that call from home, or work or sit in traffic alone, ok? This was the first time I did not say thank you when exiting a car. Grrrrr. Okay, rant over.

Happy Halloween. I slept really good last night except for waking up at 1am with some really bad heartburn. I took a pill and it took about 30 minutes to kick in and i was off to dreamland again.

So, I guess you might have noticed. It's wednesday, it's halloween, and I am about half a pound up. Oops!!! back on track starting today!!!

Oh in other news, I saw my buddy Blythe for the first time in at least a year last night. It was 5pm and work was stressful, so I said hi to him on IM, we agreed we could both go for a drink and met at chevys, where i got more drunk than ive been in a LONG time. He made me get the BIG margarita! It was fun though, he is sort of a symbol of what i miss about the city, getting together, being social, bars, drinking, laughing a lot. It was fun. We left chevys around 8 or so and walked a couple blocks before parting ways. Once at the bus I called wes who told me there was an earthquake, minor one, then people on the bus were talking about the big earthquake, and my mom called from socal having heard about it and i get home to my roommate watching it on the news and checking it online ... oh boy! ANd I didnt even feel it, but then again after giant margarita time ., ...

Okay, well wish me the best at the weigh-in today.

October 30, 2007

October 30th

So I keep remembering things I want to mention in my blog way after the fact. Like last week when the woman in the 2-seater fushia-colored porche pulled up on my way to carpool and took me to work ...vrrrooomm!

Or how this is the second day in a row I left my keycard at home- Oops!

But the real focus of this blog is my life and my struggles and my successes with my health.

I made a big step yesterday. I e-mailed a therapist Matthew recommended to me some time ago. I hope she is cheap and near-by and fits with my schedule, because I am realizing I can not go further with this without some therapy-type support.

Tomorrow I also pay my increased rent, having been in my apartment just over a year. I think early next year I will start looking into the option of moving again. There are pros and cons to this.

Pros are: - If my roommie is into the idea maybe I get to keep her and her sweet cat. I think we get along really well as far as roomamtes go adn I would def. call her a good friend as well. This moves into the con section if she doesn't want to move with me.
- I get to live with Wes! The idea of seeing the love of my life everyday really rocks hard.
- potentially cheaper rent- saving money rocks too!
- I could get a bigger place- with a washer and drier
-Another chance to purge junk I dont need and reorganize!

Cons are: - My boyfriend and I have some sleep issues (one of us snores and the other hates earplugs), I might occassionally miss spreading out on the bed.
- Moving sucks, and i have a lot fo crap
- my commute could potentially suck worse
- I doubt i would find another location as convenient to the one i am at now- now i am very close to my best friend, the lake, the farmers market, trader joes/walgreens, carpool, three transbay bus lines, lots of breakfast cafes and froyo, etc, etc, etc

BUT alas, it's getting to be the sink or swim time in my relationship and I would rather swim and be happy with my babe.

Tomorrow is halloween and I have nothing planned, but I am okay with that. I might pick up some candy (something with nuts cause idont like nuts) for the kids, should any happen by (i doubt it).

Thats all my news for today.

October 29, 2007

The dangers of Pyrex

So this mornign when I got up, the kitchen door was closed . . which it never is, and there was a nte from my roomie that a pan exploded and glass went everywhere and she wasnt sure she got it all, so she put the cats food outside of the kitchen and closed the door.

After a bit i figured out it must have been my pyrex pan sitting on the stovetop, maybe the cat knocked it over? or my roommie? But there were no large peices of glass in the trash and that pan was 9x13!

After I got home and talked to her, my roommate said they heard a loud pop and the glass was everywhere- it even shot out into the hallway, it was under each burner, all over the counters and floors, etc.

Then I looked online and found this:

I wrote to pyrex about their warranty, but frankly, im a little afraid to use it again!

So Sleepy

Morning there.
So as all Mondays are, there lot's of news.

Friday night Jessica came to my work for the halloween party and we dressed as twins, it was fun. The party was geared towards kids and there was total kid food there, and I didn't even try to restrain myself (well maybe a little, I suppose I COULD have had a third cookie). We had a blast though.

Saturday Wes and I ran errands and saw the movie "Dan in Real Life" which was good.
I also got some bad news from a good friend. I had hung out with this friend not too long ago and she has been known to get headache's and not really into driving or driving at night, etc. So when she conplained of headaches and numbness, while sympathetic, I probably did not make as big of a deal out of it as I could have. She said she would go see a doctor. Some period of time later she did call and tell me that doctor recommended she see a neurologist as a precaution. Well this weekend she said the specialist did an MRI and found a tumor in her head. About walnut siized and needs to be removed. Holy Shit! Her tone and attitude while telling me was so calm and matter-of-fact, no-big-deal that I didn't freak out, but I must say I am scared for her. She asked me for support and I was proud of how well she is handling it. I plan on being there for her, cause you can never have too many friends when you're facing something like this!

I wish I had a rainbow to dedicate to her or something cool, but I don't, not today. Because uyesterday was laundry and dinner and not enough sleep, follow by a foggy monday morning where I find my dish broke and my bad hair day is unmanageable and then I come to work only to spill milk all over my shirt, sweater and pants. So I am sure come this afternoon, no one will want to be within wiffing distance of me.

So I dedicate my next good day to my friend, should her tumor be removed and she go on to be in perfect health.

October 26, 2007

Spooky Friday

So today was kind of exciting because it's the big Halloween event at work and Jess and I are volunteering, and dressing as twins! Fun! I got back on the plan yesterday and even remained under my daily points allowance (and my daily points allowance is 4 points less than when I started!)

I finally logged into my free e-tolls, and I love it! I am very confidant about moving towards my 10% goal and my ultimate goal.

In other news Thursday nights are always a little awesome for me because the only show I must watch on TV is Grey's Anatomy, and last night was a good one. It's nice to just relax and watch a show sometimes.

Today was also pay-day, I paid my bills and must be conservative now since the trip is coming up.

Thats all my news for now (although I almost always think of something after the fact)

October 25, 2007

I won AGAIN!

I knew it was a fluke the few times I did not win the lotto, so after my big win, was it last week(?), I bought another ticket, and sure as shit I won again! Now don't start hitting me up just yet, last time I got 11 big ones for getting two numbers AND the mega number, and this time I only got the mega number (although oddly three of the other numbers are only one single number away from the cirrect winning number, coincidence?- I think NOT). So getting the mega number twice in a row is really rad. I probably only won one or two bills, but hey, a win is a win, right???

In other news, I got a call about my motorcycle accident settlement from over a year ago and it looks like the check's in the mail. I don't really get why they are sending me money, but I don't think I will complain, or ask questions.

My luck isnt all roses though, unfortunately I got a message from a friend's sister that my friend was ill and taken to the ER yesterday. I left a message for her this morning, as I heard she is back home. Hopefully she is okay.

In other news, according to Weight Watchers I am only 2lbs away from my 10% goal- Halleluyah!

Okay, I guess I am a bit blessed, as on top of everything I have to brag again about how awesome my boyfriend is. He met me for dinner out last night (I worked late and was in no mood to cook) and my back was hurting so he rubbed my back and totally took care of stuff so I could lay down, then I woke up to a post-it on my mirror professing his love for me. It just doesnt get much better than that.

I seriously feel like I need to pinch myself and wake up. I am very happy ('cept about my friend who is sick, but I am glad she is already home, which means she is better).

October 24, 2007

Yay for Wednesday

So last night I ttoally relaxed. I got the last of Matt and Haydee wedding photos up on my photo page and started on the truck photos for wes. . . then as I was doing so my computer started acting funny. It would not let me drag and drop photos from iPhoto into a folder, like I have been doing forever. Weird! I ran out of time anyway and just logged off. Hopefully I will figure it out tonight.

I finally had a good nights sleep last night (although it wasn't long enough. Oh I almost forgot to mention, I had ordered some new clothes from Old Navy online and they came yesterday! I ordered two pairs of the same pants in my size that I ususally always get, and one size smaller (since most of my pants seem big these days). I tried on the regular size first and was really dissapointed that they fit so well .. .but then I tried on the smaller size and they fit even better!!! I am returning the larger size and I am exstatic! I got a few other things as well. One is a cable-knit zip-up that is super comfy, but a little frumpy and I want to get wes' opinion on it before I decide to keep it. I also got a sweater I like, but I think I might exchange for a different color.

In other news I got a ride to work with the Chronicle lady today and we chatted the whole way here and I got a ride right to work- Yay!

ALso, I am down again on my weight, but we will see what the WW scale will have to say about it today!

October 23, 2007

Terrible Tuesday

Okay, so today is not so terrible . .. . but I didn't sleep well last night and I am having a bad hair day, and to top it off, there was hella (yes, hella) traffic this morning.

In other news I watched a foreign film from netflix last night that was pretty good. I forget the name, but it was about a boy from a poor family, poor farming rural area that stumbles upon a hole in the ground in which he finds a little boy, chained up. He soon finds out his parents are involved in the kidnapping of this young boy and he helps the boy (brings him food and water, plays with him). Next thing you know he overhears his family saying they have to kill the boy since the family wont pay the ransom, so well .. . I guess I can not tell you how it ends cause some poeple hate knowing, email me if you wanna know, but it was really good ending I think.

Tomorrow is the first WW meeting of the new session and I am excited! Bigger group and free e-tools!

That's all I have for today.

October 22, 2007

Monday Morning- Links in this blog!

So I had a pretty great weekend. My step-dad came to visit and we had a great time. Friday night Wes and HL came over and I made dinner, then Zak and Jim (My step-Dad) came over and we all ate. After eating Matthew came over and Wes laid down (He was sick most of the weekend) and the rest of us played a couple games. First we played Pass the Pigs, this game at first makes my head hurt a little cause you use two tiny rubber pigs like dice and it's hard to memorize all the positions and points, but it very soon becomes fun as you rack up points and perhaps lose them. First person to 100 points at the end of a round wins. Well I was losing and Matthew was doing really well when he lost all of his 80-something points, then someone managed to make ti to another turn w/o someone else winning and got 100 points in one turn in the next round. He didnt win, but it was very exciting! Next we played a very rousing game of Apples to Apples, my personal fave. Eventually Zak and Jim went back to Zak's and Wes and HL stayed over. Saturday Jim and Zak came back over in the morining and we all carved halloween pumpkins! They all turned out really good. I will put the pics up on my photos page when I get a chance.

After pumpkin time Wes took HL home and went home to rest and get better. Then Zak, Jim and I went to the city so they could see the Academy. They really enjoyed it and even got things at the gift shop. We had sammiches in the city and then went back home where zak started on dinner. Eventually we sat down for a super delicious pot roast, potato, asparagus, rice and salad dinner followed by a yummy brownie cake . .mmm . . .. I met Zak's roommate for the first time and we relaxed and ate and had a good time. I went home and came back the next morning for another yummy meal. After the meal we went for a walk around the lake, then Jim and I went to Walnut Creek, got FroYo, saw wes' home and truck and workplace and he showed us around a bit before we went to pick up zak for an early dinner in berkeley before taking jim to the airport.

Diet-wise I was doing really well and was super excited to have dropped below 240 for the first time, but as of the official weigh-in this morning I was exactly 240, so 21lb loss total- not bad! I know I could lose faster, but I am enjoying my slow pace.

October 19, 2007

Zak Nelson Original Holiday Card Exclussive!!!

I hate when I buy cards and receive the same one ..twice because it's the most popular cute one from the card store.

Well this year there's one card you won't mind getting, or giving many times over, adn that is my fabulous artist brother Zak's first ever hoiday greeting card, now available to anyone with $20 or $40!!!

Oh and add a link to this super awesome blog to your website!!!

Check it out:

Howdy one and all

I'm pleased to announce the first-ever greeting card from Zak Nelson Design.

Attached is a JPEG image. (The interior text reads, "...or at least be
cute about it.") It is a standard 4.25 x 5.5 inch glossy card, full
color. I am selling them to family and friends in sets of 20 and 10,
in plenty o' time to spread the holiday cheer (and chaos).

Set of 20, with white envelopes, is $40.
Set of 10, with white envelopes, is $20.

Add an extra $4.60 for shipping, or else make arrangements with me to
pick them up in person! You can pay by cash, personal check, or PayPal.

Write me back (or call 510-387-2379) with your order: let me know how
many you want in multiples of 10, and provide an address and phone
number. I'll get back to you within 24 hrs to confirm the order.

I don't have a website yet for viewing cards and placing orders
(coming soon!), but if you're curious about what I've been working on,
check out The Snackies at .

Hope to hear from you soon!


Devastation and Natural Phenomenons

What a day!
So after I cooled down from the excitement of my big lotto win, I went about my day and it wasn't until the near end of the day that things got exciting again. Haydee had sent me a message asking if I have heard about what happened to a friend of mine, she happens to know through some online forum, then she signed off before I could reply. I called her since it was after 5:30 and she told me the story. Almost hard to believe. This friend, let's call her 'the bride', was scheduled to be married at a winery up north this weekend, and I guess a week or so ago her fiance called off the wedding! Devastating! A $30k wedding and family flights all booked, a fairy-tale wedding, all canceled. In her anger, the bride's mother calls the groom's sister only to find out he has been debating his gender identity- SHOCK! The bride then logs into his e-mail to find messages about hook-ups, subscriptions to transgender sites and responses to room-for-rents. The kicker of it all was he still wants to be with her (as a man or woman I wonder?). You can not get a story this crazy on J.Springer. Even though the bride and I aren't close enough for me to be invited to her wedding, I felt compelled to make sure she is okay. I e-mailed and called and asked her to feel free to lean on me. Poor thing.

Which brings me to the natural phenomenon, which I dedicate to the bride. After spending my evening cleaning house I slept well and got ready for work this morning. As I opened the door to the mini-van that would take me to work this morning a little spider appeared in the doorway. I waited until he was safe before slamming the door, but he only went into the crevice of the door panel, and I did not want to hold up the carpool line, I hope he is okay. Sorrym that was off-subject (but worth mentioning I think). Anyway as we made our way towards the bridge it got misty and out of nowhere appeared one of themost beautiful rainbows I have ever seen in real life. At first it appeared to start in the heart of the city and stretch over the bay bridge and dump into the middle of the bay, but as we got closer, it filled out and came right from treasure island over our heads, with ahint of a second rainbow next to it. Something about rainbows really taps into my sense of childish wonderment. Mother nature knocked my socks off and just made me feel mortal. To me it symbolized hope and beauty, and so I dedicate that rainbow to the bride, may she pull through the pain and dissapointment and find her true love and have her fairytale wedding.

My dad is coming in today and I am making dinner tonight. I am excited for the weekend and happy to have a clean house.

In other news, I have been trying hard again at my diet and it's paying off- check out my ticker!

October 18, 2007

I Won! I Won!

So I hope this doesn't change the way you look at me, or act around me, but I won the lottery . ...again. I've decided I am keeping it all though. I am not going to be a pussy like those other people and give some to a charity or pay off debt. Nope, I plan to blow my whole winnings on something good. . . . all $11 dollars!

Some people were doubters, they said "why do you waste your money and time? You will never win" but I told them there was no possible way I could lose three times in a row, and I was right. My third and final ticket in an undisclosed period of time was in fact a winner. It occured to me this morning that I had the ticket in my wallet and I decided to go online and check the numbers. Sure enough two numbers PLUS the mega number were matching. Although the curiosity burned with my excitement and I HAD to find out how much I won. I decided I would go to a liquor store in the city as soon as I could. I walked well out of my way until I found one that had the lotto sign and sure enough, I won a whopping $11. I tried hard to play it cool like I win all the time, but my grin told otherwise. I called Wes and I trotted off to work.

I've decided to keep my job and not tell anyone at work. Just better to be professional about it, ya know? So anyway .. ...

In other news I mised my first WW meeting yesterday, but it's Okay. Next week I will start fresh.

My poor honey is sick, so last night I went over and brought him cold medicine and dinner. I hope he is better today. I slept really good last night, wish I could have slept longer.

That's all my news for now go out and buy a lotto ticket! (Or not, ya know, to increase my changes).

October 17, 2007

Big Day

It's sort of a big day. Not only did we organize a big open house for WW at Work, but we are doubling the group and I brought snacks. But unfortunately I have to be at a Finance Committee meeting to take notes at the same time. Bummer! In other news, I have gained a pound and a half. I still thinks it's because of that time of month, but we will see. Next week I am going to recalculate my points and kind of start fresh.

In other news . . . . well I can not think of any other news. So here is me this morning:

October 16, 2007

Tired Tuesday

Mornin all.

So yesterday my noteworthy adventures include a collections tour at work (saw a great white, exotic birds, kayak made out of seal skin, etc), lots of compliments on my jacket and blouse (wish I could get my whole wardrobe upgraded) and hanging out with Haydee (she was locked out).

My right ear has been really itching/hurting/bothering me and I think I will miss the weight watchers meeting tomorrow because of another meeting I have to be in.

So thats the good news and bad news. More tomorrow!

October 15, 2007

I Let myself go Again

So I gained back a little and I don't knwo if it's because I let myself go, or because it's that time of month. Either way next week is the beginning of a new WW session and I will be getting online tools, to better track my progress and daily journal of food. So I think I will be renewed and ready to really give it a stronger go and get the next 20lbs off! This morning was another good example, as I just was not excited about making alunch and left without one. Thank goodness I left a couple yogurts at work, cause I am starving! I did have some cereal this morning, but it wasnt enough. Anyway, my weekend was good. Pretty relaxed, spent time with HL and my babe, also I got to see my good friend Jenai and we saw the movie "Into the Wild" which I LOVED. I highly recommend it, but I warn you, it will make you want to quit your job, get an RV and live "on the road".

In other news my step-dad is going to be visiting and I am stoked for that! He wi8ll get to see where I live and work and meet HL and we will just get to spend time, which is good. My mom was supposed to come, but couldnt get a day off work. I love when people visit and I get to show them around and it forces you to clean house and take the weekend off to be a tourist and do fun things, and that rocks.

Today I feel good about this week. I had a crappy week last week (mostly work stuff) and I wore my new blouse this morning and started working on important stuff right away (boss complimented new blouse) and I just feel like I can turn things around and do good this week.

Thanks again for reading and for the comments/support/e-mails. Keep it up!

October 12, 2007

Happy Friday

Oh I am so glad it's Friday (and payday). Yesterday was stressful again, but it got better,and I was stoked to watch Grey's Anatomy. It's my favorite TV show. I updated my status tickers, still making progress! I also still do not feel like I look any different. I decided to have fun with the special effects on thid computer:

This weekend will be pretty relaxed and I can happy about that. I hope you have a nice weekend too!

October 11, 2007

Long Week

Yesterday was a bad day at work. I know all people can gripe about their bosses at one time or another. I guess I have mixed feelings. I think my boss is a good person, but I do not think we communicate well. Plus I am still new. I am going to work on this. In other news, according to WW I am down over 222lbs now. I don't think this is accurate again thoughbecause I wore a different, heavier pair of shoes yesterday and decided to take them off for weight in (I dont usually). I later weighed the shoes alone to find out they are a cool 2.6lbs!

I ate pretty well yesterday if you ignore the ice cream (it was low=fat though) I had after dinner.

I am very tired this morningn and can not wait for the weekend!

October 10, 2007

Back On

I kind of gave up on the diet this week, but as of this morning, I am back on!

Here is me this morning:

yesterday I totally came home from work and chilled out, it was nice. Nothing to report- Maybe tomorrow.

October 9, 2007


Just wanted to share some pics:

First, this is the truck Wes got ... Consider this a "before" picture

This is me walking down the aisle before the bride and groom with the maid of honor:

This is the bride and groom:

I forgot to mention my weight loss progress. Well I didnt write down my foods this long weekend and pretty much let it all go. Last weigh in I was still down though ...not sure about now, but this week doesnt count! Weddings and birthdays and the like dont count!

I Heart Long Weekends

I had to leave work early Friday for the weddign rehersal and rehersal dinner. The rehersal went smoothly, but the dinner was a little hairy. Poor Matt and Haydee. The restaurant we went to was hosting a huge convention of chinese people who had a microphone and continue to assault our ears all night as we noshed on some too-authentic-for-my-taste chinese food. But we all laughed and drank wine which was great. The next day Matt and I had breakfast with wes, got our hair fixed up and picked up the kegs. The wedding was perfect. It was really classy and beautiful and fun and the food was awesome, all the vendors rocked. The cerimony was touching and sweet and warm and beautiful. Not a dry eye in the place! I got compliments on my hair and my shoes and my toast. We stayed late and even went with a group of people afterwards to matt and haydees suite at the hotel for a little while, but Wes and I were very tired. Sunday Wes changed the oil on my car and we saw a stupid movie. I had Monday off and went in for the bloodwork my doctor wanted as well as go shopping a little. I'm wearing my new top now:

I dont knwo why my computer takes photos with so mucn flash, i look like a ghost. Anyway . . . last night wes and i met up with brett and kerry. brett was handing over his 1951 chevy farm truck to wes, who wants to restore it and make it hot rod. then we went to dinner and wes and i drove the trucks back to his house. I enjoyed driving his truck, i felt big and tall on the road.

Back to work today . . . . im sleepy!

October 5, 2007


This is me Friday

Yesterday I did not make a wise choice at lunch, but I don't feel guilty and I don't think it will greatly effect my diet, but I thought I should mention it. I did though get out of the office and it was a really beautiful day in the city. I had to go closer to embarcadero for an errrand and so I decided to call Matt and hop on a street car. On really nice days and during special holidays they take out this really cool convertable street car with string lights and flags and wooden seats- it's really cool and it pulled up just as I got there, practically empty. I got on, talked to matt and watvched the blue angels fly above my head in the convertable street car! see here:

This morning I am very sleepy and coughing a lot, I can tell there some buried mucus or something that my body is trying to expel. It sucks. I don't know what to wear to the rehersal and dinner tonight. I am having a bad hair day. I'm tired. I have two big zits on my arm that I picked at and now I'm nervous about my sleeveless dress I am wearing at the wedding. Oh well. I'm still excited for the festivities and I hope I remember everything I need to know/do.

I will let you know how it all goes!

October 4, 2007

Where did this week go?

This is me today.

I just had some multi-grain cheerios and I go in and out of coughing fits.

The first thing I feel compelled to talk about is my boyfriend Wes. Sometimes I am not sure he realizes how friggin much he means to me. He really is the love of my life and I don't see myself being where I am now and doing any of this without him. He gives me a sense of security and love and happiness that jess makes me worry less about everything. Life is so much better with him. Thats all really . . . . . I just felt like mentioning him. LYB!

Yesterday was rough, I felt pretty okay but could not stop coughing at work. That was annoying, and I think I am in for more of the same today. Best part of the day, and this whole "getting sick" thing- I weighed in a total of 20.6lbs lighter on the WW scale yesterday! I got my fourth 5lb star and lots of applause, I was really stoked!!! I still have a long way to go, but it feels good.

Considering I started over 260, and now I am just over 240 feels really good, but I remember when I was in my last year of high school and I had weighed in at the doctor's office over 230 and I no longer qualified for my health insurance and I had to go on a special high-risk health insurance and my mom freaked out big time. I rmember she threatened to not let me go to college or take away the car if I didn't lose weight . . . but I was a teenager and I wasn't going to do it by myself. I wanted her to cook with me and excersize with me and she was a single working mother and couldn't do it with me, so it never happened. I never really even tried because I had this juvenile idea that if I lost weight it was for her and her insurance or something. But now I just do it for me, and hey if I manage to get to my goal, and keep it off, maybe I will insire someone else and it will all be that much better.

October 3, 2007

Back to Work

So I am back at work, coughing a lot, but feeling less weak and less achey. My appetite escaped me early this morning, but is creeping back in .... perhaps I will hold off though until after weigh-in ..hehe.

I had trouble falling asleep last night since I slept so much during the day, but had a good nights sleep.

I was very dissapointed to find out that the Chevy dealer in the city charges twice as much for an oil change as the one I bought the car from, so I drove today for nothing! Well probbly a good idea im not walking in the cold air today anyway

My only other happy news is that thanks to my bro, I will finally be a published photographer! A photo I took of my roommate's cat is going into a cat behavior book his company is publishing. My roomie and I are both excited- Thanks Zak!

More tomorrow . ..

October 2, 2007

Strange Symptoms

So for the second night in a row I got a really high fever and chills and sweats at bed time. Only in addition last ngiht I developed a strange rash on my arm that went away overnight. The rash really worried me though so I called the on call doctor, who advised I probably had a virus but to be checked out in the morning. I also feel queezy and this mornign when I woke up I had no fever and no rash, so I got in the shower and figured I would go to work. but then I started feeling really weak and shaky. I had to lie down. The doctors office doesn't open until 9am, so here I am, on hold with the office, going to see if I can get in for an appointment . . . Okay looks like my doc's first available is 1:45pm. SO looks like I will probably hop back in bed!

PS- being sick rocks the weight loss effort, im down another pound (havent eaten much the past couple of days- no appetite)

October 1, 2007

SO Much Has Happened

I feel like a lot has happened since my last post. I think I already talked about my doctor's visit. I still need to follow up on a couple things. I told my doc I would have my records from the old doctor's office send to her as well as I would fax her the mail-in form for perscriptions by mail. I will do it tomorrow. I developed a coush over the weekend as have been feeling rather weak and sore all over. Saturday Wes and I slept in, him moreso than me and then went to the A's game. It was fun, but I obviously did not eat healthy at the ball game. We really should have shared the ice cream sandwhich- oh well, I knwo for next time. The a's lost, but at least they lost to my hometown (Angels). Once we got home I was too tired and weak to get things done and instead we stayed home and I did laundry and took a nap. Sunday was not much more exciting, but I did manage to get my car washed and cleaned inside and out and went grocery shopping, despite the fact I felt a little out of it. Wes was a big help. We also went to the movies and saw Superbad (I saw it for the second time, but Wes hadn't seen it). THen I took Wes home and was very happy to be home. I decided to get our tickets for our trip and while I was sitting at the computer I felt really cold, I was shivering and shaking, but I got it done and got on my warmest PJs and crawled into bed with three blankets, my cough persisting, I decided to take a night-time cold medicine and check my temp. 100.3! Yikes, as I laid in bed shivering under massive layers, I felt my head burnign up, I took my temp again 101.3! At that moment I figured I would be staying home Monday and tried to relax. An hour or so later the fever seemed to break because I started feeling really hot and sweaty, I had to change out of the warm PJs and take off all the blankets, since them I've been sweating it up like you wouldnt believe. I woke up at 5am and couldnt sleep. I called my work and e-mailed them to let them know i wouldnt be in today and took another sleepytime medicine dose. I fell back asleep pretty soon, only to waker up again around 11 to a phone call from work. I was drenched in sweat, but got up, talked to them, did the dishes, checked emails and now here I am. I feel generally Okay, less sweaty at the moment, but coushing and a bit of a headache now.

If I feel Okay enough I might run an errand or two. I hadn't felt at all hungry yet today, so thats weird, but probably part of being sick.

I wonder if my weight loss has something to do with it as well. I am down again! Hallaluyah!

Here is a photo of me looking sad because I am sick today:

September 28, 2007

Fridays Rock

Well today I slept in an extra few minutes and it was seriously very hard to get up this morning. I made my way to my doctor's new office, really close to me, and according to their sheet the valet parkign is the same price as the meters, so I went for it. My doc had no bad news for me and was happy about my weight loss. She made a referral for a dermatologist to look at my fungus nail and the stye (she called it a cyst) on my eye-lid (harmless, but annoying). I also got my tetnus shot. You're supposed ot get it once every ten years and I was due. Now I can stepo on all the rusty nails I want!

Turns out my co-pay is $20 and parking was $5 and bridge toll was $3 and parking at work was $12 .. . holy shit, I already spent $40 in the first half of the day?!?!! And I will have to somehow manage some plane tickets very soon. Oy Vey. I need another lotto ticket.

In other not so happy news, My good buddy Michelle lost her job and that makes me sad cause we both chat while at work and keep eachother in good spirits.

Also, I have had a mad headache all morning, despite the two tylonol extra strength I took. But I hope the day gets better!

September 27, 2007

Another Pound, Another Day, $19 less dollars

Mornin Loyal Blog Readers and Skimmers alike
So yesterdays WW meeting went well. I shared my list of things to contribute my "weight loss success to" and I weighed in another 1.6lbs lighter! This pleases me greatly. I feel like the vain kid in class though because three people in my meeting were recognized, one for losing 10 lbs, and two for losing 10% (A small number of lbs when you are a smaller person tobegin with). I still think I have lost the most poundage overall and wish there was a milestone for that. THey should award the highest amount lost every week or something. Okay, really though. I am very happy for these people, I just want stickers and kudos and strokes until the cows come home. I really probably need to deflate a little and get off my high horse and not require so much attention . . .but on the other hand, this is a big deal and I deserve it! Haha . .. anyway ...I met with some former coworkers for dinner last night, and I could have sworn they said we were meeting at 7:30pm. I went home, changed, took my time, went to the ATM, even looked in CLaire's before I got to the restaurant and they were all seated, with appetizers. Turns out the time was 6:30- I was an hour late. Oh but get this- I was the last to order and the first to receive my meal~! After the dinner (it was good to see everyone) I came home, chilled and had another awesome nights sleep. This morning however I managed to lock myself out of my apartment. I had grabbed the wrong set of keys! I texted my roommate in hopes that, as usual, she will be home before me and can let me in or put my keys somewhere near my car for me to find (I have a key to the garage).

In other news . . . I have my regular annual doc appt tomorrow and I am excited because i've lost weight and my doc will be so happy for me! Plus I want this nail fungus thing looked at (TMI??)

Anyway, hope you all have a fantastic day.

September 26, 2007

Another Weight Watchers Week

So this week was stressful and I went over my alloted points, but I don't feel like I gained this time. I am not sure why. I sometimes feel like my home weigh-ins (reflected on my sliders on this blog) and my WW weigh-ins are two totally different things and even if I lost at home, I could gain at work. I do look forwardto finding out though, and because mroe often than not I lose, it's a fun exciting feeling. Particularly if I hit a 5lb milestone and get a sticker. It's funny, kind of like being back in kindergarten and getting a star on your name when you're good. I really want that sticker!

In other news, Matt and Haydees wedding is very close and I am excited. Tonight I am going to dinner with some former co-workers, sort of a reunion and I am looking forward to that too. It's a new week so my flex points are renewed!

I still don't know about my trip to Wisconsin and Boston, I am waiting for Wes to tell me it's safe to buy the tickets, but I wouold like to coordinate with him more first.

Thats all for today- another busy day!

September 25, 2007

Super BUsy

OMG, I am sooooo busy at work. It's stressful and crazy-making, but at least my day flies.

Last night Wes met me at work and we went shopping for a suit for him. He managed to get a nice 3-peice ensemble for under $150! Yay Babe! I had pizza for the second day in a row (this time CPK) and felt it on the scale this morning, but I am still down, so it's nto a total loss. Back on track again I say! It's like two steps forward and one step back, but I am not in a super rush and I am still making strides.

More later. . . maybe

September 24, 2007

What a Busy Weekend

Saturday morning Wes made me the yummiest healthy breakfast:
-Whole wheat english muffin (1p)
-1/2 an egg (1.5pt)
-cheese (2pts?)
-Lean ham (1pt)

It was great!

Next I went to have girl time with my best jess. We went to color me mine and painted our own pottery peices. After that we looked around the halloween store and then Wes joined us for FroYo.

Saturday night Wes and I went to my friend Fritz's mother's for dinner. It was nice. I was so happy to see his new wife with a big baby belly!!

Sunday we went on a pretty big hike with my brother. I hadnt eaten enough and got really tired and weak and shaky towards the end, but it still felt good. We took our sweaty selves to lunch and then shopping.

Last night was Wes and My first real arguemtn. I say first because we actually both yelloed a little, which has never happened before, and we both cried (Mostly all me though). This was tough and it reminded me of our differences, but we talked it out and I still do not doubt that he is totally worth it.

In other news, as I like to say. I was down over 16lbs total when I weighed myself over the weekend, but rounded to 16 since we had pizza last night!

September 21, 2007

WHat a MoRninG

There was an all staff meeting as soon as i got in and ive been busy busy ever since. Last night I made dinner (having leftovers for lunch right now!) and just relaxed.

Carpool experience was back to normal today and work is busy.

I dont have much to report other than my pants are significantly too big on me now. Still wearable with a belt. No change in the fit of my tops ... weird.

This weekend should be fun, with spending time with my good friend jess in the afternoon, seeing my old friend fritz and his new wife tomorrow night and shopping on sunday with my honey.

Speaking of my honey. . ..I have to end on this wonderful note because yesterday icame home to the sweetest, most romantic surprise card in the mail. Thanks Babe!

September 20, 2007


What a morning. . . .I had one of those nights where I slept so good that my eyes closed one second and two seconds later my alarm went off (well thats how it seemed). I got to the carpool line a few minutes later than I should have, but I leave at this time often and still get to work on time. I noticed the car I avoid toward the front of the line and linger a little to make sure two people are in it before I approach the line. A big SUV is next. I like getting in SUVs because I can see the new bridge's progress (lower cars I can not see over the railing). I end up in a Subaru wagon with a grey haired gay man driving and a very old, very over-made-up lady in the back seat. Instead of going straight to get on the freeway he gets into the turn lane. I emmediately think he is probably an asshole who is going to jet ahead of the person going straight, but as the light changes, he starts to turn. I calmly ask "arent you going to get on the freeway?". He explains that he will take another entrance closer to the toll plaza to avoid maze traffic. "OK" I figure. In the meantime the old lady is muttering under her breath and then starts to make cell phoen calls (A huge carpool no-no!) she leaves two people really annoyed, angry messages and hangs up. We keep hitting reds and I am getting a little pissed myself, as I truly think going the normal route would have been faster, I have never takent his route in carpool before and I dont see how the city streets would be faster unless there was some horrible accident, which there wasnt. We finally approach the freeway entrance and traffic comes to a dead standstill, I mean maybe one car per light, if that. People are starting to turn the pull-over curb area into a lane and cutting eachother off and going at the green light, even though there is no room, only to have to sit in the intersection, blocking traffic (a personal pet-peeve). The old lady starts muttering profanities, I am just waiting for her to explode. Finally the driver says something, trying to be nice and she does explode, she starts yelling and saying she has riden this commute 33 years and this is always a bad way to go and look at the other way is moving, etc, etc. Then she says there is no carpool lane on this side, and the driver points to a sgn right next to us pointing to the carpool lane right there. That was funny. He looks over at me with that "how rediculous is SHE?" look. She finally calms down and goes back to muttering as we get past some A-holes that deicided to take the carpool lane, then cut back over at the last minute. It was smooth sailing from there, but it was quiet, with more muttering from the back seat. I ask the guy if he was going my way and if he could droip me closer, he says yes. I'm already late, but remain calm. When the angry lady gets out, we both sort of laugh and let the tension melt a little. He said she was having a bad day. I think he should have apologized, but he was a nice guy. I was about 15 to 20 minutes late. I lost my keycard to work a week ago and Anna is finally back from vacation and this morning she tells me she ran out of cards, so I have to wait another week. It's annoying having to get people to let me in, and borrow other peoples keys. It's a bad morning.

To make things worse I get about three or four emails from my boss, either telling me i did osmething wrong or requesting some big project.

She also tells me to reschedule this really complex event because lynne said greg couldnt be there, well now lynne says he can. i look bad!

I hope this day gets better, as the driver said . ...

In other news, I had a very unhealthy dinner last night, but met some of wes' friends, who were really cool.

Oh and at WW yesterday I weighted in one pound lighter (that was the pound i gained the previous week though).

September 19, 2007

Week Ten Begins

So looks like it's true that you weigh more in the evenings, I am back to my lower weight after weighing in this morning. It looks like it's pretty true that you lose about 1 to 2 pounds a week on WW, i've lost 1.5lb a week average. Not bad! I hope it continues!

This week was def. better for as I actually have about 15 flex points leftover that I didnt use (assuming i calculated correctly) pretty amazing considering i used all my flex points the week before and almost doubled them going over! Ouch! I only gained a pound that week though. . . not too much damage.

I did a little work with my strech band last night, but mostly fooling around. I think I will get serious about excersize again after my trip in November and for now do what i can when i can.

Thats all for now!

September 18, 2007

Why aren't those pounds melting off????

I really feel like I have made large sacrifices and monumental efforts, but I have still only lost just over ten pounds. I really thought I was getting somewhere and last night I weighed in a full two pounds gained again.

I admit yesterday I had a moment of weakness that involved cookies. I had a half a big frosted sugar cookie, then later, while at the store I broke down and bought a big thing and emmediately ate a couple, but as soon as I got home I threw the whole package in the garbage!

I also have not excersized since Friday, but Haydee and I have plkans to work out after work today. I still feel like I should be losing, at least a little.

In other news. . . . boy I dont feel like I have any other news again. Check back again soon though, ya just never know!

September 17, 2007


Good Morning Blog,
I had a pretty uneventful weekend. I feel pretty good about my food choices this weekend. I even went to fudruckers, but i had a ;ean buffalo burger and only ate half and a small handful of fries, there were a lot of leftovers. I don't think you get it. . . . . I have NEVER left food on my plate at Fudruckers!!! NEVER. Yay me. I'm doing good, and I know it's working because I am down another .4 pounds. THats about a half a pound. Not bad!

I did not look at gyms or excersize this weekend though. I decided I can not afford to join a gym right now. I am planning a trip to meet my boyfriend's parents and visit family in Massachusettes and I just need to save all my dollars. BUt I think I will hope for contributions to my expenssive health effprts for the holidays and be back on track in time for Spanksgiving. Plus Haydee and I are going to excersize together. Yay Haydee!!!

Thats all for now- busy busy